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  1. My D is a public school kid in 8th grade taking geometry at school. At home "afterschooling" doing what I posted earlier. So My thinking is that she will not have time to do AoPS precal afterschool before she hit precal in 10th grade. I am hoping she will get through AoPS Intermediate before precal in 10th grade. I think public school homework and afterschool clubs will get too busy to really dedicate much time into "afterschool" math. Right now it is doable because she has minimal homework and no activities. So the question for me is should she go to Foerster precal after
  2. I don't mean to hijack the thread. Non math mom here. I wanted to ask about aops intermediate algebra, does it have the advanced functions ya'll are talking about? I want D to complete it but don't think we will have time for AoPS precal before she hits Calc in high school. I surely want her to able to go beyond business calc in college.
  3. D did Foerster Alg I then went to Aops Intro to Algebra 2nd 1/2 of book which is Algebra II. She then started AoPS Intermediate Algebra, she got to chaprter 8 and keep saying that it was not sticking. She felt like she was not learning and needed more problems to work. So we back tracked to Foerster Algebra/Trig book. Now she is working through the chapter test. For my D and only my D, I do not think she would have been able to go from Foerster Alg II/Trig to AoPS precal.....But I have never seen the AoPS precal book. We do have the Foerster Precal text. I dont know if w
  4. What does it matter that Alg 1 and 2 are "Classics", I have both of those books too. I also have the Foerster PreCal "Concepts and Applications" by Key Press 2007. D has not started the precal book, but I don't see the problem with using it.
  5. Periods are way way spread out, can't sleep, anxiety is much worse, feel like I walk on egg shells alot of days. Absolutely no sex drive. No hot flashes yet.
  6. Mom of public school 8th grader here. D always been a public school student. We are in Texas I did accelerate d my one year, she skipped one year of middle school math. This put her in Algebra I in 7th grade. Hind sight, I now realize there was no reason to move her ahead in math. Reaching Algebra I in 8th grade would have been fine D has done a combo of Foerster Alg 1, Aops 2nd half of for Alg 2, some AoPS preA, and some Foerster Alg 2. all as an "afterschooler" My goal is for her to complete AoPS Intermediate Alg before or while in high school precal. She did not
  7. Bumping. D is chapter 7 and bogged down for sure with polynomials
  8. So how does one see if Dear child is on track for NMF without all the percentile inflation (every child in our district was required to take PSAT 8/9). So I definitely see this would be useless as a guide.
  9. I have heard the PWN the SAT is an excellant prep book for math.
  10. I have a Citibank MC and have never had a problem. I have had this account for 21 years. They have refunded charges when I did not get the merchandise in time and fought the claims, both I have won. On the stolen identity thing someone mentioned. I place a freeze on each credit agency. So no one can open an account at all. You have to pay to lift the freeze. The freeze hides the credit report so no one can see it. If they can't see it they can't open a fraudulent account on it. I recently changed jobs and the new job has an agency do their background check including credit checks
  11. listening, mine took the PSAT 8/9 and wondering the same thing.
  12. My daughter's school had all the kids fill out the registration today. So hopefully the chaos will be limited. She is taking the PSAT 8/9 as an 8th grader.
  13. I just can't tell you guys how wonderful ya'll are. The suport that is given in this forum is incredible. We all want to do the best we can for the kid we have. When would I ever come across the education level of some of our members, I have never met an engineer, mathematician, etc. This is really a special forum!
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