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  1. Not sure if you're asking me or Woodland Mist. I can't speak to it a whole lot, as it's more something my DH felt about the curriculum. And, again, neither of us has actually held the books in our hands. DH read all of the online samples, and we watched some of the videos. Every math text has a way of asking questions that tends to reflect that particular text. In that sense, they're all a little quirky. AND, as Arcadia mentioned, that's why it's important to mix it up a bit.
  2. Wow! This thread took off while I was gone. I'm sorry if it seems like I dropped out of the conversation. I frequently have days when I have no availability to be online for anything aside from school and work. We are still in a holding pattern. We've taken some days entirely out of any curriculum to do some exploration of triangles (sin, cos, tan...) in preparation for the next chapter of physics. DD had a couple of days of standardized testing last week, too. So, we haven't had time to hit math hard. My husband, who teaches computer science and has taught physics in the past, thoug
  3. Please bear with my questions a little longer. :) I *so* wish that I could see an AoPS book in person! My next question is this: Does Alcumus accurately reflect the difficulty level of problems in the AoPS texts?
  4. So, do you feel that the transition from Saxon Algebra 1 to AoPS geometry was fine? Are you concerned about moving to AoPS Intermediate Algebra without having done their Intro to Algebra text? Or are you not necessarily planning to continue with AoPS?
  5. Oh, I believe you that it gets harder! But for the level that the sample lesson was at, the questions were very comparable to what DD has already done in Saxon. I also *did* see that each exercise problem presented a variation on the concept. DD would prefer that to the way that Saxon introduces micro-concepts separated by several lessons. She often makes the micro-concept connections on her own, which is why I offer her the Saxon sample problems before reading the lesson. I think we'd both prefer to see a concept taught to mastery, rather than the skipping around that Saxon does. DD
  6. Well...I appreciate all the replies...though I'm feeling just as conflicted as ever. :laugh: DD looked at Alcumus this morning and couldn't figure out how it was any different than working through Saxon problems. Then we looked at the sample chapter section from Intro to Algebra. Interestingly, it doesn't look all that different from Saxon, IMO. Saxon covers a series of sample problems at the start of a lesson/chapter, followed by practice problems/exercises related to the new concept. The only thing missing from the AoPS chapter was the 30 review questions following the practice pr
  7. Ok, so...can someone tell me how a typical lesson is set up? In what way is the curriculum time intensive?
  8. With regard to math for mathematicians: I don't consider myself a mathematician, but I enjoy math as it relates to theology. A lot. I mean, in a nerdy way. DD enjoys philosophy and theology. I want her to *get* what math and science have to offer those fields of study. And I think she would enjoy it a whole lot more if she *got* it. A few years back she would REFUSE to do a math problem if she didn't understand why it worked. Now I'm finding that she's applying formulas without understanding. So disappointing.
  9. If this is the sequence, is it possible to get through Calculus by the end of high school? She's 9th grade this year. I would, personally, like to see her finish calculus because I know she CAN, and I think she could enjoy it, given the right curriculum.
  10. My DD (14yrs, beginning 9th grade) is just finishing Saxon Algebra 1. I think we might be done with Saxon. I'm not totally decided...partly because she wants to stay with Saxon. But here's the dilemma: - I think she only wants to stay with Saxon because it's familiar, therefore "safe." - She says all the time that she hates math. - Math takes a LONG time, even though she only does odd numbers of lessons. I *think* this is due to dawdling because she doesn't like it. - She's very good at problem solving in general. She's the one I ask when I need a creative solution for something. She's
  11. Have you looked into the different editions of Saxon? I believe that the 4th edition now has a separate geometry book. If you get the older versions of Saxon, geometry is embedded in algebra. Older versions are also significantly less expensive if you look into buying books used. I've picked up Saxon math for my DD every year since 4th grade and have never paid more than $30 for the student text, teacher text, and test booklet combined. Obviously, given the things I just said, we are biased toward using Saxon. If you want your student to get the benefit of learning geometry along with alge
  12. We are not far into the program yet, but so far we like drawspace.com. They have some free portions to try it out, and you can purchase a subscription to access other lessons. I liked that it started with really basic things like drawing materials and vocabulary. Beginning lessons are about testing different types of pencils, using an eraser to create effects, and some basic shading. DD likes that the lessons are for people of all ages. She is not typically impressed with "kid" curriculum.
  13. Sure. First, we aren't using any DVD options because DD doesn't learn well from DVD explanations. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's definitely something in the human interaction, the back and forth between us, that helps her understand new concepts. We chose the 3rd edition primarily for the reasons I listed in my original question: the 4th edition was not written by Saxon, and it does not integrate geometry. One of the reasons we considered the 4th edition was for it's introduction to graphing calculators. We've decided that we'll supplement with graphing calculator activiti
  14. Thank you for sharing your lists! We are also getting ready to start a Renaissance unit!
  15. Sorry to disappear on the topic. We had a whirlwind of a summer! I *did* end up with the 3rd edition, and I'm very happy with the choice!
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