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  1. I don't think it's too old. I also don't feel very comfortable teaching it. DD took it through the WTMA in 7th grade and we supplemented with a little Kilgallon. If you do it self-paced you could and find it too easy, you could accelerate a little bit.

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    Got the idea for most of these right here on the WTM forums so thought I'd share here first: Fine Arts: Artistic Pursuits Book One Grades K-3 $25 Artistic Pursuits Book Three Grades K-3 $25 Language Arts: Sentence Island by Michael Clay Thompson $8 Sentence Island by Michael Clay Thompson Teacher Manual $8 Practice Island by Michael Clay Thompson $3 Writing With a Thesis $4 Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction (includes transparencies!) $4 Math: Jacobs Elementary Algebra $30 Jacobs Geometry 2nd Edition $15 Jacobs Geometry 1st Edition $15 Brown/Dolciani (c2004) Algebra Structure & Method Book 1 $7 Dolciani Pre-Algebra An Accelerated Course Teacher Edition (c1985) $50 Foerster Algebra 1 with graphing calculator lab manual $10 Key to Geometry Books 3-8 and Answer Key for Books 1-3 $12 Middle School Introduction to Geometry $2 JH Tiner's Exploring the World of Mathematics $4 Ask Dr Callahan Geometry DVD's & Guide for Jacobs Geometry 3rd Edition $15 History: The Great Courses DVD Set: World History: The Fertile Crescent to the American Revolution with Study Workbook $35 Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World (c1993 - the white one ;) ) $15 Shipping: If less than $25 (single or combined), prices do not include shipping. Otherwise, I will cover shipping costs.



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    Hakim History of Us books 1-11 (sold together) 1 The First Americans 2 Making Thirteen Colonies 3 From Colonies to Country 4 The New Nation 5 Liberty for All? 6 War, Terrible War 7 Reconstructing America 8 An Age of Extremes 9 War, Peace, and All That Jazz 10 All the People 11 Sourcebook and Index Hewitt Homeschooling History of US Junior High Syllabus and Tests $95 shipped


  4. You should hear her reference it in person :). Not an "ugh" eye roll, though. More "I know, right?" one... :)
  5. Bought it after attending her workshop at a conference but hadn't gotten to it yet and DD finishing 7th) will be returning to school next year. I think the premise is pretty intriguing and I would still consider reading it for self-education to be able to take advantage of teachable moments when the subject of books/literature comes up.
  6. Based on those suggestions and reviews, we tried Videotext. It would have been phenomenal for me as a learner, I adored the philosophy and methodology but it wasn't well suited to DD (and probably wasn't well suited to her maturity level at the time, but live and learn....). AoPS was a clear winner a year or two later.
  7. After pulling DD to homeschool in 4th grade to ensure that school wasn't getting in the way, and now planning on sending her back to school next year in 8th, to receive an excellent education, I have to agree. I probably could have written this, and this is advice I would give to myself back then, if I could....
  8. Ooh would you share the titles from the stack or any recommendations? DD13 appears to have an affinity for scifi/fantasy with a steampunk flavor. Fave book ever right now is Mark of the Dragonfly. She read Pride and Prejudice, Tom Sawyer, and Edgar Allan Poe for a Great Books co-op.
  9. I would worry about how increasingly challenging Latin is going to become if he's not solid in English grammar. Btw I ADORE Novare's philosophy too. I'd be trying to find a way to do it if we were going to HS next year (8th grade). We left CC over a lack of flexibility. Challenge becomes so time consuming in terms of sheer volume by the older grades that it seems unrealistic to try and "beef it up" or modify it. Best of luck. I skimmed Lori D's responses and agree that there's ways to make it work one more year before high school.
  10. I am not experienced in music/music instruction but I can share my experience. My daughter started guitar lessons at her request as a barely 7-year-old. Her instructor said that, for him, taking students at 7-8 yo is pretty unusual, he generally starts around 9+. Maturity and willingness to practice have been demonstrated by DD enough that we have continued for a year and half. Yes, the student has to be willing to push through the initial finger-toughening stage. We have a half-size guitar IIRC and it suits her okay with some room to grow. She can't do bar chords yet but IDK if that would be a problem on an even smaller guitar or not? And I think the price was around $100-$150. HTH!
  11. See p. vi and viii - your 4th graders place into 500. I'll second the comments about CLE being rigorous and suggestion to level down. You could possibly buy just the first book in each series and see how it feels in practice?
  12. I think you have an error in score interpretation. I can pull up the reference in a minute (on. iPad) but look again at the last page of the 200-400 tests. Why would getting 7 points more on a test two grade levels below put one on par with a (still-passing score) over two more years worth of content?
  13. Yes, I think I've seen the conversations on here (you, 8, and maybe lewelma too?) arguing that there really aren't any prerequisites for high school sciences. And even if someone were to argue that there's essential content, I'm pretty certain that DD would have no problem assimilating that information when needed. I suppose I was simply wanting an overview, the "hit the high points" kind of survey. Not so much because she needs it for success, but more just to avoid the "what?!? you've never learned about photosynthesis? (or mitosis or basic cell or human anatomy)." As in, to save her any embarrassment in her new classes at a new school (and okay, possibly me a tiny bit, although I'm pretty hard to embarrass, and I have no problem saying "what, we went deeper on this, this and this, so so what?" -IF- I'm given the opportunity to directly address it....).
  14. I am looking more for suggestions on how-to, I think, than alternative options to meet the same goal. We are applying to private school for DD for 8th grade. We won't hear until June whether she is admitted so operating on the hopes that she is.... Anyway, we've been doing Rainbow Science double-time but DD has hit a slump or burnout with it during the Biology unit. Originally our plan was for her to finish the two year program in one year with the intention of her being ready for high school level sciences next year (probably co-ops). I read in many places here on the forums that it was do-able that way, particularly for an accelerated learner. Anyway, I want to switch to something else so as not to let these last 6 weeks or so go to waste, and to give her a break from what had become tedious. Ellen McHenry seemed fun and versatile and I'm not all that worried about meeting some kind of standards. HOWEVER, I had the idea to contact the school to see what she'd be doing next year as well as what had been covered in 7th grade. We have spent a LOT of time on the physical sciences (and others, like electronics, robotics) over our 5 years of homeschooling, and not so much on life sciences, so if they had already covered life sciences in 7th grade, I thought we should try to sort of beef that up a littl more before we're done. Well. You guessed it, next year is Physical Science, and this past year has been Life Science. So I already have Botany and Cells. Her stuff is a great buffet of choices but I get lost in the array of choices and could use a hand in shaping up a game plan. I really wanted to do her Chemistry. Wah.
  15. I think the content is something every learner should be exposed to, but we mostly used the printed materials (and at the time we bought, it was written primarily for school/group use so some adaptation needed with my solo homeschooler). Yeah I think we had access to the same video materials as linked and I didn't think they added much, but then again I have a related professional background so pretty comfortable with the ideas in the content). You could just buy one of Dr Dweck's books and work from that. We could have covered the key points in a fraction of the time. But if I had to work from a regular book instead of from a structured program, it wouldn't have gotten done at all, kwim?
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