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  1. I don't think it's too old. I also don't feel very comfortable teaching it. DD took it through the WTMA in 7th grade and we supplemented with a little Kilgallon. If you do it self-paced you could and find it too easy, you could accelerate a little bit.

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    Got the idea for most of these right here on the WTM forums so thought I'd share here first: Fine Arts: Artistic Pursuits Book One Grades K-3 $25 Artistic Pursuits Book Three Grades K-3 $25 Language Arts: Sentence Island by Michael Clay Thompson $8 Sentence Island by Michael Clay Thompson Teacher Manual $8 Practice Island by Michael Clay Thompson $3 Writing With a Thesis $4 Teaching Students to Read Nonfiction (includes transparencies!) $4 Math: Jacobs Elementary Algebra $30 Jacobs Geometry 2nd Edition $15 Jacobs Geometry 1st Edition $15 Brown/Dolciani (c2004) Algebra Structure & Method Book 1 $7 Dolciani Pre-Algebra An Accelerated Course Teacher Edition (c1985) $50 Foerster Algebra 1 with graphing calculator lab manual $10 Key to Geometry Books 3-8 and Answer Key for Books 1-3 $12 Middle School Introduction to Geometry $2 JH Tiner's Exploring the World of Mathematics $4 Ask Dr Callahan Geometry DVD's & Guide for Jacobs Geometry 3rd Edition $15 History: The Great Courses DVD Set: World History: The Fertile Crescent to the American Revolution with Study Workbook $35 Kingfisher Illustrated History of the World (c1993 - the white one ;) ) $15 Shipping: If less than $25 (single or combined), prices do not include shipping. Otherwise, I will cover shipping costs.



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    Hakim History of Us books 1-11 (sold together) 1 The First Americans 2 Making Thirteen Colonies 3 From Colonies to Country 4 The New Nation 5 Liberty for All? 6 War, Terrible War 7 Reconstructing America 8 An Age of Extremes 9 War, Peace, and All That Jazz 10 All the People 11 Sourcebook and Index Hewitt Homeschooling History of US Junior High Syllabus and Tests $95 shipped


  4. Wow Rainbow Science got here FAST! Like 2 days!

  5. I'm interested in whatever you have, be it a guide, a lecture, whatever!!! Maybe future WTM online conferences?
  6. "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die." So could I.
  7. FRENCHIE! Anyone who posts pics of Frenchies (or even talks about them knowingly) gets 123456789 points.
  8. 93% Booyah! I'll take eleventy billion points because I think im the highest scoring poster and because, well, I'm Texan. 333 points if you can figure out what I missed (not that I know... But if it helps I left in 1993, I was planning on moving back after school but there was this hot law school guy....)
  9. My goodness, I went looking because I was wondering if I was the only one! I finally got a chance to look at a copy and while I like conversational styles sometimes, it seemed really simplistic.
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