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crafts for boys

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Crafts or hands-on art projects for tween boys?

Hobby ideas (need boy ideas mostly)

Handi-crafts for boys?


- pipe cleaner Ninjas

- make a duct tape wallet

- assemble model kits

- paper mache projects

- tie-dye t-shirts

- electronics kits

- Backyard Ballistics book

- make a scale model of a skyscraper, bridge or Great Wall of China from floral foam or other material

- make weapons from foam board and duct tape

- build forts and treehouses

- have DS sew simple beanbags, fill them, then learn to juggle, or make beanbag toss game


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How about recycling crafts?  Not sure what into exactly.  Maybe use cans and wire to make robot models.  Plastic bottles or paper milk cartons into bird feeders or piggy banks.  Hula hoop and old t-shirts into a small room rug.  You could make planters out of anything that will hold dirt.  


Milk jug into a Storm Trooper mask- http://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-recycled-art-supply-station-for-kids/

Rocket model- http://increations.blogspot.com/2009/11/space-rocket-from-toilet-paper-rolls.html

This page has a couple cool ideas- http://www.theclassroomcreative.com/2012/05/10-recycled-craft-projects-and-recycling-resources/  

Here's a page with links to a lot of stuff(kalidascope, castle - http://increations.blogspot.com/p/recycling-crafts.html



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I count Legos as crafts. And K'Nex. Those are the only crafty things that interest DS1. He has also done some model making in the past, model planes and model cars. DH does boy crafts with him in the evenings sometimes. They enjoy it and it is one less thing that I have to plan and supervise.


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Is he into Minecraft? There are lots of ideas if you do a search for Minecraft crafts. My ds made Minecraft tools and weapons by printing them out and glueing them to boxes and cutting them out the shape. Creepers are easy to paint on a square canvas by making 1" squares (pixels) and painting them various shades of green, black and brown.


Home depot has some neat craft ideas - you can take your kid in one Saturday a month and they help them make some neat stuff out of wood.

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What about cooking?


It's an important life skill and it's a cool hobby as well. It's also a male-dominated field (lots of professional chefs out there), so there are some role models for boys who are really into it.


It's also an educationally and mom-friendly endeavor. You can tie it to many other areas of study. Math (measuring ingredients, servings, portions, calorie and nutrient content, reading labels, ratios, temperatures, shopping, budgeting), history (how the dish came about, how it changed over the years), geography (where it originated), literature (cooking dishes mentioned in books you are reading, making dishes featuring ingredients from the story, reading books about food and cooking), writing (recipes, directions, lists, essays), science (baking, aromatics, freezing, aeration, importance of proper food handling to prevent food poisoning, mold, etc)...sky's the limit really.


Cooking is something that is part of everyday life too. So it's not like you have to go out of your way to organize opportunities for your student to learn or study. That's a big bonus, I think. YMMV.

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Guest Lisatea

I once was given bundles of wire by a person in the communications industry. It was (plastic coated) all colors and easy to bend. I used it for an art class and boys especially enjoyed the creations that were possible by twisting, cutting, etc.

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