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  1. So I've finally gotten around to adding more updates. I've been so busy lately. And my laptop is on the fritz, needs a new battery. Thank you all for your encouragement. :) I don't know if there is a formal process to make this happen or not. I'm probably not going to be around enough to make this happen myself, but I encourage all of you who find this list useful to suggest it to the moderators. Maybe it will get a permanent spot someday.
  2. I am currently going through more links. Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land is on the next round of updates (happening later this week, still finalizing and formatting), along with Shakespeare's Animated Tales. I have seen some of the educational videos released by Disney. They vary quite a bit in quality, with some being decent copies from VHS or well-cared for film reels and others being not-so-great, being culled from archives where they weren't shown much love. Also, some (but not all) of them are a bit outdated. A lot has changed in some areas, such as geography and history, in the past 50
  3. Both lists have been updated. Lots of goodies....whoo hoo! :laugh: Also, I found out that the WTM boards have a limit for emoticons per post. Interesting. And to think, I still have more to go! This crazy project of mine... Anyway, if you want to know what all I updated today, please check at the bottom of post #1 where it says "!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!". Click "show" and you should see a complete list of updates that I made this morning. Happy Monday to all! :)
  4. Yay! It's link-thirty! Seriously, I am totally going through that pinterest link this weekend. Also going to update the Epic Listing with some more music links and a few other things that have occurred to me recently....
  5. NERDYBIRD'S LIST OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE S-Z Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat *Note: This show aired on PBS during the 90s-early 00s. It is very cute and cat-centric. ;) ********* Schoolhouse Rock *Note: There are many others available on YouTube, such as "Just a Bill", "Tea Party" and "Earth". Math Multiplication Rock Counting by Fives Grammar (This is not a Schoolhouse Rock video. It is from the 1970s version of the Electric Company.) (From the 1970s version
  6. NERDYBIRD'S LIST OF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS FOR CHILDREN AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE A-R Adventures in the Book of Virtues *Note: There are more episodes available. I kept this list short. Compassion Courage Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan Honest Abe Honesty Perserverance Respect Responsibility Self-Discipline The Dancing Horses ******** Animated Tales of the World and Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics *NOTE: This is a collection of tales that aired on cable in the 1970s-1990s in the US, Canada and Japan. Most are VHS uploads of varying quality. Some of these are uploads from the fantastic series “
  7. Disclaimer-ish Greeting: Welcome to the grand pooh-bah of link lists! :thumbup1: I decided to post a list of educational programs for children that are currently available on YouTube (and a few bonus links to content available on other sites) as of 2/4/2014. Most of these were verified as working between 1/20/2014-2/4/2014. I cannot guarantee that these will always work or remain active. Some may be removed due to copyright violations, or due to the original posters removing the content from their channels. I tried to select programs that are currently unavailable through other so
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