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  1. Mine is pretty un-creative also. When I joined the board, I had 7 kids. I now have 9 but haven't bothered to change it.
  2. Take a look at this. We use this at our church for the kids. http://www.resourcewell.org/children-ministry/curriculum
  3. I have been taking two walks each day. In the morning with my kids and in the evening with my dog. That will usually get my 10,000 steps. In between, if I'm doing nothing, I will march in place. My kids think I'm nuts. But it works. Right now I'm in 7th. So, whoever is in 6th, can you please take a break? You're killing me!
  4. I love this challenge! My butt is no longer one with the couch! I'm in the west so I get the opportunity to knock a few of you down a peg or two after most everyone is done for the night. Not that I'm competitive or anything :001_smile:
  5. As usual Jen, you are awesome! I was considering MFW ECC for my younger crowd in 2015-16, but this may work out better. Thank you!
  6. I'm so sorry Jean. My heart breaks for you and your family. Praying for peace and strength for all of you. :grouphug:
  7. I'm here too! I can not wait for 2016! I'm doing a happy dance. Dh is scared!
  8. PVC bow and arrow http://www.skiptomylou.org/2012/07/24/diy-pvc-bow-and-arrow/
  9. Whats the name of the group? I'll join!
  10. Oh, you are most definitely not alone. I was on the phone this evening and my son brought me the metal rod from the bathroom towel rack. When I asked what happened, I got 7 kids with big innocent eyes saying ,"it wasn't me". So I go upstairs to fix the towel rack and notice that the toy room is messy again. (They just cleaned it this morning). They start bickering. I walk in there to deal with that and notice that the closet door is broken. It's been separated from the frame. Now, that closet only has one door because they did the exact same thing to the other door and I had to remove it. At this point I'm starting to lose my patience. I turn around and spot the remote to the DVD player. The back of the remote had been removed and lost, as were the batteries. All the kids went to be early tonight. And that was just one hour out of one day. All the other hours and days are very similar. Sigh.
  11. Happy birthday Jean! (I'm whispering , so I can keep your secret) I hope you have an amazingly awesome day!
  12. Thank you everyone. His appointment is Wednesday to get the ball rolling but I'm going to cancel it. There is a very well respected Ortho nearby and I'll see what he has to say. It sounds like $5,400 might be a little high for my area. Or maybe ds's mouth is just that much of a mess! *sigh* My next younger one has several teeth that are actually sideways in her mouth. I may have to go get a job to help pay for these kids' teeth! Crazy.
  13. Thanks everyone. One more question. When I go for a second opinion, do I tell them that I'm looking for a second or that I just want him evaluated?
  14. Hmmm. I'm starting to second guess myself on that. I need to check on that. If it did, that would put the price in a more normal range. But, boy is the normal range high!
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