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  1. I have read all pages in this thread. I am not one to post much on this board, but been around for a long time. Basically, for both mothers of concern (OP and Scarlett) I would suggest as others have done: make eating healthier a family affair, not focused on the child that needs the weight loss. Everyone gives up sugars and white starches; they'll all be better off in the end anyway. I will LOUDLY agree with those who've (whithout saying out loud) suggest a Low Carb style of eating. Fats and Proteins are the fillers, they satisfy and keep a person fuller longer. So yes, let him have the meatloaf with may -- but leave out the bread. Not saying to cut out all carbs, but saying to out junky carbs: white bread, sugar, cereals, etc. Learn about foods and what they do: carbs turn into sugar in the body! There are many options out there to learn the low carb way of life, just choose one and stick to it; a previous poster made the suggeestion of choosing a program and making a promise to stick to it (honestly) for 6 months and see what happens. I'd even suggest doing it for 3 mos (but 100% committed) and I bet you will see a huge difference. I truly believe that eating a low-carb, higher fat, no sugar way is the answer to so many things. And doing it as a family is all that much better. Now going back to lurkdome, theresa
  2. okee dokee, in the garbage it goes :( good thing I threw lots of other good stuffs in my lunch bag for today ;) thanks! ~coffee~
  3. unopened 3-layered (garlic, avacado, sun dried tomato) container of humus that says "use by 2/29/2016" on the bottom? Looks fine, smells fine, tasted a tiny bit and it's tasted the way it should... WWYD? (yes I came out of lurkdome to ask about food, 'cause you guys ALWAYS know) ~coffee~
  4. Once again, this forum is a wealth of information!! Came here looking for some fresh ideas today...worth the trip!! I highly recommend the GA Virtual classes; DD loves their Forensic Science and Mythology courses so far, and we will be using some others in the future. ~coffee~
  5. My 14 year old DD does what everyone here has said: inside out those puppies!! (back to lurkdome) ~coffee~
  6. I have a Kindle Fire HD; I love it!! I can internet, read books, play silly games...been very happy with it, it's about a year and half old. ~coffee~
  7. ((listening)) keep these great ideas coming -- there's no big family dinner thing happening this year, so we are just 4 of us...trying to make new traditions. :) ~coffee~
  8. I use AVC on a regular basis, 2 T mixed with some ginger and water, 32 oz. I try to drink 2 of these per day...I use it for other reasons, but I wonder if it will help me stave off anything nasty in the cold department. ~coffee~
  9. been having this issue off and on for about 3 wks now....few days of just fine and dandy, then BAM, can't access. Kind of frustrating...
  10. If it's still around, Easy Peasy All-in-one homeschool might work; but I agree with someone up there about maybe using the 2k for a tutor to come in and direct the learning. Computer programs are great but at their ages, they will still need guidance. We used EP for 6th grade, it was really well put together for the most part; and it's free. ~coffee~
  11. Mine will be a mad scientist (the 19 yr old) and his "creation", his 14 year old sister dressed kind of like "bride of frankenstein"; they will be doing a very short run of trick or treating, but mostly giving out candy at our place though. I am stealing an idea I saw somewhere (can't remember where) and going to a party dressed in a T-shirt labeled "LIFE" and carrying a basket of lemons to hand out :) ~coffee~
  12. This is a person that the OP described as ranting about the undeserving poor, so, uh, yeah, I could picture a grown woman doing that. It's sad, it's disgusting, but there are those who would and do do things like that and think it's funny. OP: you don't have to make any reasons or excuses, just say no. She needs to respect your "no thank you" and shouldn't expect an explanation of why. ~coffee~
  13. Holy Whoah!!! That was enough to bring me out of lurkdome!!! Um, since when is Homeschooling a disease worthy of a DX code??????? Uh, yeah, I'd be complaining, calling, threatening, whatever it takes to get that removed, for sure!! Especially if there is no code for merely going to public school!! (I could say something really snarky at this point, but won't). ;) ~coffee~
  14. All my assignments are turned in on line as well. I always make a Word doc and print it out, plus save on hard drive and thumb drive. Once, I had the computer hiccup in the middle of uploading my essays, and then I could not get back into the test...ugh! I immediately emailed my instructor and academic adviser even though it was 1 am; sent them both a copy of my Word doc with all the questions answered. Instructor used that to grade my test. So glad I always do things that way!!!
  15. Our HOA would hold the owner liable for the behavior of his renters. Maybe if the homeowner were made aware of that (if it's in the Bylaws) he might start caring. ~coffee~
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