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I made THE baked oatmeal!


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Thanks for the reminder to make this this week. I've been making it for almost a decade using a different recipe that lacto-ferments the oats for easier digestion but the basic premise is the same. And very popular here!




I usually use raw milk whey to lacto-ferment things but since this recipe calls for 2 cups of milk I'm thinking of just mixing the oats and the raw milk tonight and letting it sit out. I'll have to melt the butter, I guess.

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We made this recipe again this week, too. Still loving it. Only way I will eat oatmeal and I love how heavenly the house smells while it is baking. Nothing like this, with butter smeared on top and a nice cup of coffee... mmmm I may have to do another one this week. Thinking of adding blue berries, lemon and pecans next go round.

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It was fun to see that site again, Dicentra--lots of folks posted there who aren't here anymore.



I didn't know about it either!  Thanks for the link :)


It was actually Mrs. Mungo who mentioned it on page 1 of the thread. :)


Huzzah for Mrs. Mungo!!!!  Huzzah for all the Boardies who contributed!!!!!!!  What an awesome collection! :D

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