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I'm just tired


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Sometimes I wonder if all the work that goes into trying to make the right choices for my kids is worth it. I see other parents making different decisions that make their lives easier (in the short term, at least) and wonder, in the end, is it really going to matter?


Good people come out of all sorts of homes, right?


Sigh. I'm just tired.

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I totally get what you're saying.


From my (albeit limited) experience, while good people come from all sorts of homes, teaching kids - explicitly or by example - that the easy way is preferable to the conscientious way just results in a new generation of adults looking for the easiest way, regardless of result or impact.


Of course, sometimes "quick and dirty" is the appropriate way, but I want my kids to grow up in the habit of vetting the options to decide on what is the right way for the situation. Know what I mean?


(And I remind myself of that often because you're right: it can be very tiring.)

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:grouphug: I've very tired, too. It doesn't help that I'm physically tired. Though I've been doing it for years now, with some success, I still question if I have the physical and emotional stamina to do it well...and what for? if kids in school seem to be turning out just fine. It probably doesn't help that I have one in ps who is getting a good education. The other issue is money. We need more, period. There's nothing more to cut back on. I should really be trying to find a job, but I hate to give up this lifestyle. I'm trying to remember why we started hsing and what we've accomplished that we wouldn't have without hsing.

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I'm not convinced their lives are easier though. For example, I don't have to live my life around other people's schedules. I don't have to be upset about the quality of education my children are receiving. I don't have to drag my kids out of bed at the crack of dawn and drive them to school. I don't have to do homework with them for the only wee bit of time I'd get with them if they were in school. I don't have to shlep down to the school because one of my kids did some minor kid thing and be treated like he'll surely turn into a criminal.


I'm not saying that what we do doesn't have it's share of challenges, but I'll take many of them any day over the alternative.




Yes, I have to remind myself of this frequently. School made our lives more difficult (I have a dd with sn).


I guess it's not so much hsing vs psing, but stressing/researching/trying over...well, not. I have a lot of mom friends who just do what works best for them and don't stress about it they just let it go. It's like they just function within the system- school, clothes, food, pop culture, life in general- and they don't think a whole lot about doing anything different, because it seems to work for them.


I don't know. Maybe sometimes I just wish we were "in the box" people.


We aren't.

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