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finally were allowed to start tossing flooded items from garage

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the insurance company adjuster was here yesterday so now we can empty out all the flooded items from our garage. Since water was 2 to 2 1/5 in the garage we started tossing a lot today and much more to do. Found about 500 books in mud and gunk on the floor. I counted the number of books that fit in 1 bin (70) and had 7 bins full just from books that had fallen out of bins when the piling that smashed in the back garage door also upended the bins. We have at least 10 more bins of books that are floor level so were totally soaked and probably all the bins on top of those. I had bins stacked 3 bins tall so maybe the tallest bins , those books might have survived. I know we are lucky compared to many of the people that were hit by Sandy and it was just our garage that was pretty much destroyed and our house is okay so I am grateful for that but the books, I am sad and there are so many more to be thrown away. Might be as high as 1500 or 2000 books to toss.


also threw out 9 bookcases (might be more behind other stuff), china cabinet, cedar chest, chairs, too much stuff to list.


Insurance adjuster kept saying "Oh, we are not going to pay for that". She even said that they will not pay for heaters and dehumifers to dry out our crawlspace to prevent mold. Good thing we have hired our own adjuster, they can duke it out . I am not in the mood to fight with the insurance company adjuster. THere was an article in the paper that the insurance companies are going to pay very little on claims or at least try to.


Our garage may be a total loss, the slab underneath it has broken up and moved out from under the garage or maybe it can be repaired. Adjuster said she will send out an engineer to look at it. It is on a slab or foundation which is on pilings as required here. She did say the plywood walls will have to be ripped out.


once again, I do know that we are lucky compared to most

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Yes, you were lucky than most. But that doesn't negate that your loss is still YOUR loss.


you need time to mourn the loss of your things. it's ok to be sad.


Robin in NJ




I didn't know you could hire your own adjuster.


The insurance companies have found lots of ways to avoid paying just ask those poor people in the gulf states who had to duke it out with them with the whole wind vs flood damage thing during all those hurricanes in 2004.

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