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Coloring books... should I ditch them?

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Keep a few and color in them yourself. I've found coloring to be an amazing stress reliever. I bought my own set of Crayola 64 :001_smile:.


:iagree: I have always loved to color! In my area, for some reason however, it's very hard to find nice coloring books, or books that just have coloring, not a bunch of other stuff. I wonder if you started coloring in them, if the kids would then get an interest.


Now you've got me having a craving for coloring....

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I agree with keep a few and donate the rest. However, we love coloring here. My day care boy is coloring a rooster as I type. :D We keep them where they're easily accessible, have lots of crayons, and now my 8 y/o and I have moved onto good colored pencils. My ds and I love to color mandalas. http://www.hellokids.com/r_262/coloring/mandalas-gallery-coloring-pages/

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my local softball team was collecting coloring books...plus other books for the local kids hospital...Maybe you should contact the kids hospitals and see if you can donate directly. It would be a great way to have your books recycled. I am planning on donating all of mine. I have a ton. I have spent lots of days thankful to have a book to read or color when we visit these hospitals. :) Maybe you can have the kids donate them. Makes you feel good inside. :D

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