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  1. I'll join in! We are moving (locally) in six weeks and I want defrost the chest freezer before we leave. I just took out a container of pulled pork and we will use it this week for lunches.
  2. So Verbose charges $60 per quarter. My oldest two just started their fourth quarter and we are pleased with the instruction.
  3. Detached No hair on knuckles Straight line Curly hair Smooth chin
  4. What are the differences between using WTTW as written and using it with Jill Pike’s syllabus. As far as I can tell, WTTW alone takes one semester and Pike’s version takes one year. Are there any other benefits to using Pike’s syllabus? We've already covered TTC and would skip that part of the plan. Initially, I planned to go through WTTW and To Kill A Mockingbird between now and September. I see that Pike's syllabus covers TKAM so, that's a bonus. We won't cover the other novels in her syllabus since the boys will be getting more literature when we resume MFW Ancient and World History.
  5. If he's due for a new tooth, it could be an eruption cyst. Look up images and see if it matches what's going on in his mouth.
  6. I'll join! I need the motivation. I'm charging my Fitbit now.
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