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    ISO the DVD for Jr Analytical Grammar. Thanks!


  2. We have two. One for tiles (reading/spelling), the other for writing on, plus a couple lap size. It works and was under $40 for all.

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    I have All About Reading 3 for sale: TM, student activity book, and green word cards for sale. $48 ppd Insurance additional at your expense, optional. These items have been used, so show edge wear, marks where I've used a binder clip to mark our place, etc, but there's no writing, student pages are all intact, fully usable. You will need the yellow phonics cards (there's only a few and you could easily make them, I'd even be willing to make them for you), plus the two level 3 reading books ($19.95 each). There are also a few additional tiles needed (suffixes and prefixes, not sure what else). I don't see them on the website, but I've been told you can contact AALP and buy them directly. More info here: http://www.allaboutlearningpress.com/All-About-Reading/all-about-reading-level-3/ Please ask if you have any questions, so there's no confusion over what you're buying. Thanks!


  4. We made postcards with a nice picture and info, printed on card stock, mailed without an envelope. They were inexpensive, but looked nice.

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    Teacher's Manual only. $12 ppd


  6. I think he has a minimum. DS, 20, has 3 gym shoes (2 leather and 1 cloth Converse), dress shoes and winter boots. I don't feel that's excessive at all.
  7. That's a lot of $ even on a budget. Plus, the shower is your responsibility. I'd talk to her.
  8. We get them from the library or burn them from the computer onto CD. We almost always have a book going in the van.

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    I have the used student book (about half the activities are cut out, but I kept them together in baggies, paper clipped, etc). It has the practice reading in the back of the book. I'd also be willing to include the green word cards. It does NOT include the few phonics cards, but that info is in the TM so you could make the few cards that would be missing. I can count, but I'm guessing it's around 20 cards you'd need to make. You'd also need the TM and readers. This is for the student book and cards (green cards only!): http://www.allaboutlearningpress.com...tudent-packet/ I can check about the magnets. We use AAS too, so I may have extra. If interested, feel free to make an offer. I'm guessing it'll fit in a flat rate envelope. Thanks!


  10. Our oldest would have been named Samuel Xavier if I had named him. DH named him, Race Xavier. Fits him perfectly. However, dh's first pick was Geronimo. That wasn't happening. If we'd had girls they would have been Estrella or Jade for the older, Tessa for the youngest.
  11. LOVE my microfiber pad mop. I bought it at QVC several years ago after it being recommended by a friend. It has two scrubby MF pads and a dust mop pad. LOVE it!! We also have a MF string style mop. I'm not a fan, but dh prefers it. He uses it to mop the laundry room and/or garage. I do like that it's washable and the head is replaceable (and that he scrubs those floors!). I would love a steam mop, but that's not in the budget.
  12. I'm on month 8 of my temperature scarf (crochet), and I'm always digiscrapping. We've done a lot in the past couple weeks to finish summer break, so I have several pages I need to do.
  13. Great site! I prefer a Boye hook, but use the same crocheting method. It really is a preference, so, I agree, by a hook of each style and see which you like. A light colored good quality yarn is a good starting point. Once you learn the very basics start with small projects- dishcloths and potholders can handle mistakes. As your skill increases you can increase the size and difficulty of your projects. If you have trouble understanding one video, try another. There really are so many great resources out there! Enjoy!
  14. I sort of have both. We have a small room in our basement with three bookcases full of books and some artsy type stuff. It's not really usable as a school room tho, because it's far away from everything is and cold most of fall to spring. I do, however, appreciate it as a storage area. I have lots of books from our older son that I want to keep either for the younger son or to pass onto grandchildren someday. Our current school stuff is stored in the kitchen, under the coffee table, and a little in ds's room. We have our large whiteboard and maps in the kitchen. It works, so I'm okay with it.
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