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  1. Ive lived here my whole life and didnt realize we had those here! LOL. I was more scared of the boars around the tent than snakes!
  2. So...I was sitting around one afternoon and finally decided to just do it! Ive been contemplating going back to college for years now..but I keep getting caught up with life. I finally realized my fear is holding me back and I think I need to face that fear and go for it! I went ahead and registered for my prerequisites this past week and I am just working on figuring out how to manage school with 3 kiddos. I think it will be a little better then if I did it a few years back. Thankfully, I have my BSW already so I can attend an accelerated program...3 semesters! I only have Ant. 1 & 2 with labs plus Chemistry and Microbiology to take! (plus those labs) The accelerated program starts in May and there is no way I can get my pre-reqs. done...so I will be applying for the following year May 2014..... My son, which I mainly home schooled, will be graduating that year! That leaves my baby, who turned 10 today, at the end of 5th grade ready to start middle school with her sister for that year I am in the program. They have school from 9:45-4:45 which is an amazing schedule for me to work school around!! I am just thrilled at the possibility that I can actually get this done!! I just finished biology with my son so all this science is fresh in my brain...I already downloaded the power points for anatomy and chemistry for these teachers...and Im studying like crazy! I have a horrible memory...and need all the time I can get! BUT...I am determined. Anyone else a nurse? I haven't attempted this program before. I was a probation officer and once I had my babies I became a doula! I love L&D and would love to go into that area (at least now) Ive also might look into hospice. One end to the other. I cant wait to start! I would love any advice!
  3. I prefer Spectrum but I bought the one at costco last time...Spectrum has no coconut flavor and a higher flash point.
  4. my middle is extremely shy. I used to tell people that she was shy and just move on. I would push her behind me when people wouldnt listen or tried to grab her hair (they always want to touch her curls) grrr. And I would start talking to them to get them to change the topic.
  5. So after my drama last week with the allergy mess...my dr. asked me to wear a blood pressure cuff for 24 hours. Has anyone done this? Each time I went into the dr. last week my bp was high...but the cardiologist was not concerned as he knows I have white coat syndrome. I have monitored it at home and it has been very low, 101/70-115/78 with occasionally high readings...which he says is normal. Either way, he wants to be thorough. I agreed...I went in today and was nervous about my bp so of course it was 145/105 I knew it would be up...then this stupid cuff goes every 30 minutes and switched to every 15 minutes which Im sure is because Im scared it is high. I am doing everything I can to relax...which you know is making it higher...ahh...Im going in a vicious circle. I have to leave the house one more time so I am hoping I can ease my brain...lol. Anyone else have problems with these 24 hour cuffs with just being nervous?
  6. I got my dog from a lady that was rehoming her. She was 5 months old. She said she was housebroken but she wasnt. she is a shihtzu mix. I read a lot of information online from shihtzu forum and they had amazing information for small doggies. I had to crate her all day and night and only take her out in small time frames when we could stay with her. We spent all the time with her when she was out of the crate. Food was fed to her on the floor of her crate. She was very good within a week after WE became consistent. She never barks to go out...I have to watch her as she just walks over to the door. But I leave her home all day with no issues. I usually let he out at 5 am or so and she wont ask to go out till 1 or 2 pm. Im sure she would last a full work day but I'm home so I let her out throughout the day most times. My doggie is super easy and never in the way.
  7. is the grammar mixed in her LA book? Our school grammar was in a separate book last year in private school and this year it is mixed in with her language arts book in public school.
  8. we had a notice come home this past week in my daughters class. THey informed the parents prior and you could opt out of the series. BUT...I cant imagine she had approval to show her OWN birth! That just sounds too much to be true? Is is possible she was saying it was like her birth and the kids misunderstood? I cant imagine any district allowing that! wow. Otherwise, I wouldnt have any problems with a birth film.
  9. I would say you need to start with a psychologist for some therapy. They will work with her on learning to manage her anxiety before it becomes worse. We went through 2-3 different people to find the right match! My dd no longer goes but she used to have terrible anxiety. I would say if it is so bad that you need meds you need to be doing both meds & therapy. Your primary wouldnt be able to do that...you can usually find an office with both a dr. & psychologist. I imagine you would have to try a few different meds to get the right one. I did breathing exercises with my DD at one point as well. Mine seems to have overcome many of her ocd issues and is dealing with changes a lot easier now...not sure if it due to age?
  10. I had something not as bad...but similar happen to me last monday...eating crab my throat and chest started closing. I can relate to the emotional fear! So scary! I have both our epi pens now in my purse and the Jr. one has a practice pen in it as well. The pharmacist says never wait...epi pen & 911 immediately. The pharmacist explained you may not realize you are not breathing but any tightness is 911! I am so sorry you had to experience this with your child:grouphug:
  11. When we do disney we pack a backpack with a change of clothes. I usually throw a few jackets and wear a pair of light pants. If you have a stroller...I would just pack your pants as well and maybe a blanket. The lows are in the low 50 this weekend through early tuesday..but it looks like it may go back up to 60-70 low after that...light jackets should be enough.
  12. We have had rain and wind for the last 2 days here in S. Florida. Its been steady 18-20 winds with 38-48 + gusts. Beautiful out now with all my windows open. Such a change. This storm had a lot of lightning in it yesterday...today we just have wind. And we are just outside the warning zone. It has been very heavy rains. I cant imagine the combo of being in cold weather with this thing. I would prepare if it is headed your way. Definitely bring your plants & furniture in from outside...lots of flashlights.
  13. I cant imagine the stress you are both feeling. I am so sorry. I hope you can find a resolution soon! I would find out if there is anything the dr. can write on their forms that proves the diagnosis is not Self limiting! I think HR is the only way to fight that one!
  14. We have aflac...and all we had to do was have the dr. fill out the forms with the issues and they processed them...BUT...he had a diagnosis. Im not sure if that is the difference? We had to submit every so many weeks but they always run very smoothly. Aflac and trustmark have been wonderful. When we DO run into problems...We always start with HR! They are usually the only ones that can get the ball rolling. I guess they have different contacts in these insurance agencies.
  15. Ive never had a reaction like this..but the dr. and pharmacist stated any tightening gets an epi pen! So that sounds scary to me but I am carrying it. I have mine and my daughters in my purse. I have a new updated one :)
  16. Well...I had a huge drama filled day yesterday. I went to the allergist to get an epi pen...and they said my BP was 140/100. They did the check up and decided to send me for blood work and gave me an alegra to take. Says I need to take one for a few days. Then he says he needs to take my bp again 150/100..grr...says I cant leave till it goes down and gives me a magazine. So...me with white coat syndrome panics...I guess...I tried to relax but my next bp was 160/98 So he says I have to go to my primary or he is calling 911. OMG. What a pain. So I said I would stop at my cardiologist office that is in the next building. I got there and they told me my dr. is on vacation but I need to go to my primary cause I could have a stroke! WHAT? OMG...so I tried to relax the whole way to my primary but you know my heart was pounding. When I got there they said yep...157/100 you cant leave. So I almost passed out at that point...went and laid down in a room. The assistant came in and checked me out and says ..oh your ovary is larger on the left...you should have that checked out...then takes my BP 160/105 :lol: Can it get any worse? Then the dr. comes in and does an ekg. Says my heart has a sinus arrythmia! HELLO??? Am I dying? THEN takes my BP 147/90 OMG. never ending day. This lady tells me the bottom number shouldnt rise with anxiety and that is hypertension...and she sends patients to the er for anything over 100. Now I think Im dying. They sent me home with a super low bp med. and xanex. LOL:lol: SO...I said let me start with that xanex...and a hot bath. My BP went down but my husband insisted I take the dieretic she prescribed until I get clearance from my cardiologist. I guess the 5 mg cant lower it too much? I hope not...The xanex felt great last night and how relaxed I was. This morning my bp was 102/78 when I got up then I took that stupid pill! I told my hubby I hope I dont drop it too low...but he thinks it is too low a dose to make that much of a difference. The pharmacist thinks it was the allegra making it stay high. He says they most likely gave me the D one and my nerves kicked in with it. I bought a BP machine to monitor at home so my hubby is happy about that. This was such a nightmare!!! All because I wanted to enjoy a crab dinner!
  17. what do you do when you go out? You have to ask if they cook the seafood in the same pan as the shellfish? Im on my way to the allergist...so I want to see what he says. I am terrified now...and to top it off...my DD9 was suddenly found to have egg, peanut and milk allergy level 1-2...and the allergist told me not to remove the food yet. Now Im freaking about her on top of it! Hers just showed up out of the blue in 3 months time. Im going to have a long talk with him today. Im still clearing my throat all day...I cant imagine it is lasting this long, though.
  18. :grouphug: It will be okay. Try and get out and do exercise and walk or go to the gym...get out of the house during the day!
  19. I used to read a lot to my dd in her lower grades. I think it made a huge difference. She would read to me and I would read to her.
  20. Well...I fell asleep and woke up at 12 hardly able to open my eyes. They didnt swell...they just felt really tight...and my throat was sore but not feeling tight. Fun Fun! I can imagine how your kids feel now. I never realized how this felt or how it could occur so quickly. I dont feel 100% today but I did speak to my husband about it so he seems a bit more aware. I think he was kind of thinking I might have been freaking out more then actually having a reaction but today he told me he does realize we will have no crab in our house. He realized it was serious and I explained what you all recommended about him watching out for me. I guess I need to get a new epi pen just in case...mine is super expired 2008. I figured it would still work? And my benedryl expired in 2010! Imagine if I had a new bottle. :D Probably would have felt better quicker!!
  21. Omg...things can get worse... Wow... I will tell my husband to keep an eye on me. I have no clue about allwrgy reactions like this.
  22. I'm so upset...my husband purchased crab today at Winn Dixie for dinner which I love. I had tested 2-3 allergy about 6 years ago but the following blood tests have all been 0. Well, today I realized it is worse then I thought. After 4 little legs..not even the claw...my chest started to feel tight. I have some extra mucus in my throat and my throat and chest feel slightly tight. I'm doing everything I can not to panic. Scared me to death...as I've never felt this! I jumped up to wash my hands and face and sit on the couch. I took 4 tsp. Of the kids Benadryl after speaking to my Er nurse neighbor, but I'm doing my best to relax and figure or if I'm felling anxiety or if it is getting worse. How scary. I had no idea I would be this allergic out of the blue!! Now I'm hoping it clears up soon! She told me I could go to er if I can't swallow spit...or use my epi pen and call 911 if it gets really bad. But I think I should be in the clear since it has been like 45 min.....at least it doesn't hurt to breath deep any more.
  23. BOY!!! MINE is about to go out the window today!! :cursing: I hate HP
  24. I vote acer. I had 3 HP that I returned at Costco since they crashed in a few weeks. We tried Dell and the customer service and care was terrible. We switched last christmas to Acer aspire laptops and they run amazing. This year we purchased our desktop at costco.
  25. I need a dr. that is on my side...I had a surgeon that sat down and let me ask all my questions and made to attempt to leave. It made such a difference. I hope you can find someone that is going to do the same for you. I think it makes a huge difference in your anxiety. Im sorry you had a bad experience.
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