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  1. My son had his adenoids out a few months ago. The procedure was so quick I couldn't believe it! He didn't seem to notice he had anything done. He complained that his throat was a little sore but I think it was mostly from anesthesia. He took Motrin and didn't miss a beat!
  2. VERY! It is quite easy to become dependent on it. Overusing it can cause rebound stuffiness so it just never gets better. It happened to me and I had a hard time quitting. Try a netti pot :)
  3. :iagree: What about the bullies? What is happening to them? They should be hauled in for harrassment! What is the school doing about it?
  4. I almost forgot about the second grade teacher I had! She would make me do EVERY single assignment twice! Why? Because she said I was too smart and did my work too quickly. Every day at recess I would have to redo my work...for no reason! My mom told her off one day and sent me to private school for the rest of the year.
  5. I almost forgot about the band teacher I had that would throw chairs and music stands across the room if we messed up. He was also known to make us write sentences like a thousand times. He is now a funeral director :lol:
  6. I vaguely remember a 1st grade teacher making us rub her feet. I had an English teacher in the 6th grade that I'm sure was a hoarder. Her entire classroom was filled with junk, we had to squeeze through to our desks. There was a science teacher I had in the 9th grade who let us watch Bill Nye the Science Guy almost daily...he was pretty cool except he took points off for using an eraser. Then there was the history professor I had my freshman year in college who would sit in the edge of his desk and rock...which caused the desk to squeak...I had to drop that class so I could keep my sanity!
  7. I have scoliosis too. Get the ergo, it puts weight on the hips and is the most comfortable I've ever been when baby wearing!
  8. Meh....I've still got the wine glasses and champagne flutes from my junior and senior proms. I think if a kid is going to drink it has nothing to do with a glass given as a party favor.
  9. Put a dryer sheet in your pocket...they don't like the smell :)
  10. I'm sorry. My dad has stage 4 prostate cancer with bone mets. His was too far gone once it was discovered. He's been battling it for 5 years. There are some new therapies on the market and chemotherapy is an option as well. There is no cure but there can be ways to make his life longer and more comfortable.
  11. My ds had his out about a month ago. He complained of a sore throat for a day or so but was back to normal after that. He also had tubes in his ears. The entire procedure took less than 10 minutes!
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