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Sigh. Don't you hate when...

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That's why they have defensive driving classes! Take it, and get it removed from the record. I hate the cost of insurance going up when those things happen.


In California, it's more expensive up front to get the ticket dismissed with defensive driving. :confused: Although it doesn't go on your record, so yes, you save on the insurance.


My dh got a ticket last year when he made a left turn across a double yellow line. :( It would have been about $300 to just pay it. It was $20 higher to pay it with the defensive driving dismissal, plus the cost of the defensive driving class.

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Yes, it totally sucks, but last year I was the one to do it. I was coming home late from work and drove through a particular suburb of Portland that is known for an aggressive police and even though I was driving in a large group of cars and didn't even know I was speeding, I got picked for the ticket. I felt awful. $270 down the tubes. Now it's on my driving record.

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