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i got some different workbooks for K, but I feel kind of lost now. workbooks dont really make for much of a day. i would love some sort of guide to help me through each day, or some sort of plan. i want to make K fun, but not have to spend a ton doing it. i think the workbooks are fine, but they will only take a few minutes each anyway. any suggestions?

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Sorry, even though it was just a couple years ago that we did Kdg, a lot of it is a blur and I've cleared all my favorites off my PC. But there are so many things you can do/ look for on-line....



* There are great games/ tutorials/ videos on-line

* There are great videos to watch - magic school bus, leap frog, scholastic books on video (don't know what these are called), and SO many more....

* Read, Read, Read---- just read, try 5 in a Row (we didn't like this, but did like the book selection), read some more

* Listen to books on CD - shorter books where child follow along, longer ones where child learns attention span

* Visit museums, zoos, aquariums, bakeries, restaurants, vets, farms, apple orchards, any field trip you can think of

* Play outside

* Take pcitures

* Have FUN!!!!! Don't Stress - like I did:tongue_smilie:

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ive looked online ALOT, lol. but i just would feel better if i had a plan in place of how to go through each day/week. i dont really want to buy a curric, but i dont want to spend hours a week looking for ideas on what to do either. i have basic workbooks to do math and writing and plenty of books to read. i would just like a guide or plan or something to helpd enrich what i already have and ways to make it more fun.

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Check out Wee Folk Art website. I'm doing it for a preschooler but I think it could easily by made into a great Kindy year. I kinda wish I had it last year for my kindy boy. Its not a day by day plan but by the week. It wouldn't take much to figure out a flow for your week. Good luck, enjoy your kindy year, its great!

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I guess it depends on your child how much you would add to the curriculum. They suggest doing a narration page for each book you read. I would simple add in a math and a phonics program. We really liked Explode the Code along with Hooked on Phonics. I'll probably do something like Ordinary Parent's Guide with my next one though. My kindy boy really liked Math U See Primer last year. Your week could look like this:

Monday: read book, have your child tell back what they remember about the story as you flip through the pictures. Write down the narration for them. Do one phonics lesson, one math lesson. and later read another fun book together.

Tuesday: read enrichment book, do narration. continue with phonics and math. play a math game today.

Wednesday: re-read book. Try to add more detail to what child remembers. continue with phonics and math. PLay a phonics game.

Thursday: begin project or take field trip. continue lessons.

Friday: finish project, read books again if you want.


You might add a Bible devotions if you want or don't already have a family devotion time. Kindergarten is lots of reading together, learning to read and beginning to understand numbers beyond just simple counting.


If you want it all laid out, Heart of Dakota isn't too expensive and its all planned with a daily to do list.

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We are a few months into k right now. The reality has been way different than what I planned. ;) I am just starting Wee Folk Art today, but there's no way it can last a week for us unless I come up with other activities. It has been easy to google a book and find more things to do with it, though. We are using that sometimes and also using Scholastic's Creating Curriculum Using Children's Picture Books. I kind of pick and choose from both and it works out for us.

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Well, I haven't done a lot of K yet - last year Astro was technically K, but we went ahead with a lot of first grade stuff, too, since he a) already knew much of what he would learn in K, from going to preschool and b) is on the older end for K.

So for him, last year, it was a full load. He did OPG, FLL 1, ZB handwriting K and 1, started spelling workout A, Saxon Math 1 (which was a horrendous waste of our time, but oh, well. :) ), Bible, History (SOTW 1), Science, etc.

However, Pink will start K when she is just a couple of months over 5, so my plan for her is just OPG, ZB handwriting K, and MUS Primer (I think - not 100% sure about math yet. I still have a couple of years. ;) ) Oh, and maybe spelling workout A, depending on where she is in OPG at the time. :)

I guess you could say Pink will get K in the traditional, WTM sense. :)

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I think it depends on your goals for k. If you like doing the workbooks do you just want some extras/crafts? Or so you want a more pulled together curriculm? For k I do a mix of curriculums. First we finish OPGTR (which gets started in prek) then we start AAS,WWE, and FLL. We do math mammoth 1a & 2b. Then we have extras. Lots of extras. Scholastic has a lot of fun ebooks for every subject. We read a lot of books and will pick a craft or experience to tie into the books.

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We just scheduled K like any other grade. We started off with the three Rs, then slowly added.



Started off with these each day:


Handwriting Without Tears - Kindergarten (ISBN: 1891627570)

Carson-Dellosa – Phonics for Kindergarten (Product ID: 104343)

Carson-Dellosa – Letter & Sounds (Product ID: 104348)

Starfall.com – A thru Z for letters and sounds.

Hooked on Phonics – Letter Sounds Workbook (ISBN: 1604991216)

Singapore Math Earlybird A, then B (ISBN: 9780761470151, 9780761470168)



After the four middle items above were completed, we swapped them out for:


Hooked on Phonics – Learn to Read, Kindergarten (ISBN: 160499178X)

The Mailbox: Word Family Helpers, Grade K (ISBN: 1562349295)



At this point, I also added one of these subjects each day for a total of four subjects per day...three Rs, plus an elective:


Evan-Moor – Everyday Literacy: Science, Grade 1 (EMC 5026i) - (I actually started with a different science, then moved to this.)

Scholastic – Non-Fiction Literacy-Building Booklets & Activities (ISBN: 0439567211) - This is social studies.

The Mailbox: Hooray for Art! (ISBN: 1562346172)



After HOP: K was completed, DD reviewed with the following before moving onto HOP: First Grade.


Explode the Code 1 (ISBN: 0838814603)



By the end, DD schooled for 2-3 hours per day. She was 4 years, 4 months when we started. Most lessons were fun for DD. She enjoyed herself.



PS - We school year-around. This past summer, DD worked on these.


Hooked on Phonics – Learn to Read, First Grade (ISBN: 1604991798) - Still finishing up.

Singapore Primary Math 1A STD ED (ISBN: 9780761469759) - Still finishing up.

Lollipop Logic: Critical Thinking Activities, Book 1 (ISBN: 1593630921) - Completed.

Evan-Moor – Beginning Geography (EMC 3727) - Completed.

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