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  1. I am just about ready to order dd's next level in English , but I don't see where Barefoot Ragamuffin offers a workbook for this level. If you have this book, am I just missing the link for the wkbk? Or is it easy enough to use the text w/o the wkbk? ETA: I noticed this curriculum is rarely mentioned anymore. Why is that? Anyone have a guess?
  2. Sorry, wrong board. Please delete
  3. Bible: Bible Road Trip Y1 Math: Math Lessons for a Living Education 6 then moving to Principles in Mathematics. Language Arts: Good and Beautiful level 4 then moving to 5. This includes Art as well. Adding AO Y4 selections . History: Good and Beautiful level 1 and probably alternate each unit with a term of AO Y4 history. Science is really up in the air. My plans to continue with another of McHenry's awesome Basement Workshop books flopped when I saw how deep Cells go. I don't think we are ready for that one yet. I am comtemplating AO Y6 The Sea Around Us and ??? I dunno. I a
  4. We have just started the history and the language arts. I have to say it is just wonderful. We are on lesson 8 of history. My dd is 12 yo so she does the Explorer Sheets for grades 7-9, and they are a huge jump from the ones below. We take 2 days to do each history lesson. There are 60 lesson in all so that will be 120 days. I was on the fence about covering such a large span of time each year, but GB will come back around each year, covering something else in the same eras . And it makes for less monotony when you shift gears every few weeks. We are on lesson 8 of the language arts and d
  5. Level 5 is due in June and Level 6 in August. Maybe wait a bit longer? I'm chomping at the bit, myself!
  6. http://www.jennyphillips.com/sales-promotions/ The Early Bird Sale at the end of June will be all the sales you will see due to prices already being rock bottom. If I understand it correctly it is for 10% off all subjects, and includes free shipping for orders over $200. My dilemma will be that Level 6 of the LA program isn't due out till Aug, so after the EBS.
  7. I am learning all I can about TG&TB too, so I can't answer your question, but there are some people on the FB group have used this level. If you don't get an answer here, you may want to try there.
  8. If you hurry the Arthropods unit is free for the rest of today! http://www.jennyphillips.com/science/ I downloaded it and while it looks good, I think it is a stretch to make it work with olders even with the extension activities. But you decided. Now the English and the history...those could be done with olders for sure. ETA: some of the other sciences would probably be plenty enough given the topics. And I'm not above having a unit of fun, light science now and then too. I may get the Arthropods unit just to have a light few weeks.
  9. I have not used ELTL levels 2 or 3 , but I can say that based on Level 4 (where my 11 dd is at) the grammar is not heavy in quantity (3-4 sentences). Combining the two may not contain too many sentences. However the the level of learning grammar in ELTL 4 is a bit much for her, so we work on it together. The lower levels are simpler though. I have no experience with FLL to guess if there would be too much when combining the two. The dictation and copywork in Level 4 is a pretty good amount. I don't know how it compares with FLL. I would look over the samples well to get a feel of it. Hopi
  10. Can you tell me if you need Happy Prince with 5 tales or 7 tales? There is more than one option of the Kindle editions. Thanks!
  11. Do you have an expected release date on the new books? What changes will be made to level 5/E? I am super glad to see that you are still in business! I'm sorry about the curve balls you have been handed.
  12. For me, I don't think there is anything I don't like about it. It gave my dd what she needed to lose her fear of math. And it is fun. Doesn't take all day. Teaches math in a way that it is useful in everyday life. I can't say if you would lose ground as I don't have any experience with SM beyond the few weeks we tried it. I agree with the above poster about taking the placement test. I would not say that this curriculum is slightly vigorous, but for us it is a TON less confusing than SM. I wouldn't compare it to Saxon for rigor either. Let me just say that we most of the series thr
  13. I agree with the above poster. I love every bit of ENWC! It was worth every penny and the time and effort I put into downloading, copying and binding. Excellent study for a wide age range. Lots of direction yet flexible.
  14. I ordered, and received, one of her Quark books from her website a couple months back. I sure hope she is okay.
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