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    Wife, Mom to DD9, DD8, DS6, DD 3. Eclectic classical but distinctly Christian homeschooler.
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    I enjoy reading, missions work, coaching basketball and being crazy with my kids.
  1. I downloaded a $1 book from scholastic last year called "Around the World with Picture Books". It would be a great jumping off point to add in a cookbook and a craft book to make an easy to use geography year. It uses 20 picture books and covers a few countries on each continent. I'm considering using it for 1st grade for my kiddo with very little additional work just a craft, color a map and make a recipe. You could beef it up though! Happy curriculum hunting.
  2. I've been using MobyMax online for when I have schedule issues with our school day. Its not dvd or cdrom but its child friendly and could cover math, LA, writing and vocab. Add in an audio book for history or science with chapters assigned and that could be OK for a few weeks of school with Grandma. I've had to leave my kiddos with my in-law for three weeks and I tried to have simple video and worktext type work for them to do. Does Grandma like to cook? maybe a unit on cooking? If you won't have internet access then maybe a couple Magic School Bus videos with pre-prepared worksheet or wr
  3. You could just highlight every other line for a while until it become automatic. It can be a difficult thing to remember especially for a kid get on a roll writing. It is very helpful in the editing process to have room for proofreading marks, crossing out and changing wording and such.
  4. Slightly off topic but what ages are your kiddos that are doing VL. My girls are 4th and 5th grade and I plan to use it this fall but I'm wondering if it will be a good fit. We did Prima Latina before.
  5. HUGS! :grouphug: Sounds like you have had a lot on your plate. Hangs in there. I actually can hardly wait to start school again as then my life will calm down a bit, or at least have a better rythm.
  6. We are possibly moving to the Nampa/Caldwell area, still unsure. I'm glad to know its so easy and relaxed! We might be a bit nomadic this school year so I don't want to have to deal with multiple state rules and stress of doing it 'right'. Thanks for the help!
  7. We may be moving to Idaho this summer and I'm wondering what the laws are like. It would seem to me that it would be very homeschool friendly since its a pretty conservative state. Can someone give me the basics? Thanks
  8. Hi! Would you mind sharing with me how CLE divides their cards? I already have multiple sets of flashcards but we just started using CLE math and they simply label the assigned set by letter! Your system of organizing looks perfect. Thanks. Marie
  9. I had no idea I could request my library to purchase things! Wow! I'm excited about that. I think these would be great additions to any library especially since ours has very little non-fiction audio titles. :laugh:
  10. I was really hoping that the Great Scientist and Great Inventors audios would be at our library! So bummed. I might buy one for our next road trip though. Thanks so much for the suggestions. We are YE; however, I don't mind havig great discussions with my kids about differing beliefs and the underlying worldviews that accompany them. Any other suggestions!
  11. Those are all great! Thanks so much.
  12. We loved Galileo and the Stargazers and were looking for more like that. I'll look into the BF titles and check out that link from Arcadia. Thanks!
  13. We LOVE SOTW audio books and I'd really like to supplement our science with something similar. Does anyone know of any science audio books? textbooks like Apologia or great living books that are in audio format also? I can't seem to find audiobooks unless I know a title to search for. Thanks for any help!
  14. Thanks so much for the help. I'm still really torn between the two simply for the sake of money vs. convenience. The lightunits would sure be easier to tote around when we travel! Yikes. OK, then- does CLE ever have a sale?
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