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Funny books for boys

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My 9 yr old ds hates to read good books. He reads Garfield comic books, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Hank the Cow dog. I'm not opposed to any of those books but I don't want them to make up a large portion of his reading diet.


Up until last year we had the hardest time with phonics and reading so I'm super happy that he is reading well now. He doesn't like long books but that doesn't surprise me. He is a 9 yr old boy with a short attention span. I've been having him read some abridged classics this summer and so far he's finished Treasure Island, Ivanhoe and Journey to the Center of the Earth.


He hated them and balks at any reading material I give him. Are there any good, funny books for boys out there? He loves humor in any form. I suppose I understand because I don't like to read depressing books or go to movies that make me cry. What is out there for him? Any authors I should look at? I know I can Google this but I thought I could get some good recommendations here.



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Both my kids have loved Calvin and Hobbes and the vocabulary level is actually quite high.


My son also liked reading TinTin (another comic/graphic novel) when he was younger, though I don't think it's funny.


If your son can handle some gore, my dd has found the Horrible Science and the Horrible History books quite engrossing. The Horrible Science books that I have seem to be on a much lower reading level than the history books, but that may just be a fluke. Not that these are great literature, but they have some educational value, I think.


Mary Pope Osborne has a series about The Odyssey that was a favorite of my son's.



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My nearly 11 year old is the same. He did enjoy the


Fudge series by Judy Blume

The Mouse and the Motorcycle Series by Beverly Cleary (she also has other series that are wonderful)


A Tale Dark and Grimm - very dark humour and a bit grisly, so you might want to pre-read it)


The Time Warp Trio - short an funny - there are tv shows too, but I don't know if they are still on


How to Eat Fried Worms - the book is better than the movie, but the movie is funny


Bunnicula Series -


Captain Underpants Series - tons of potty humour


Origami Yoda and Darth Paper

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Frindle and Room One by Andrew Clements

Mr Chickee's Funny Money and Mr Chickee's Messy Mission by Christopher Paul Curtis

The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks by Nancy McArthur (OOP but maybe your library has it)

The Neddiad by Daniel Pinkwater

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Guest Cindy in GA

I'll second Calvin & Hobbes (all-time family favorites!) and Tintin. My boys also loved The Phantom Tollbooth. Has your ds read any of the Redwall books? They may be available on CD at your library.

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Agreeing with the Calvin & Hobbes suggestion.


Also, Rhoad Dahl -- BFG, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, James & the Giant Peach, etc.


You could introduce fun poetry -- Shel Silverstein, for example


a kids' mythology book, if you are comfortable introducing that at this point


also, maybe consider children's non-fiction. My boys love science-themed books for "fun" reading, as well as those books about random facts.

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