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  1. I'm not very involved with the running of my church. I know that the bigger, older downtown church has 2 ministers (i think the second is part time, but I'm not sure). We only have one, and a director of RE (religious education, which is a part time position), an office person (also part time), and a cleaning service which employs disabled people. We also have two 'community ministers' - i dont think they are paid? but they are associated with us while they do other work. I know one works at the childrens hospital with seriously ill kids, and I'm not sure what the other one does. They both do occasional sermons for us (and i'm sure get paid for that). But certainly you can drop in to a service any time. Dress is pretty casual (I was informed I HAD to wear shoes, tho). We have members, friends (people who come regularly or have a long term relationship with the church) and guests. And music is my church's thing. That was one of the things our current interim minister pointed out - that we need to figure out what makes our church unique, and it might be the music. We also have a lot of classically trained, amazingly talented people. When we sing well-known hymns, pretty much every voice is raised and in key. We have a number of lifetime UUs, and founding members of our 20 year old church, who seem to know just about every song in the hymnal. Our choir used to be lay-led, by amazingly talented people, but now we have this fantastic music director. She has worked at other churches, but approached us as her spiritual path diverged from the church she was working at. She not only runs the choir and coordinates music w the minister, she's gotten us hand bells and organized a bell choir, she's organized a drumming group, she's done kids music summer camps, she's doing an acapella improv group, a junk band, a guitar ensemble, and an orchestra! I cant find membership numbers, but it looks like weekly attendance is in the 80-100 people . .and we managed an orchestra? i mean, its small, but still - its good!
  2. aww, I love a lot of the UU hymns! We have the regular and the newer teal hymbooks, too, and I'm in the choir. We did a pop song this past sunday and it was lovely - someone recorded it and posted it on our fb page (i'm totally hidden behind someone, you can glimpse my hair a few times) A coupla things - My church stopped the bit where people talk in the microphone about joys and concerns. You can write them on a card, you can light a candle silently, then the minister reads the cards. I have seen people who obviously have issues who get up, light a candle, and start rambling on and on (one would talk about something she read in the paper, the other would discuss what he did in his college classes this week), so sometimes it needs to be managed, I guess. People come to UU churches for so many reasons. I know some come per previous poster due to mixed marriages. I've heard some say that they had questions about their faith which were disallowed at their church, and they can be a UU and still pursue their questions. Others wanted to bring in parts of other faiths, and that wasnt allowed. My church has a large number of lesbians who were frustrated with their church's stance on their issues - and one couple who was publicly in-the-papers kicked out of their church for being gay. But I know there are christians in my church, and jews, and i'm an atheist, and the minister we are courting this week is a buddhist - she actually came to a UU church when she and her husband realized that the buddhist organization they were a part of was really more political than religious, and they were looking for a spiritual home in a town that had no other buddhist organizations. The point is to come together with like-minded people, support each other and each others spiritual journeys, while doing good for the community.
  3. which Dr Who game? There was one I told my husband to check out, but he said it was made by the same people who made a game I hated . . . 7 Wonders . .. . I was slightly tempted to get a dr who monopoly, but we dont play monopoly often enough. We got saddled with a kids version and a . . idk, build-the-game version? I used to be big on Spades. Dh and I, early in our relationship, had a 'double date' with a friend of his from work. We went to their favorite mexican restaurant (which was crap), and they introduced us to a card game we'd never seen before. We wanted to partner together, and we CREAMED them, twice in a row, in a game they had been playing regularly for years . . . Skip Bo, had to go look. But we havent played cards . . maybe since then lol which was 11 years ago
  4. Castle of Panic is a cooperative game, so its good for kids who struggle with winning/losing.
  5. You know theres a social group, right? My husband is a serious gamer. He was a rated chess player when in canada, and he has (in the past 2 or 3 years) rekindled his obsession with cardboard war strategy games. He's even started doing some game testing for game makers. He has one guy about 30 minutes from here he plays with, and at least one guy he sometimes skype-plays with in England. But he also loves board games and we have too many for how much we play. We're trying to get back in the habit of playing as a family. Last couple games we played were ticket to ride and small world and Castle of Panic. Raven has been wanting to play Forbidden Island and I was wanting to play . . .uh, the one with the sheep. Carcossone?
  6. the LLLLOTR DOES include a lot of what you are talking about. its does not go in to depth, but it talks about his biography, how he developed the languages before he wrote the book, includes sections of beowulf . . . his relationships with other writers, etc. you might want to actually look a the teachers guide for LLLOTR before you do too much work - it might be easier to just bring in the various books when they are referenced in the guide. a lot of people skip the worksheets and go more in depth in the 'unit studies' in between - there are even references to various shakespear plays he borrowed ideas from - the walking trees . . . i'm NOT a lit person, nor is my son, but there has been a LOT mentioned that we have not bothered with
  7. a lot of us got in on the free trial for the first course. There is nothing like it, that i know of. My husband was sitting with my son while he did 2 problems last night. My husband has several degrees in math. He did help ds a little, with the reflection part, but due to his poor vision, did not recognize there were two different symbols, one for dissection, so first he helped and then ds had to correct him! dh said he works with a lot of people, in IT, who could not do these problems. I think I can argue w dh that its worth the admittedly steep investment by our standards, because my goal for this child is to get him in to the very competitive math and science specialty center for high school. I think this could really help with that goal. However, i will probably wait at least 6 mo before we do part 2, if not a year. I want him to be mature enough to put a little more effort in to it. Also it still remains to be seen how he does on the test at the end! Crazy, how old is your daughter? it is supposed to be for kids with advanced math and language skills who are 10 or over.
  8. well, many of us who are having issues also have kids under the 10 yo age cutoff, so i wonder how helpful it really is?
  9. Yes. he was working totally independently and had not noticed that, and when I finally got around to helping, I didnt notice it either. really helps lol Yeah, there was one with diagrams you had to move around and we couldnt get it to load, finally i refreshed it and that worked i havent seen the books. i find the website really hard to navigate
  10. Because they said it was supposed to be independent, i had my son do it alone. He was pretty excited at first, but then I noticed his grades werent great. I started helping a little - and i noticed that sometimes I didnt know (partly, i'm sure, cuz he had already done a few pages on the subject). Finally i learned about the answer key - neither of us knew that! I wouldnt have known modular math at all except I went to a summer math camp for it. I wanted dh (the mathematician) to do some of it with him but he declined. But he was also shocked they were doing the modular arithmetic. I'm not sure my son will want to do the next course. He's not really loving this any more - tho he does seem to do better when i try to help (his reading is a bit behind, so sometimes just reading something out loud to him helps). I'm also considering finishing up LOF decimals - we did a few chapters in the spring and a few in the fall and i'd really like to finish it! and maybe some Challenge Math (we did Primary 2 years ago?) . . and maybe doing the next class of this next year. I am curious how he'll do on the test. i wish we'd known about the answer key before!!
  11. I try not to pay too much attention to what other ppl are doing (and only started hanging out here this month, as we enter our 4th year of homeschooling). I call myself relaxed (or very relaxed) eclectic. I give the kids curriuclum to cover what I think htey need to work on that year, and also what they want to work on that year. Anything else, imo, is busywork. and if i feel bad about how 'light' their work is, i go hang out with some radical unschoolers - that always makes me feel like we are very productive! but seriously, you need to figure out what you want for your children, and implement that. So what if someone else insists your kids wont even be CONSIDERED for the most elite shcools unless they study X,Y,Z and Q before they reach whatever age. Maybe thats not your (or their) goal. Be the headmaster of your own school! jmo . ..
  12. what was the name of the monkey? that was definitely one of my fave shows as a kid!
  13. having been through a bunch of evaluations (and also never heard of the ADOS), I'm more curious what you are looking for from an evaluation. My older son went through so many evaluations with so many different results. In the end, the label doesnt help. every autistic kid is different and needs something different. every anxious kid is different, every bipolar (one of my son's dx's) kid is different. I have learned to simply respond to my children where they are. I dont look at what other kids are doing, I look at what THIS child is struggling with and how I can help. For my older son, he is on three meds, and i adjust school work and scheduling to what works best for him - fairly strict schedule, fairly straight-forward school work. for my younger son, i meet his needs - a looser schedule, very unstructured work, very limited writing. but as he gets more ready for writing, i bring it in.
  14. well, I see this thread is mostly very old - but i"m on the far west end of Richmond, this will be my 4th year homeschooling, but i just finally started hanging out on this board recently. (I'd avoided it due to too many tales of drama . . . lol . . i'm trying to stick to threads i'm particularly insterested in!) Every time i meet a new homeschooler, they say "Oh, you post on the yahoo group" meaning the Richmond Area Homeschoolers Richmond area folks might have seen me there . . .
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