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  1. I did hear today that his family says he's "nuts". So, probably is mental illness. Kelly
  2. I vaguely remember this case. I think she probably killed him. Maybe she really believed he would be safe that way. I've heard stories of parents killing kids because they are so paranoid and mentally ill. Possibly, or he's just a jerk. Kelly
  3. The refrigerator and the freezer are my go to spots to look for lost items. It's amazing what we find in there sometimes!
  4. I said as much to my dh. I've seen this kid do this with other books. My dh is just really worked up about this book.
  5. I did, yes. His answer was pretty much because he thought it would be an interesting read, from a "this is messed up" perspective. Not the best answer, but definitely one I might give also. So, although a little uneasy, I wasn't going to ban the book from the house. Not sure what my dh would say if I read it with him. Kelly
  6. It is one of my kids. I knew they had checked it out. I was leery about it, but since I knew I thought maybe it would be fine. I could see reading it, since it is an important part of history. My dh saw the book today, and had a minor freak out, which ended up in yelling at the kid. The kid had a bad attitude, although I understood the bad attitude. I hate being told not to do something, without being given any reasons. Reasons other than saying it is a book that is filled with crap.
  7. What about just deciding to read it, not for a class or an assignment?
  8. Is there a valid reason to read Mein Kampf? Does it depend on age or maturity of the person? Kelly
  9. We do, but since we are in a small town it isn't as reliable as it is in bigger cities. It wouldn't be something I'd use around here. I would use it on vacation in a large city. Kelly
  10. Around here if prom and after prom are in different places they do provide school buses to get the kids to and from events. That is because of the school permits and intermediate licenses that restrict driving times. Kelly
  11. Have you discussed with dd8 that choosing to be "in charge" of the 4 year old is causing some of the friction? Not sure if that is what you meant by telling the 8 year old that she can only make choices for herself. When the kids were little I often had to talk to the older kid that being bossy was part of the problem. My dh who is the oldest didn't see the issue. I'm the youngest in my family so I did see a problem. The middle child is a whole nother story 😁
  12. Not sure why limos would be a better option? There is a lot of drinking in prom limos and party buses. Yes, they aren't driving, but many people still are. There can't be enough limos to cater to every prom group. I'm happy that my dd and her date decided not to join groups in limos or party buses. Way too much drinking and other activities happening in those. Kelly
  13. Why? It's a choice to go to Disney. If it helps with flow, I don't see the issue. Kelly
  14. We had this happen recently too. I was way more excited than my kids 😁 Kelly
  15. I have no idea, I'll check. Thanks! I did figure out how to do a reset on my headphones. They now work with my phone again. I'll use my other pair (different brand for my Chromebook) until I figure out the issue. Kelly
  16. I've tried Googling this issue, but I'm not coming up with anything. I have used a pair of bluetooth headphones that I really like. They work, they are comfy, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, I lost them. Finally got around to buying a new pair. I connected them to my Chromebook, and after 5 seconds they disconnected. Tried again, same result. I tried connecting them to my phone, but it couldn't find them. I exchanged the headphones today. I connected it to my phone, and it worked perfectly. After an hour I connected it to my Chromebook. After 5 seconds they disconnected. Tried again, same result. Now, my phone can't find them. Like I said, I've used this exat same headphones with both my phone and my Chromebook in the past 6 months. I've tried restarting all of the devices, and turning the bluetooth off on one device while connecting to the other device. What is happening?
  17. I also have a hard time saying no. And, when I do say no I have to give this really long explanation about why I am saying no. I envy people who say no and leave it at no. I always feel like I have to give a reason or I'm hurting their feelings. Kelly
  18. He usually sits by me in church, and I get very distracted by his curls. I'm often boinging them 🙂 I can't help it, I'm very much like Ramona! I have very straight, dark brown hair. He didn't get those curls from my side of the family. Kelly
  19. I have to post this picture of my son's hair. It is so crazy thick and curly. He has to wear his hair back for work. He took the hair tie out of his hair toward the front of his head, and this is how his hair stayed. There is no hair product in his hair. What I could do with some gel and hair spray!
  20. I saw this story this morning on the CBS news. I don't get it. Those chairs are going for $6000. They look so uncomfortable. Good for him, I guess, for following his passion. I'm not looking for furniture art. Winter is making me grouchy. Kelly
  21. It's been in the fridge, and is about to go into the freezer. Kelly
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