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  1. Thank you for the reminder to watch. I have listened to lots of podcasts on the subject but want to watch this!
  2. We had something similar. The back was pharmacy, on the side wall was a soda fountain with ice cream and sandwiches, the middle was like a Hallmark store.
  3. Homecoming in my hometown and our current town are similar. Boys were anything from jeans to to dress pants and a collared shirt with tie. Girls were anything from jeans to a dress. The town north of us has a more formal homecoming with the girls in formal dresses and the boys in suits (not tuxes). Personally, I love the more informal HC. Formals are so expensive, give them a less expensive dance. My son did wear jeans to prom last year, and he wasn't the only one.
  4. I'd love to see the TX State Fair.
  5. There is definitely a huge agricultural component. There is also so much more. Several concerts every night, I know Blake Shelton was on of them. A huge carnival, displays and projects on every subject. It is fun, but so crowded and hot that we don't go every year.
  6. People watching is great at the state fair! There is always a "People of the Fair" section in the paper. Definitely, competes with "People of Walmart for those 11 days 🙂
  7. I wonder if they are trying to hard to swing the pendulum the other way with talking about sex. I feel the message is it is bad before marriage, so they have to make it sound super duper great after marriage. I do agree that many churches are obsessed with talking about sex. One church we attended had so many sermons on homosexuality. I felt they had an unhealthy obsession with preaching against it when most of the congregation was committing a plethora of other sins.
  8. We have county fairs leading up to the state fair. I think ours are Thursday-Saturday also. State Fair is 11 days. Interesting, I wonder how many don't have state fairs? I imagine I could Google it.
  9. Does your state have a popular state fair? A couple of years ago I was talking to my cousin who lives by St. Louis. She was talking about going to the IL State Fair one year. She was shocked by all of the food on a stick, the farm animals, the number of people, and everything about the fair. It sounds very similar to the IA State Fair. We don't go every year, but it is fun when we do go. What is your state fair like? I've heard that the TX State Fair is a month long? Kelly
  10. I was subjected to a conversation which included "to tea bag". It was so awkward. One of those conversations you want to be over but it just keeps going on. ETA: Don't Google it! It means putting certain male genitalia on someone else for fun. Apparently, guys do it to each other for fun? As a prank, unless there is yet another sexual meaning for it also. Kelly
  11. Yes, catalytic converters were being stolen around here also. And, this guy has his own business. He's been known to threaten people who give him bad reviews. Just the guy I want with a gun!
  12. I get it, I really do. Trust me, I do. I feel like I am the voice of some reason and will step it up.
  13. Please don't, it is small town and I will be never get a job again. Even if I moved something like that would follow me.
  14. There have been a lot of car break-ins in my area lately. On FB, this morning someone posted a picture of his gun and said if they tried to break in to his car they'd be talking to Jesus. My thought is that if you have something in your car that is so important you would shoot someone, you need to get it out of your car. My dh thinks if the thieves saw our cars they would be leaving us stuff 😂 Kelly
  15. As small as our library is, that might have legitimately been the only book on guardian angels.
  16. Yeah, not going to do this. I never asked if there was another reason it was being taken out. The note was not in good taste but it might have been withdrawn for other reasons. We are withdrawing all sorts of books right now due to low check out numbers. And, no I couldn't be anonymous because only 3 of us saw that note.
  17. Like I said, we have books on so many subjects which is why I was so surprised that it happened
  18. No, we have books on many subjects that they wouldn't consider "Theologically Sound", this is the first I've seen this happen.
  19. I don't remember unfortunately. The poem went something like, "Angels are with me throughout the day, when I sleep and when I play..." It had pictures of little cherubs following this kid around. Helping him out. Kelly
  20. In many churches, sin issues are seen as more than just between an individual and God. I get that, but there are other ways to accomplish this. We were in a small group apart from the larger church. These groups were made up of between 6 and 12 people. We did have one of the guys in our group admit to a porn addiction. That was to 7 other people. It didn't get broadcast to the entire church. He was able to get some help with accountability from 7 other people or fewer. Kelly
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