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  1. Are you a stickler for time requirements for each subject to meet ? For example History is one hour a day x 5. for 1 credit. My son is able to complete most of his subjects in less then a hour per subject. I don't know if I need to ramp it up or just let it go.
  2. We used Verticy by Calvert for 7th grade. We used the writing, grammar, and reading from them. It was an excellent program. You have to do a free test and they will place your child. I can not say enough about the english/grammar. It was easy to follow for me and him. They also are there for you if your child gets stuck on a concept.
  3. We did it this way with my oldest and it was no problem at all!!
  4. I am looking at the Big History Project for world history this year. Has anyone successfully completed this with one student? I am doing an overview of how it works and how to schedule and I am finding that many of the assignments are done with groups and group discussions. Any insights are appreciated!
  5. Well he scored in Algebra 1/2 :-( . So I guess that is where we start. Hopefully he can get through Algebra 2 before he graduates. I really thought TT would have prepared him better than it did. I am not sure if it has been so long since he has seen some the problems or what. I know he has not seen some of the stuff that was on the test. I can't even find it in TT algebra. So disappointed but thankful this happened this early in the game so we can repair what is broken and move on. Thanks again everyone for your insight and help!
  6. Thanks for suggestions and support everyone. I have decided to change to Saxon because it is spiral like TT. Everyone is right, this is a teachable moment. I am wondering if I should give him the placement test just to be sure Algebra 1 is a good place to start. I have read that TT can be a bit behind in Algebra 1 and by the time Algebra 2 is completed the student should be where they need to be for math. I am also thinking about getting a tutor for him once a week. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Long story short. My ds cheated for about 4 months on his algebra 1 assignments and tests. My husband and I have punished him of course, however, this changes everything for his sophomore year. I gave him tests to find out at what point he decided to cheat. I am finding that he doesn't understand most of it. After all he hasn't done math in about 4 months. I don't know how to approach this. Do I make him take the class all over (this will look wonderful on his transcript:()? Do I start from the beginning now and hope we can get through it at lightening speed and get to geometry? I am unsure what to do. He was using TT. There is no way to cheat unless you have the answer key. He was allowed to work his problems out on a white board not on paper. He is also a night owl so I allowed him to work at night. (Lesson learned by me) Never again.
  8. We are going to use Simply Put Economics this year. I purchased it off of www.currclick.com. The download includes both student and TM. It also uses videos from Izzit.com which is a free site.
  9. Amyx4 the engineering site is awesome! I think he would enjoy the different units! Daijobu he really doesn't like the electronics side of engineering. His best buddy does though so I will send the info their way! Thanks!!
  10. Thanks Mary! I am going to send an email to Dr. Wile to see if TT will be a problem. I am looking at his new book not the 3rd edition of Apologia Chemistry. I read on his website that the Algebra is not really needed until Chapter 13. He slowly introduces math into Chemistry unlike the Apologia editions that do it in Chapter 2.
  11. Thanks everyone! He is using Teaching Textbooks so I am unsure if he will be ready for Chemistry. He did really well in it so....I still am not sure. I do like the suggestions Lisa gave though.
  12. My ds is going into 10th grade and has already completed Biology. I am unsure if we should do physical science or just jump into Chemistry. He did well in Algebra 1 but will not reach Algebra 2 until 11th grade. I know they recommend Physics for students during or after Algebra 2. So that would leave 11th grade with no science. I need some advice!!
  13. Is there an online engineering & design classes geared toward high school students that won't break the bank? My son has an interest in engineering and I would like to let him take a class but the ones I have found have been outside our budget. There are no clubs in our area and our local district does not offer anything. TIA
  14. OhElizabeth I never thought about adding speech! We are going to continue on working on resumes and applications. Can you think of any other real life writing he may need? Heathersmom: Yes he does type his work. His spelling is awful! He can butcher a word so bad that spell check doesn't work for him very well.
  15. My son who has dyslexia and dysgraphia will be a 12th grader this coming year. I am lost at what to do for English. His plans are to go into a trade and not into college. This year he read a few books and wrote short papers about them, learned how to fill out a job application, created a resume, and studied some short stories. He can write different types of paragraphs (although they are not 12th grade level) . His proof reading is poor due to his difficulty with spelling . This coming year has stumped me. I don't know if we should do more of the same or how to handle this. Does anyone have any recommendation for what they used for a child in a similar situation?
  16. Wow! I had no idea that it was compass learning! Isn't the same as Time4learning then?
  17. Has anyone here used the classic version of Calvert High School? The price seems pretty steep for curriculum only access and no samples. Just wondering if anyone has any input here about it.
  18. Hi! I have verticy by Calvert Writing and Phonics for sale on the classified board. I would also be happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about the program. Not sure if I can post this here so please delete if not!!!
  19. Has anyone here used the new Calvert high school? I am looking at it for my up and coming average 9th grader. I am interested to hear from students and parents about their experiences. How did you like having all of the books online? How was the workload? Did you find it challenging to navigate? Please tell me also if you used classic, full academy, ect. TIA!!
  20. I am looking for an online writing class for my ds to take before starting highschool. I would like him to shore up his writing before then. If anyone could recommend a short class for this spring or over the summer I would appreciate it! Thanks!
  21. DO NOT give him a finial draw until you are satisfied that he has completed the work! My DH is a licensed contractor. You should wait until the job passes finial inspection. You should also set up a finial walk through with your contractor, then if you are happy cut him the finial draw. Nothing motivates more than money, especially this close to Christmas. As for time frame, I would say that if you were waiting for special orders of building material or another subcontractors, there is always hiccups. Please make sure all your contractors are licensed and insured. Get at least 4 bids and do not take the cheapest bid. Ask for references. Any good contractor can provide you with them. Alway protect yourself. Good luck!! It can be pain when remodeling.
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