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My brother's family is in some serious trouble right now. He and his wife have been making some truly awful decisions and they have been putting their children at risk. The kids are safe and away from them with family now, but I am just horrified and disgusted at what my brother has allowed to happen in his home.


There is legal trouble, drug trouble, and it seems that every day more is coming out of their children's mouths about what they've seen. The one bright, shining jewel in this is that by God's grace my brother and SIL signed over Power of Attorney for the kids a few months ago. The children are finally having their basic physical needs met, their emotional needs tended to, and the family is trying to establish routines and a safe haven for them.


If you could pray that my brother and SIL will finally see how they are neglecting and harming their children and find strength to get help I would be grateful. Also, that the children (four of them) will be able to feel safe and begin to heal. Sigh. My heart is just breaking for them right now.



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