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  1. Mathematicians are People, Too is a two-book series of short biographies.
  2. When visiting 30 years ago, I remember my siblings and I begging our parents to stop along the road so we could get out, point into the distance (at nothing in particular), and see how many people we could get to stop and ask what we were looking at. 😁 I can’t even remember if they let us try it or not.
  3. Has anyone gone to the snow lodges in winter? We would love to do this someday.
  4. Our "Out West" trip was in late June 2019. We drove to Yellowstone from Denver, tent camping at the KOA in Dubois, WY en route (highly recommended). From Dubois, we went up through Grand Teton to the Yellowstone South Entrance. We spent one night tenting at the Canyon Campground and went to Cody the next night. So the Yellowstone leg of the trip was short, but we saw all of the highlights (Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Lake, bison, bear, elk, etc.). It was a lot of scenic driving, but didn't feel too overwhelming since the campground was in the middle of the park. There were lots of people, but I wouldn't say crowded like an amusement park. Note: if you're buying an annual pass (good at all National Parks), you need to have it mailed to you before leaving on your trip. There isn't (or wasn't in 2019) a digital version of the pass. The nice rangers let us in anyway when we showed them the email receipt, but they didn't have to do that. Have a great trip!
  5. I haven’t done sourdough for several years, but feeding daily or more than daily after the initial set-up phase is unfamiliar to me. I think it was usually several days between feedings when I had some going. I didn’t bake every day. Sounds like you have the right proportions — doubling the starter weight for each feeding. Hope your starter perks up!
  6. A very surprising side-effect of starting a keto/low carb diet was that DH stopped snoring, even before losing weight. We wondered about reduced inflammation affecting his airway.
  7. “It’s not a shortage, it’s a distribution problem.” (from local news) Either way, it sounds like people are having trouble finding gas. I waited 1/2 an hour to fill my almost-empty tank. ETA we’re in western VA.
  8. After a year in Germany, the German way: gow-duh. And the US deli lady looked at me funny and said, “Oh. You mean goo-duh.” 🤪
  9. See my other reply on HS board. 😊
  10. I also replied on the Chat Board. The SAT code for homeschoolers is 970000. SAT and AP are both from College Board, right? Here’s a paragraph from the AP coordinators handbook (p39): “Homeschool, Self-Study, and Online Provider Codes Students don’t enter homeschool, self-study, or online provider codes on their answer sheets on exam day. When a student provides their registration information in My AP, they can search for their state or country plus “home school” (e.g., New Jersey Home School) and select this entry. An education provider will receive a student’s score report as long as the student joins a class section in My AP through the provider.” Looks like you may not need a code on exam day.
  11. Homeschool code on the College Board (for SAT) is 970000. I don’t know whether you need it for APs, but I think it would be the same.
  12. Egg dishes, as others have mentioned. We make dumplings/potstickers with them. Honestly, I don’t use my large clump for cooking much, but the have beautiful white flowers later in the season and the dried flower stalks are nice to decorate with.
  13. I like the 5yr undergrad or 4yr+gap yr before med school idea.
  14. What is your dc’s major? DS plans to attend a college with a biomedical sciences (ie pre-med) major, but we understand that this kind of major is not the norm for pre-med students. He is thinking through other major options that will allow time for medical school prerequisites/MCAT prep.
  15. We cook them (mostly white parts, halved) in water or broth until tender, then dress with olive oil and herbs d’Provence. Our kids used to think this was a big treat. ????
  16. You could try searching for keto dairy-free recipes. They would be very low carb. Most of the keto recipes that are coming to my mind have dairy, but I’ve definitely seen dairy-free recipes/sites out there.
  17. Could just the pets go to sister’s? That might make finding a rental easier.
  18. Thanks for the tip. We liked A Separation and Children of Heaven.
  19. Napoleon Dynamite (though I hated it the first time) Nacho Libre Princess Bride National Treasure (the heist scene) Strictly Ballroom Class Rank (filmed in our former LA hometown) Cyrano de Bergerac Chuck (the TV show we’ve rewatched an embarrassing number of times)
  20. My parents paid for our wedding, but also went in with DH’s parents to give us a used car. The car belonged to ILs and they were ready to buy a new one. Much appreciated since we didn’t have transportation!
  21. Maybe writing down some of your questions, concerns, and suggestions and giving them to DH and ILs could start the “conversation” in a less threatening way. They’ll know what you’re thinking, but won’t have the pressure of replying to new ideas on the spot.
  22. Maybe “connect the dots” is the better expression. (It was late. 😎)
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