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  1. I really hope they plan on mitigating risk such as mandating masks, smaller classes, online for larger classes, social distancing, etc. My husband and I are high risk and I am not really keen on ds getting Covd 19 as well since he has mild asthma without need for daily meds.
  2. Thanks, Farrar. I hope you and yours are all well:) Yes the cost differential is a big thing and will likely rule out UVA. GWU and UMD will be about the same since GWU gave him a generous merit award. I wish we had seen UMD. It is tempting to do a closer drive by UMD to at least see campus up close and hopefully not break any stay at home orders to do so. We would literally just drive by and through campus as much as possible with masks on:) Have you heard comparisons of the UMD and GWU? Catholic U is also an option and about the same price as the other 2 but I am concerned not as strong in computer science.
  3. Covid has me a little concerned since ds had mild reactive airway disease and had 2 pretty bad bronchitis/pneumonia episodes about 3 years ago. Then DH and I are both high risk for Covid 19 which has me more concerned and we live in small 2 bedroom apartment so isolation would be hard.
  4. UVA definitely seems more challenging but for us it is the most expensive since we make too much for aid and they offer no merit aid but there are merit scholarhsips for upperclassmen though. UVA is $ 10,000 more per year which makes me hesitate.
  5. To clarify, my son is an only child and also has mild social skills issues and independence issues. I am hoping a study dorm environment may be helpful even though the dorm setting was not helpful for me at all. I figure dorm living may be a relatively safe opportunity to live away from us especially when most college grads end up coming back home to live with parents due to cost of living. I just want him to have the opportunity to live away from us in relative safety since he is likely to come back to us after college. But now this Covid 19 thing has thrown a wrench at us:(
  6. Thanks for your thoughts. UVA and UMD do not guarantee housing for upperclassmen but UVA claimed no upperclassmen has been turned down for housing. UVA he would have to live there since 3 hours away. Do you think dorm living is critical to adult skills?
  7. Wanted to add, sorry I have not posted for a while. DS went to a charter school after homeschooling which we were grateful for the Well Trained Mind Community:)
  8. We were hoping to have ds live in dorms to get a taste of independence from us whether he went to school nearby or farther away. He has been accepted to several schools and we are trying to decide between George Washington University, U of Maryland College Park, and U of Virginia for computer science. He may want to do double major with humanities in the mix. He could commute to 2 of these schools and the 3rd one he could not. With the Covid 19 it has me concerned about living in dorms which I was really hoping for developing his independence. Any thoughts on dorm or no dorm and which school?
  9. We purchased this one and it has held up for at least 6 visits with mutiple day stays for almost 500 pounds unlike the ones we bought at Sam's Club, Target (Serta, Coleman, etc.) which all failed in a day or so: https://www.amazon.com/Intex-Comfort-Elevated-Dura-Beam-Electric/dp/B00G7H793G?ref=ast_p_ei
  10. Are you able to get good prices from Amazon? Do you allow Amazon to sell for you or do you sell yourself?
  11. My son is almost done with highschool and I have a lot of homeschool materials to sell. Does anyone have any tips for selling that protects the buyer and me? Any tips on shipping? Any links to tutorials? I was looking on ebay seller page but my first impression is that it seems geared to big sellers which I don't plan on being. For example, there is ebay shipping which seems interesting and easy but seems like it is geared to big sellers or am I wrong? I am also open to selling here but am looking for tips for on how to do so in such a way to protect the buyer and me. I appreciate any information.
  12. I disagree with Garga since it lays the blame on these folks for not preparing for a plan B. Of course, I believe in personal responsibility but I also believe in compassion and amnesty for folks like the ones under TPS. The thing that gets me the maddest is I truly believe that the current one in charge of our country is doing this for vindictive reasons and to undo every single thing his predecessor has done.
  13. I am guessing they are not choosing to go to countries that are overrun with violence and poverty or other disasters.
  14. I think it is heartless and beyond cruel to suddenly kick them out of our country where they have been for years and many of the younger ones only know America as their home and have no memory or knowledge of the the countries they fled. I read of one DACA teen who committed a minor offense and hence was deported from the only home he remembers and he desperately tried to come back by being smuggled in a truck and ended up dying as a result. Just imagine one of your teens who only know America being deported to a place where they know nothing about and may not even speak the language. I think it is horrific. As for the Haitians here on temporary status and I also appalled at their plight since many of these folks have set down roots and have American children and now we want to send them back! Unbelievable. Folks forget that we are running out of young people here too in this country and that immigration does benefit us. If Congress really wanted to enforce immigration laws they would enforce hiring practices but will not since businesses want access to illegal immigrants too. I say lets have worker visas and what not.
  15. There are many recipes for whole chickens so I think it will be fine. Are you browning first and cooking on a trivet above liquid or partly submerged in liquid? Either way is fine but above the liquid is more likely to leave it intact. I find that youtube is a great resource for instant pot recipes especially since you can see results.
  16. There is Metamucil with artificial sweetener and there are some without as well. Putting it in baked goods is great but I am not sure if it has the same effect as taking a heaping tablespoon in glass of water followed by another plain glass of water. Of course you would have to work up to this and check with your doctor. Atkins recommended this in one of his books. You do have to make sure you drink plenty of water though so as to not cause constipation with it. This link may have it but I read some of the reviews who said they were sent the artificially sweetened product. I have seen plain psylium husks though at Trader Joe's, Amazon, and Whole Foods. https://www.amazon.com/Metamucil-Smooth-Texture-Sugar-Free-Unflavored/dp/B0039283FU/ref=sr_1_1_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1508945157&sr=8-1&keywords=unsweetened%2Bmetamucil&th=1
  17. What about a glass of Metamucil a couple times a day. Check with your doctor and don't take within 2 hours of meds and no later than 3 hours before bedtime. You may find the extra fiber helps with keeping you full.
  18. I am thinking a college strong in software engineering, IT, robotics, etc as well as humanities. Physics and Biology as well.
  19. Any suggestions for colleges like that? Having academic dorms that are readily available for all 4 years is a plus.
  20. St John's College seems interesting but it is not highly selective although I am not sure that matters all the time. Plus how is St. John's for those who may have a career in STEM? My likes both STEM and humanities but I also want him to be able to get a good job:) I am also interested in colleges that offer some sort of merit aid or that are not as pricey.
  21. Is it in a safe neighborhood? I ask because a family attended Temple and his roommate was shot and killed one block off campus:(
  22. Title says it all. I am really hoping for a school that has a strong atmosphere of academics and which is known not to be a party school. I am hoping for highly selective and the next tier down. Ideally the school would be very strong in STEM and humanities. Ideally east coast but would consider other locations. Also prefer college that has housing for students for all 4 years guaranteed just about. A smaller school is preferred but would also consider a larger college if it had a smaller school vibe in some ways.
  23. Actually if you want to talk wealth transfer, then the very wealthy have been a very large wealth transfer from the rest of us. The income gap has widened tremendously and it like having robber barrons all over again. What are you saying about the wealthy paying more in taxes ? That is is unfair or bad? Shall we just have folks starving in the streets or dying from lack of medical care? Shall we forget about public schools, public roads, public parks, etc? I am sorry but I think it is very fair for the very wealthy to pay more and it does not bother me in the least that the poor pay no or very little taxes since that is the way it should be.
  24. IMHO flat taxes are an awful idea since I think it is perfectly reasonable and fair for the well off to be paying more in income, estate, and capital gains taxes especially since all of those taxes are at historically low levels. And the fact that the top 10% of earners pay 68% of taxes and of that then top 1% pay 40% of all taxes is meaningless to me since these earners earn most of the money! They certainly can afford to pay modest increases in taxes. My grandfather who was very wealthy thrived and his business thrived when the highest income taxes were 70% and estate taxes were higher and capital gains taxes were higher as well. Our country can certainly afford to have the very wealthy (and I am not talking upper middle class) go back to the income and capital gains taxes we had under Clinton and then add a several more income tax brackets for the ultra-wealthy since it is ridiculous that the top bracket is $418,400! What about the folks who earn millions a dollar a year? They should pay more and it is totally fair IMHO especially since they often benefit form the work of others or from corporate welfare. I am tired of folks blaming the poor folks who do not pay income taxes as if it were unfair. Give me a break. They don't pay taxes because they are poor and in many cases struggling to get by! Oh and maybe if they were paid more and given more set schedules so that they could work second jobs then maybe they would be paying taxes. And maybe if we had unviversal healthcare they would be struggling less and making more and paying more!
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