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Suggestions for a book on parts of speech *only*?

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I need a simple, cheap grammar workbook that covers parts of speech-only. This is my ds 7th graders first year hs'ing and there are holes in this area for him.


He's a smart, avid reader who has excellent spelling, penmanship and vocabulary. I've tried just going back a couple of years in a few different programs, but it's tedious for him. He picks up things quickly, and just needs parts of speech covered.


So i'm hoping to find a painless way (inexpensive would be a perk, too) to cover this so we can move on to higher vocab, writing and literature studies.



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How about something like this:




free PDF to print as you like, or Amazon has it for around ten bucks. There are also 6th and 8th (and maybe a 9th?) grade versions. They might be a bit easy for grade level - you be the judge. You can always step up to the 8th or 9th if you decide the 7th doesn't have enough for you.


I'm using parts of this for my dd, for hole-filling purposes.

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Rod & Staff English has a cheap workbook on parts of speech.

"Grade 6-8 Parts of Speech English Worksheets"




With the teacher answer manual, it's $10.50, without the teacher book it's $4.70. There is not much instruction - just basic definitions. Lots and lots of practice worksheets, though. You can see samples and table of contents at the link above.

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My 7th grade son was kind of like yours. He had success with Grammar in 15 Minutes a Day (Amazon link). I found it at the bookstore. It has short chapters, each one covering a different part of speech. It's to the point, and there's a self test at the end of each chapter, with answers and explanations following each test. There's also a pre and post test. He didn't need to spend a whole year on parts of speech, so this worked well for him.


It's not a grammar curriculum, but it doesn't sound like that's what you're looking for. If you want him to have a reference book about parts of speech, there's Nitty Gritty Grammar and More Nitty Gritty Grammar (also Amazon links).

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