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  1. We have analyzed literature orally for years as part of our regular coursework. I have made many lame attempts to methodically teach the literary analysis essay and have not been AT ALL successful. I have used both purchased and free things. Ds will enter his final semester of our homeschooling journey in January. This is one of the things I want to really help him with. He has a huge phobia about having to write a literary analysis paper in college and not being able to do it. Writing is the bane of his existence. He actually is a very entertaining writer. I know...not helpful for those dreaded academic type papers. He has great grammar and spelling and a wonderful writer's voice. If anyone has a suggestion for a quick, painless lesson plan, workbook, whatever to help teach this step by step, I'd be most appreciative! Thanks, Robin
  2. It's threads like this one that make me glad I don't come here anymore.
  3. Old chemicals need to be tossed...how do I do this safely? Some of them are probably WAY past their expiration. None have a dispose date or anything. They are mostly harmless chemicals used for home purposes. Can I just dilute and flush? Thanks, Robin
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