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  1. Has anyone found any online Graphic Art classes that they would recommend for a high school junior? He's not interested in the Graphic Design component at all, but Graphic ART, where you are basically creating art digitally. The class I had lined up for him is not working out at all, so I need to go a different direction. Thanks for the help!
  2. I've done CLE K-algebra, and it's solid. I love it. Our local school is a charter school, and so I can put the kids in for as many or as little subjects as I want. DD is now in 6th and hs'ing full time, but was in school the last couple years. I never put her in public school math, she has always done CLE. Because of when we started, and some illness, she's always been about a half year "behind". Meaning, when she started 6th grade, she was still finishing up a couple 500 math units. I think we're finally caught up. She did Badger and WKCE testing, and I can tell you she has consistently tested above level. She is MILES ahead of the kids doing public school math here. I highly encourage you to make the switch. Lessons at the age your child is at are bite-sized, and you can catch up quick if you do 6-7 days a week. Absolutely invest in the flash cards and do the drills every day. I cannot tell you how easy it was for my daughter to learn her facts and how much that is helping her now. I would not worry about the testing. It's going to be a heck of a lot easier to make the switch now than to wait. I don't think you'd regret it! ETA: the first and last light units are review. I've seen families skip using them all together, and just use the _02-_09 light units. Personally, we skipped most of 510, skipped 601 and went straight into 602. For starting out, I would do a review one, but after you get going, you can skip the first ones of the series. :)
  3. I use R&S Spelling with two of my kids, and really like it. In the younger levels, it's one page 2x a week, and then a quiz on the third day. Quick, inexpensive, effective.
  4. Give Ibuprofen beforehand. Stock up on lots of soft, easy to eat foods. If at all possible, cut back on the schoolwork for the few days following, because they will hurt and it just makes it hard to concentrate. When my ds first got his on, it wasn't so bad, but several hours later he was hurting pretty good.
  5. We're doing R&S Spelling this year w/ my younger two, and really like it. We're not switching....ever. LOL
  6. I would wholeheartedly say that ECC is a curriculum that will be as good as you make it. It is well laid out, scheduled for those like me who need a routine to follow. There are lists and helps to advise you on how to round it out. But to make the most of it, you still need to put the effort into utilizing what is there. :)
  7. Baked salmon from our summer fishing trip to Lake Michigan, baked potatoes, raw veggies and dip and fresh baked squash.
  8. I would go in. I'm not trying to scare you, but when mine was late like that, it was because my body was trying to pass a kidney stone. I'm NOT saying that's what your issue is, but the body can go into a "mode" of sorts if it is struggling with something, so I would just get checked over.
  9. :iagree: However, I really think people need to have their level checked by a doctor. I *just* got prescribed 50,000 IU pills that I take once a week because I am so deficient. Once I go through the rounds at that dose, I will back down to 2,000 IU daily for maintenence. More people are deficient than they realize, and it can have symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue and muscle pain (which I had). And yes, you need D3, not D2.
  10. I believe we'll be switching to TT Geometry after my son gets done with CLE Algebra. I'm happy to see this post, it's reassuring to know all will be well. :)
  11. My son is using the plans from MFW, as he is also using their AHL program. We bought from them, and the plans came free. Ds seems to like them fine, we get by on a four day week, and all is well. I have no experience with anything else to compare them to.
  12. Thanks! I also got the two sets of audiobooks, our first experience with them. I am considering getting dd a hardcover for Christmas, since she inherited my love of books. :)
  13. Kingdom Tales should not be missed, it's such a good book, and the heart of the program. The book basket books were great, we really enjoyed getting a number of them on audiobook and listening while the kids crafted. I remember one day, I think we were listening to Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot, while my 5th grade ds and 2nd grade dd were learning how to use a knitting loom. I trudged through a lot of it, but looking back, they have the basics outlined for you. Make a real point to go through the library books and do some of the crafts, experiments, etc. Take some field trips. Enjoy the pace that MFW sets, it's a good one that leaves enough time for exploration and other things. Now that we're into year 2, i'm appreciating the curriculum more and more. I can see the foundation they are laying, and I do all of what's instructed, even if I don't see the point at the time. Education is important, character building is essential. :)
  14. You are not the person for this job, and you really need to examine your motivations. I get that no one else knows about this situation, but I think they should. It's time for Matthew 18, done by someone other than yourself. You need to seek pastoral help, for yourself more than anyone. Some situations take two, and as long as there are two willing parties, this sort of thing will continue.
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