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  1. My son is having the exact same issue. However it appears to be just in the preview in the essay section (as another poster has stated). If he previews the entire application (as if he were about to submit to a college), the issue is not there. The paragraphs also have more space in the final preview.
  2. Thanks all for sharing your thoughts, you have motivated me to push through and get those course descriptions done!
  3. Kai, where is it? When logged in as counselor, I see the school profile and 3 questions on a homeschool tab under the student section. Is that what you're referring to? I don't see anything labeled homeschool supplement.
  4. FYI, it appears the homeschool supplement no longer exists. We now provide all our info through the school profile/transcripts and a couple questions in the school report section.
  5. Did the colleges ask for this info on their website? My son's colleges don't list them under requirements for homeschooled applicants so maybe I am safe just putting "Course Descriptions Available Upon Request" on the transcript? 🙂
  6. Would anyone care to weigh in on whether you would include course descriptions in this situation? My son is technically a homeschooler but has taken dual enrollment courses on a University campus for 11th and 12th grade. For 9th and 10th he took classes with me (plus 2 online and 2 co-op classes). I think I would only write descriptions for the 9th and 10th grade classes but even that seems kind of ridiculous. For example, he took Geometry and Algebra 2 for 9th/10th with me. Then pre-calc and calc are on his college transcript. He did 2 years of English with me, and 2 years of English are on his college transcript. I guess I feel like my classes have the usual names and were followed and validated by the college courses. So why would descriptions be necessary? The common app doesn't ask for them, but from what I can tell, some homeschool parents include them with the school profile. Or is this just my bad attitude toward the common app coming through?!? My son is applying to selective colleges so maybe I should just buckle down and write them?
  7. thanks Mom26, that was super helpful. I used your post as a starting point and ideas started to flow. I am almost done with the profile now thanks to you!
  8. Hope you don't mind if I piggyback on your question... This is my first time filling out the common app. There is a place to upload the school profile in pdf format. Then under the student ranking section there is a section called Homeschool School Report with room for essay style answers (but not uploading a pdf). Any idea how these differ or would they be basically the same information?
  9. I'm in the thick of it!! I'm on my second student applying to college but he is the first to use the common app. Do you have any advice for the profile and counselor letter? Are there any examples of these for homeschools? My son did 2 years of traditional homeschool and 2 years of dual enrollment at a nearby University. Naturally, his U profs are no help as counselors (or even LORs).
  10. fyi, there is a question that asks for either the SSN or the student ID #. Your student may leave it blank, but it doesn't actually say that is an option on the form. The test administrator may be confused, so make sure your student knows he/she can leave that blank. good luck tomorrow to your test-taker!
  11. My 10th grader is going to take the PSAT tomorrow for the first time. We planned it to be practice for the real event in 11th grade. But he took a practice exam yesterday and scored high enough to be a semifinalist in our state (using the cutoff from the last few years). This was a surprise to both of us. Maybe this was a fluke, but IF he scores high, will I have the option of changing his grade to 11 and graduating him early? He would love to take a gap year and focus on his non-academic interests (singing/acting/dancing). ETA: In reading on the college board site it does seem we will have the option of having him graduate in 3 years and marking 10th grade would be ok in that situation. I guess we'll worry about how to accomplish that later if it becomes an issue! But if anyone else has been through this I would love to hear your story.
  12. Thank you for sharing! I have one son who is very interested in programming. He is planning to take Edhesive's AP Computer Science A. Where would that fit in with these? Before/after/doesn't matter? Thanks!
  13. An HP Notebook from Sams Club. It's middle of the road. Assuming he takes good care of it, we are planning to buy him a more top of the line one when he actually goes away to school next fall and this will become younger brother's for his last 2 years of high school. This is a big step for us, they have always shared an older desktop (purchased used) that was in our homeschool space. Are you shopping for one for your student?
  14. Wish I had seen this sooner! My son is a senior in high school doing full time dual enrollment at a local university this year. Somehow him needing a laptop wasn't on my radar at all, despite the fact that one of his classes is in computer science. School started this week and sure enough on day 1, the prof asked them to bring their laptops to every class. :glare: I had to order one online, with rush shipping it is supposed to be here tomorrow but the website says it hasn't shipped yet.
  15. My son, a hs senior this year, has applied to one college, single choice early action. We have 2 backups but he has a good chance at this school, he loves it there, and the finances are not an issue. So if all goes well, he'll be one and done. Fingers crossed!
  16. We received some wonderful news form national merit yesterday! We are so happy and thankful! But the next steps are a little intimidating and I really don't want to mess this part up as there is a big scholarship at ds' target school riding on this. I started the homeschool parent section on the osa website and didn't get too far. For example, they want to know how we calculate GPA, weighted or unweighted, only one option. I have both on his transcript, which one more advantageous? And I think his SAT score is high enough, but how do I know for sure? Do these details matter that much or am I overthinking it? We already did his first college app and that process was easy in comparison. If someone who has been through this could talk me through it, or talk me down a bit, I would appreciate it!
  17. My 10th grade plan for next year for my son so far: Algebra 2 (AoPS) English - Research & Composition (local homeschool class) World History (local homeschool class) Honors Chemistry (online - Jay Wile's new class) AP Computer Science (online) Spanish - still not sure where. He's been taking online classes through Homeschool Spanish Academy and that is not going well.
  18. I haven't seen this mentioned on the boards yet - Dr Jay Wile (wrote the original Apologia science series), is now teaching an online Honors Chemistry course for the first time in the 2017-2018 school year. He is also offering biology and physics courses. Dr Jay Wile online highschool science classes The chemistry text is his newish chemistry book Discovering Design with Chemistry
  19. My oldest son took the PSAT in October of 10th grade at our local public high school without studying. He studied with Khan Academy's free SAT prep materials during September of his 11th grade year. Then he took the PSAT in mid-October and the SAT on Nov 5. My youngest son will follow the same plan. Every public school seems to vary in how easy they make this process for homeschoolers (if they allow it at all.) Ours is not exactly easy to work with, but once you know the right people and timeframes and have a student id to sign up for stuff online, it's pretty easy. There isn't any hand holding or (even phone call returning), but online registration is smooth. They allow homeschooled students who are residents in this district to take PSAT and AP tests there, I think because the state (Minnesota) requires it. They do not allow private school or students outside the district to test with them.
  20. Thank you, I fixed the link. And thanks for your comments as well, that is helpful.
  21. Has anyone used this study guide / literature pack? http://bfbooks.com/Modern-US-and-World-History-Pack I think it is relatively new, maybe that's why I'm not finding any reviews. This is for my 11th grade son who likes to read but doesn't particularly care for history - much more of a STEM guy. His tender-hearted younger brother will be using it in 2 years. I'm a little worried about some of the darker subjects, but I guess it is reality and 11th grade is almost an adult who needs to know this stuff... ugh.
  22. FYI, the hslaunch.com website now appears to be riddled with malware and homeschoollaunch.com doesn't appear to be in use either. If anyone knows where to locate the notebooking2learn astronomy file I would love to find it for a friend. My boys used them back in 2008 and it was a big hit.
  23. My kids are out of the elementary/middle school age where we did a ton of notebooking. We have beautiful notebooks for a science, history, art history, unit studies, etc.. I'm not clearing out everything we don't need for high school in anticipation of moving. They never look at them. If I weren't a sentimental person, I would toss them. I probably should toss them. But oh the little pictures of them doing projects, their handwritten notes, drawings... My boys will never want to look at them again. I haven't looked at them myself until I wanted to clear out. But still.
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