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  1. What about Memoria Press Geography 3? It seems to have a lot of what you're looking for. We're starting it this year so I don't currently have experience with it, though.
  2. Quoting myself to say I just use Dove Mousse. It's my favorite and the best that I've found for my curls. Whenever I DO make it to a hairstylist they try all of the many different types of curl creams and they don't compare at all to my Dove mousse.
  3. Good to know that I've saved myself that much by hacking at my curls in the mirror with scissors. Since I never wear it straight it works for me. LOL! If I do get a haircut my curls are really forgiving. I just put mousse in after brushing them straight when wet (they re-form fine) and let them air dry (or diffuse if I feel like it). I must be doing ok because I get compliments on my hair often.
  4. DH and I have used this for years and we love it. I showed it to our 16 year old for one of his economics projects this year (he had to research and set a budget based on where he'd like to be in 8 years) and it was really eye opening to him on what sort of expenses there are in everyday life. Before we got it we were doing paper accounting in a ledger so this was a major step up. LOL!
  5. You're right! I was thinking that in isolation that kind of conversation would be okay but was reading into the OP's presentation of it along with a few other instances of what I'd consider meddling in an adults' affairs. However, I was probably wrong in reading into that. ☺️
  6. I suspect the hiding has less to do with struggle with addiction and more to do with not wanting to hear mom lecture about spending. The OP has had multiple conversations about spending with her daughter that read to me to be over the top (sorry, OP, I don't mean that rudely 😬), especially making her count out her bras and discussing how much she should be spending on a gift. I do understand that these could be casual conversations, but the fact that she's hiding it says that it's gotten uncomfortable and you should probably back off a bit. I agree that it would be good to have her start taking care of her own expenses at home. You'll probably find after that this issue may resolve itself! I know at that age I had a similar issue with my parents but it was shirts, not bras, and my parents kept on making comments about my constant purchases of shirts ("you don't need more tops!") but it was my money to spend and I wanted to so I didn't want to listen and brought my packages in when my parents weren't home. I didn't have an addiction, I just didn't want to answer to my parents and avoided conflict.
  7. All of the orange kitties I've had including my current one have the best personalities. Of course, he's kind of a jerk to my gray tabby but he loves his people!
  8. The anecdotal experience I've been seeing is that they get back earlier than their quotes (though don't count on too much earlier). I'm on a travel related FB page and people have been saying they've gotten theirs back earlier than suggested times. We just renewed the kids' passports as they expire this fall. We don't have a trip scheduled (though were thinking about Paris this year at some point) but always keep our passports up to date as my parents live in England and we need to be able to travel at the drop of a hat if something happens to them. As far as the 6 month timeline goes as far as leaving the country, each country that you visit has different guidelines. I know that some only need the passport valid the length of the trip while others will deny you entry if you have less than 6 months validity. Best to check the gov travel website for guidelines if you know the country that you're planning to enter.
  9. I had Covid and have been vaccinated so I don't wear a mask unless it's required and then I'll don one without a problem. It's rare to see masks where I live and has been for a long while. As of today 34% of the population in my county are vaccinated, that means 66% are not vaxxed but are not masking or being at all careful. 😥
  10. This has been my experience. Most people I come into contact with here are convinced they had it at some point last year. Only a few had actual positive tests (I was one of these). Most use the terms "I'm convinced I had it...." then give dates such as December, January, February, etc... I have an appointment to get vaccinated next week. I'll be 4 months post infection so feel pretty comfortable about getting it, even if it ends up not doing anything for me. My parents live overseas and if I have to be vaccinated in order to travel there then I'm ok with it.
  11. I got a pop socket wallet to go on the back of my phone and now I just have to make sure I have that and my keys and I'm good to go. It's made things much easier for me.
  12. I also have a shoe organizer over my pantry door. Do you have the back of a laundry room door free? Is it close-ish to the kitchen? You could use that. I used to store all of ours in a bin and I got so frustrated with it. Switched to the shoe organizer about 7 years ago and it's been perfect!
  13. Yeah....DS's lasted one season because he decided to try to use it as a skim board instead of a boogie board. LOL! DD is less adventurous and that's probably the only reason why hers has lasted 7 years. HA!
  14. Buy boogie boards when you get here from Walmart or wherever (Walmart will be the cheapest). They'll last fine. DD has had her boogie board from Walmart for 7 years, lol! If you're staying on Okaloosa Island then there's a Publix right over the bridge into Fort Walton Beach. They have great subs and fresh fruit. They also sell aloe leaves in the produce section so if you guys get sunburned you should get these as they work miracles on burns. I cut down the sides with scissors to get the spikes off and then slice them in half. Much better than anything in a bottle for relieving sunburn. Have fun!
  15. No. I'm from England but we live in the south. I'm one of the few parents I know that doesn't require it of my kids. I don't really care if other people think my kids are rude by not responding that way. ☺️
  16. I say how-dah and pronounce it that way always first. Then if someone doesn't understand I slip into goo-duh on the 3rd iteration. I spend more time than I probably should thinking about this as I have cheese loving friends (who I try very hard not to correct, lol!)
  17. I had covid and all of my symptoms are listed in the other thread so I won't repeat. Kids may have had it at the same time (I didn't test them) but if they did then it was only mild tiredness and no other symptoms.
  18. We live in the area-ish and in June it will be really busy, especially on Okaloosa Island and in Destin. There will also will be a ton of people not wearing masks, probably the majority of them. Socially distancing on the beach may be hard also 😕. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but probably better for you to prepare your DD now rather than find it a surprise when you get here.
  19. My Dad has Meniere's Disease and has had both of his vaccination shots. I will have to ask him if it's gotten worse. 🤔
  20. I had it. Started out with allergy symptoms: Runny nose, water eyes, sinus pressure. Progressed to headaches, muscle aches, lower back ache. At this point I thought maybe I was about to get my period and had allergies until I lost my senses of smell and taste. Fogginess, anxiety (mostly from being stressed that it would progress to breathing issues, though it never did). Tested positive with a rapid test and didn't confirm with the PCR as I had lost taste/smell and was sure that I had it. Started to turn the corner on day 6, felt much better by day 8. Fine, with the exception of taste/smell by day 10. Didn't get taste/smell back until week 3 past first symptom date. Currently have no issues. I'm quite a bit overweight so am surprised that I didn't have any type of lung issues or cough. DH was out of town when I had it and stayed out of town so that he could continue working (we need the money). Kids may have had it as they seemed more tired than usual but didn't have any other symptoms. I didn't get them tested since we all quarantined (and poor DS had been tested before and didn't want to get the nose swab again, lol!)
  21. We could do with a *roll eyes* emoji as I've wanted to use it so much upon hearing your family's responses to you. I'm all for giving the benefit of the doubt, but like others have said it seems pretty clear that they're immature. I'm so sorry that they're doing this to you. Good for you for being honest about your feelings. You can't control how they react. I think them wanting space from you might end up being much better for you than if they didn't. Hugs!
  22. I agree! I don't buy a huge amount of junk but I DO keep everything to make smores in our emergency kit. They're easy to make on a fire and very uplifting mentally in the middle of an emergency (which for us is most likely hurricanes). You can also eat all of the things without cooking them as well so it's a win/win in my eyes!
  23. Our family has also done this. Was a very easy process and you only need 1,000 books! We got a bunch of friends involved and drove the boxes to their New Orleans shipping center (you can mail them, but we decided to take the drive over ☺️).
  24. This is what DS is using with his co-op class.
  25. We live by the beach. I think DH and DS would leave towels, sunscreen, and everything else behind before they forgot to bring this frisbee game: https://www.amazon.com/GoSports-Tipsy-Toss-Flying-Bottle/dp/B07YYZDB32/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=tipsy+toss&qid=1615338006&sr=8-2 They seriously love it. I motivate DH to go to the beach by saying he can play. LOL! You can also use it in your yard when you get home so it's not a total beach toy.
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