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  1. Piggybacking off the thread: Do those of you who like to cook wings in your air fryer have any good recipes? I have wings in my freezer right now but haven't pulled them out as I'm not sure how I want to make them.
  2. Are you talking about 3 million Americans flying? I think whatever you read was exaggerating. TSA checkpoints showed 900,000 people flying yesterday (compared to 2.4 million people on the same day last year). It'll be interesting to see when they put up the numbers for today and tomorrow, but I would be absolutely shocked if it gets close to even 2 million. The total includes all that go through the TSA checkpoint, including flight crews. It hasn't been higher than 45% of last year since March, and even that's only in the recent weeks. I watch it pretty often as DH is a pilot. https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus/passenger-throughput
  3. I think the reason why they do this in VideoText (and other places) it to show that you're making 8/8 which reduces into 1/1 or 1 so then you have 1x = 39 * 1/8. For math I go for further understanding rather than easy. I want my kiddos to understand why. If they don't understand equivalent fractions then I'd go back and do more of that so that they can grasp it. I'm not sure if this is what you're asking, though!
  4. We also have this one and love it. It's nice to be able to make two at a time and makes the process go quickly.
  5. If I don't have much to get but milk is one of the things (and I have no hand sanitizer) then taking that to the produce section and touching the condensation on the side of that usually works just as well. My DH doesn't carry hand sanitizer with him so I just told him to do this. LOL!
  6. HEPA filters. Here's an article on them: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/2020/08/how-clean-is-the-air-on-your-airplane-coronavirus-cvd/
  7. One of the most helpful things to me as a young person was when my friend's mom sat us both down and talked to us about what their college years looked like (having a hard time paying for food, having to go to the health department for healthcare..etc...) and how we can't expect to start out having the same things as our parents do as it took them until that age to accumulate those things. My friend's dad was a well renowned Gastroenterologist in our area and they were very wealthy. It really shocked me but stayed with me for a very long time. I think it's a great lesson for my kiddos to hear as well (though we're not anywhere near as well off as they were! LOL!)
  8. Oh no! That would still be worth it, but much more aggravating. LOL!
  9. Chick Fil-A will get you in and out in about 3 minutes. They're SUPER fast. The opposite of In-N-Out in my opinion! LOL!
  10. At night. I thought I would hate it, but I actually love it and it helps me sleep well. Usually I'll go and swim at our local pool and the advantage of doing it at night is that there is hardly anyone there! I can also shower and dress in my pj's (or at least comfy clothes) and be ready for relaxing!
  11. From one major sleep walker to another, I understand! Happened to me so many times. Thinking of and praying for you and your parents. I hope that things get into a routine for you quickly.
  12. I had not heard the term before the debate. I'm an immigrant from Europe (early 1990's) but live in Florida.
  13. Thank you for this!!! DH and I drink French press coffee and decant it into a large to go coffee thermos to keep it warm since our glass press loses heat quickly. This would save us that step. What a great Christmas pressie!
  14. Agreed! If you can fly Alaska, do so. They're a fantastic company (this isn't the company DH flies for, LOL!) When we lived in Alaska we were blown away by their professionalism but also their sense of fun. Really enjoyed all of our experiences with them.
  15. Pretty much any airline should work, most of them are taking precautions. Go with the one that has the most direct route and then you won't have to think through distancing and everything in the airport as much. 🙂 DH is an airline pilot and has been flying throughout this year. We've been very surprised that there haven't been many cases of Covid at his company. I've come to believe that flying is probably safer for me than going to Walmart, especially with the masking/distancing/hepa filters. Still only around 35% of the volume of people traveling on the same day as last year https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus/passenger-throughput (some planes are busier than others because airlines have drastically cut the number of flights to a destination to help stem the money hemorrhage).
  16. I've been thinking about buying a uke to start playing but I'm a true beginner. Do you have any recommendations on a good first instrument? I'm hoping I can start and then maybe one of the kiddos will be inspired. HA!
  17. Now I need a sugar glider or a hedgehog. Must step back from the computer! 😁
  18. Dagnabit! I need this bag 😵! At some point DH is going to ban me from WTM because of all of the lovely purchases I've made because of it (is it time for the unusual Christmas gift thread yet!?! 😂) You are adorable and this bag is much bigger than I thought! Off to put it in my cart. LOL!
  19. PanAm because I really enjoyed the sets and wardrobe!
  20. I think with those precautions he'll be fine! DH is an airline pilot and rides in the back of planes a lot to get to his base. He hasn't gotten Covid and surprisingly very few aircrew in his company that we know about have either. The planes should be fine, the airport is a bit harder but if he has saniwipes or something with him and he's careful he should be ok! There are still 1.5 million fewer people flying domestically than the same day last year (and that number includes all aircrew that are screened). https://www.tsa.gov/coronavirus/passenger-throughput so hopefully that puts you at ease. While the news shows airports being hectic the passenger throughput is much less than normal and unless it's a hub it probably won't be heaving full. I hope he has an uneventful flight!
  21. I didn't want to copy and paste as it's a long read, but really interesting if you have the time. It goes into the arguments of the RCC and arguments against. https://www.blueletterbible.org/Comm/stewart_don/faq/bible-ultimate-authority/question5-did-jesus-give-peter-authority-to-speak.cfm?a=945019 ETA: I read that Jesus used the words binding and loosing as those would be familiar to the Jewish church/listeners at the time.
  22. Billy Bud? 😂 I kid, I kid. LOL! I'm not sure still how I feel about it, and I read the book right after it came out! I do appreciate the fact that it challenges my thoughts of Atticus and left me thinking about humanity long after the book was over. From what I remember I didn't leave the book hating Atticus, just more aware of the fact that everyone is flawed, including favored characters!
  23. Me too. I HATED it in high school when forced to read it. I re-read it when Go Set a Watchman came out and then subsequently read that novel as well. I loved them both so much (GSAW because it challenges the readers pre-conceived notions of Atticus Finch and makes for thoughtful introspection, IMO).
  24. If it were up to me, I would! He's doing a co-op and that's on the discussion list. 😂
  25. 🤪 DS's reading list for this year is: Billy Budd Red Badge of Courage The Old Man and the Sea and The Scarlet Letter As well as a few other works! LOL! Maybe I'll let him get on here and complain with you all at the end of the year... 😂🤣
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