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  1. Thank you! He is back to normal now. It lasted off and on for about 2 weeks after the first shot. Nothing after the second, but he did have a day of feeling blah.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. His mom has every right to proceed however she sees fit.
  3. AAAAAHHHHH why do I read these threads!?! LOL! Idonotneedthisapplianceidonotneedthisappliance..... I have the original foodi and use it as an instant pot/air fryer. I also have a griddle, but I don't have a way to cook steaks perfectly. 🤔
  4. After reading threads here earlier this summer that mentioned the risk I scheduled DS's shots after basketball camp ended and had him avoid exercise of any kind for a week after each one. DS did have some issues with vertigo and feeling sick but nothing that seemed heart related. I'm really grateful to the threads here or I'd have had no idea about the myocarditis risk.
  5. Not the PP but I just googled it and it looks like it's her search area.
  6. I take Jarrow S.Boulardii, is that pretty much the same as taking Florastor? If I take this then I don't need to actually buy Florastor?
  7. I just looked and ours is in our account already. Hope that helps
  8. Thank you so much for this, especially the 3 mile hike recommendation! DH is a pilot based out of National and so we have done a lot of the monuments/museums etc. Will have to try the Great Falls and Billy Goat Trail! We walked from the monuments to Teddy Roosevelt Island and then out to Rosslyn and took the metro back and that was a nice walk. We're always looking for things to do in nature.
  9. I'm so sorry to read about all of the losses in your family. Sending gentle hugs.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having backaches. I had COVID in February and the backaches were the worst. Sending healing prayers!
  11. These threads are dangerous! LOL! I'm still subscribing....😂
  12. I'm glad you're asking for a flu test! I've been tested for Covid a couple of times. The first time I thought I might have it (I didn't) they made sure to test for the flu right after. I just assumed that was something that all doctors did. I hope that you start feeling better soon and can rest well.
  13. When I lost my sense of smell due to Covid I wasn't at all congested. It was so strange because I could breathe normally but couldn't smell or taste anything. Any other symptoms? As far as the other things go I would test again in a few days to make sure.
  14. It sounds much more grand that it actually is. LOL! It's our old box TV armoire that we just put in the garage to hold gadgets. 😁
  15. This was going to be my suggestion, lol!!! I also like Hot Mess House on HGTV (I watch on Hulu with Live TV), and a lot of minimalist shows. I also really like setting a timer for decluttering and then I can work past it if I want but I know there's an end to it if I'm feeling that I don't really want to continue. I'm glad you did the cabinet!
  16. I got the Ninja Foodi a couple of years ago. It's a slow cooker/Instant Pot/Air Fryer in one. It's my most used kitchen gadget. I use the air fryer part more than the other options. It's too hefty for me to want it on the kitchen counter but I just store it in my gadget armoire in my garage. It's totally been worth it to me.
  17. Was there anything about third doses for people who have been vaccinated and have already had Covid? I got Covid earlier in the year and waited 5 months for my first vaccination (am now fully vax'ed). Wondering if the natural immunity would work similarly to that booster shot.
  18. Just an update...It took us 6 weeks to get the kids' passports back (not expedited).
  19. I would go, but I'm probably also biased so take that answer how you wish. DH is a pilot and has been flying through the pandemic. He didn't get Covid and we haven't seen a huge amount of fellow pilots/FA's down with Covid in relation to how much they fly (which can be to may different airports/flights a day). Totally unscientific and anecdotal example though, so like I said take it for what it is. DH is now fully vaccinated (but wasn't for a long time due to availability in our area for his age) and I have no issue with him flying. He flies on average 60 flights a month. I would go because of the milestone and the alternative of driving 14 hours (UGH! LOL!). You have to do what you feel comfortable with, though!
  20. What about Memoria Press Geography 3? It seems to have a lot of what you're looking for. We're starting it this year so I don't currently have experience with it, though.
  21. Quoting myself to say I just use Dove Mousse. It's my favorite and the best that I've found for my curls. Whenever I DO make it to a hairstylist they try all of the many different types of curl creams and they don't compare at all to my Dove mousse.
  22. Good to know that I've saved myself that much by hacking at my curls in the mirror with scissors. Since I never wear it straight it works for me. LOL! If I do get a haircut my curls are really forgiving. I just put mousse in after brushing them straight when wet (they re-form fine) and let them air dry (or diffuse if I feel like it). I must be doing ok because I get compliments on my hair often.
  23. DH and I have used this for years and we love it. I showed it to our 16 year old for one of his economics projects this year (he had to research and set a budget based on where he'd like to be in 8 years) and it was really eye opening to him on what sort of expenses there are in everyday life. Before we got it we were doing paper accounting in a ledger so this was a major step up. LOL!
  24. You're right! I was thinking that in isolation that kind of conversation would be okay but was reading into the OP's presentation of it along with a few other instances of what I'd consider meddling in an adults' affairs. However, I was probably wrong in reading into that. ☺️
  25. I suspect the hiding has less to do with struggle with addiction and more to do with not wanting to hear mom lecture about spending. The OP has had multiple conversations about spending with her daughter that read to me to be over the top (sorry, OP, I don't mean that rudely 😬), especially making her count out her bras and discussing how much she should be spending on a gift. I do understand that these could be casual conversations, but the fact that she's hiding it says that it's gotten uncomfortable and you should probably back off a bit. I agree that it would be good to have her start taking care of her own expenses at home. You'll probably find after that this issue may resolve itself! I know at that age I had a similar issue with my parents but it was shirts, not bras, and my parents kept on making comments about my constant purchases of shirts ("you don't need more tops!") but it was my money to spend and I wanted to so I didn't want to listen and brought my packages in when my parents weren't home. I didn't have an addiction, I just didn't want to answer to my parents and avoided conflict.
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