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  1. Yes! I agree with you, for the most part! For my hurricane supplies I bought a tiny bit extra each shop. You don't have to go hells bells and gangbusters with buying up everything right away. I also advocate buying things that you actually eat that store well that if you have to rotate them into your regular meals (due to use by date status) it won't cause your digestive system upset with strange foods. We have things that are close to what we usually eat stored. Any money that you don't have to spend on food is money you don't have to worry about (and you need to eat) so I'm not wor
  2. We live on the Gulf of Mexico and I always keep a fully stocked hurricane supply kit. We are eating down some of the foods in it in order to replace with food that has new use by dates. If something happens again to the food supply, or another hurricane hits we'd have food either way. I think it's beneficial for most people to have at least 2 weeks worth of food in back stock as you never know what will happen. DH's career is very volatile and I like knowing that if he loses his job we could scrape by on food that we have here for a little while.
  3. My parents live in Yorkshire and have had both doses. Apparently they got phone calls from their GP and from a couple of other official NHS groups (can't remember exactly who) to make sure that they'd been able to get an appointment. All offered to help them get one if they needed it. My Mum said it was very efficiently organized and she was very impressed with how they were handling it.
  4. This is a great idea, thank you! I might have to add an extendy cable to the handles as they all seem to walk off and no one knows what has happened to them...😂🙄
  5. This is our house with kitchen scissors. Unfortunately, the one pair that doesn't cut well at all (and I want to throw away but DH is resistant to the very thought of it since they were expensive 🙄) are always available and never lost....Sigh.
  6. We binge watched it on Amazon this week. Everyone loved it but we're big Herriot fans here. My parents sat at Alf Wight's table at a dinner once and they said he was a lovely man. I'm from Yorkshire originally and it was filmed close to where my grandmother lived. I spent many a childhood summer up in the Dales. It really made me miss my parents and curse blasted Covid for us not being able to visit. Can't wait for the second season!!!
  7. Look up Enneagram 2 personality type. I have these tendencies and I hate that part of my personality. Reading through Enneagram 2 has been helpful to me in that I was beating myself up for a moral failing when it was actually part of my personality. Because of Jesus it's gotten much easier for me to assume the best of people, and understand that not everyone is going to react as I do to situations, but I do struggle with this. It's something that the Lord is sanctifying me with. I wouldn't judge someone as being not "completely given over" (not sure what that means!) because it's a struggle of
  8. You're definitely not crazy. I've lived in the states for 30 years and haven't found anything that tastes like Lyles (except, of course, Lyles from the International section of Publix. LOL!)
  9. England, too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_syrup
  10. Yes, that's how I thought pancakes were eaten for the first 10 years of my life, then we came on vacation to America and one of the few foods I remember from our hotel were the giant dinner plate fluffy pancakes with maple syrup. My dad ate a giant stack every morning. LOL! I still think lemon juice and sugar make the best tasting pancakes. The pancakes are really thin like crepes, though. Also, we always used granulated sugar. Lemon juice first then granulated sugar then roll up and eat. Yum!
  11. Thank you! I was hoping that regular silicone bags for food storage would work well as ideally I'd like to have more than one use for kitchen items. I'll take a look online.
  12. Bill, do you have a recommendation as to which sleeve you like the most? I like the idea of having a reusable option.
  13. Yes, you're doing the right thing as hard as it is. Is there a reason why you're still teaching Sunday School yet not going to the service (I do understand based on your PP why you're not going to the service)? How is the church leadership treating the classes and masking? Is it up to each teacher? How are the parents in your class reacting to their kids having to wear masks? I'm asking because I'm wondering if the other Sunday School teacher would be Ok with requiring kids in their class to wear masks so that your daughter can go? Can you talk with them or do they think you're being
  14. We live by a beach and these are my most favorite chairs (Walmart): https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Reclining-Blue-Beach-Event-Backpack-Chair/659071491 Umbrellas are neither here nor there (as to efficacy as I've found they all work well) but if you get one then you want a sand anchor. I've had mine a long time and it works well. I think I got it at Walmart. I leave sunblock, bug spray, talc powder, a washcloth, and a book in the backpack part. I also tie it up to the very back seat of my car with a bungee cord so I always have it ready when I want it. I also always have a towel
  15. We were supposed to go to Tokyo in 2020. I'm still slightly hopeful that we can do it this year. I found out last night that one of my friends is moving to Japan in April. Now I have a second reason to visit (we have another set who live there, who we were already going to visit). We love traveling and it's been very hard this past year to not go anywhere. I have a million vacations planned, just hoping that things start to open back up again soon and this vaccine is evenly distributed and works well!
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