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  1. That's genius! Right now I have a small box holding my sachets but I like this idea so much more! I'm going to have to get some binder clips next time I go to the store. Thanks for sharing!
  2. You are SO welcome! It has helped me immensely, I'm glad it was helpful to you! I read this a few years ago and have never forgotten it. I'm a ladybug too! 🤗 It took me a while to figure out what my organizing style is and what brings me rest.
  3. I haven't read the responses as I'm just popping in (will go back and read later), but this was incredibly helpful to me: Identifying what sort of organizer you are and knowing how you reach a level of calm with it it essential. I'm a ladybug so I've found that if I have large containers (like yours in your pantry) to organize things in so that everything LOOKS put away I feel like things are organized. I'm not a cricket, who must have even those things in bins organized, or any of the other bugs, who like things stored differently. Seriously, I don't think you stink at organizing, as that's how I organize my pantry! You may FEEL that you do because you'd feel more at peace organizing it differently. Take the test and see!
  4. I think Would I Lie to You is cleaner than Whose Line Is It Anyway. It's a British TV show where contestants read out a statement from a sheet of paper and it may or may not be true about them then the other team tries to tell if they're lying or not. It's technically not improv but there is a lot of improv and on the spot witticisms. You could find it on youtube or if you subscribe to Britbox or Acorn on Amazon (can't remember which one it's on) then you'd get it on that. There may be some off color statements, I can't remember, but it's mostly funny explanations. ETA: You may want to preview just in case!
  5. Thanks for posting this! I'm the offender in this situation in our family and it wouldn't bother me if DH read my messages so I assumed he'd feel the same way. We had a conversation recently where he told me it really bothered him if I read his. He has nothing to hide, there's no flags (red or otherwise) and he'd let me read them if I were suspicious, however he feels like it's an invasion of his privacy for me to read them for no reason. Reading these answers has been helpful to me!
  6. DH is an airline pilot so we travel a lot. You can have your battery in your carry-on (not in checked luggage) no problem. Definitely take your own food as you may not find good vegan options in the airport. TSA may ask you to pull out food and put it in one of their tubs so they can run it separately but a PBJ/carrots/apple are all fine to take. If you have a liquid or a dressing or that sort of thing those have to be under 3oz. 🙂 Happy traveling!
  7. I really, really like the Christ Centered Exposition Commentary series. It's Reformed Protestant and, to me, is a grown up version of the Jesus Storybook Bible. 😁 Every book focuses on a book of the Bible and points to Jesus. I'm going to go through it with my just finished 8th grader next year starting in Exodus.
  8. Sure! These particular cases were Americans asking a British person about Thanksgiving and the 4th of July (and Christmas). 😂
  9. I'm so sorry that you had this experience. I don't think any friendships of mine would survive if given the silent treatment either. It's such a manipulative way of dealing with another person. It's lording a position of unequal power struggle where you cut yourself off from the other person in all ways and is selfish. My Dad does this to my mom for weeks on end because of small infractions. I can't tell you how much it infuriates me. Having different FOO that dealt with things differently must have been very hard. I'm so glad you and your DH figured out how to address your problems!
  10. I think the difference is communication. Even a short "I need some time to process this" is indicative of withdrawing and not giving someone the silent treatment. I'm not a verbal processor and tend to take a long time to think things through. I think as long as you communicate that then taking some time away to think is normal.
  11. Not the OP, but in my experience no one cares as long as you're serving them a cup of tea. People are much too polite to say anything if it's awful. LOL!
  12. I'm glad you got your PG Tips! We can get ours from World Market or Publix and I just pay the prices for them because we have to have it. 😂 My Dad, a Yorshireman, has a definitive way of wanting his tea made if not in a pot: hot water poured over the tea bag and steeped for 4 minutes then discard the bag and add only a splash of milk. He used to have it poured over the tea bag and then dunked 20 times then taken out but apparently he saw a documentary about the best way to make a cup of tea and now wants it done the previous way. LOL! I just finished visiting my parents and I thought "I" drank a lot of tea. I couldn't keep up. I like mine light and sweet though!
  13. I'm not a huge fan of flying and my DH is an airline pilot. LOL! I'll do it to get to fun destinations, but I don't particularly look forward to it. Thankfully my kids LOVE it so I don't have to worry about them. Also, of course, my DH LOVES flying too. 😂 I'm the only scaredy cat in our family.
  14. If it makes you feel better it's definitely not just hs'ers! I'm originally from England and if I had a penny for every time an adult asked me if they celebrated Christmas/Thanksgiving/4th of July in England I'd be rich! I would have assumed that those asking about Thanksgiving/4th of July would have been pulling my chain but when I would reply to the negative with a smile they'd all seriously ask me why. 🤔 Even as a child I'd have to ask leading questions like "What is celebrated on xyz holiday?" 😂 ETA: Ha ha ha. I should have read the whole thread before responding! LOL!
  15. You could look with anything with Alan Titchmarsh (I see you've already watched Love Your Garden). He's the original British Patron Saint of amateur gardening! ETA: You could always watch Gardener's World if you have britbox on Amazon. Lots of Monty Don on that (and his golden retrievers!)
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