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  1. We have a large number of graphic novelizations of great books; if you Google "graphic revolve common core editions" you will find over 25 titles. The paperbacks go for $5-10 each on Amazon, new. They are written specifically for older kids at a lower reading level/reluctant readers. ETA: They are 'common core' because they include questions and writing prompts at the end. We've never bothered with those.
  2. I used BA 3-5 for DS10, starting with physical books and moving to the online when it came out, at book 4C. I've just started level 2 with DS7, and we are going back to physical books for him. While I enjoyed the way the online program is set up, these two kids tend to easy frustration when getting problems wrong. The computer just seemed to amplify DD10's frustration and he wouldn't move on until I explained how he had gotten a problem wrong. I may move to the online version eventually for DD7, but for now we will stick to physical books. And yes, you do need the guide books, that's where the concepts are introduced and where the fun is!
  3. When I make salmon for six of us (DH, myself, and boys 10, 7, 5, & 2), I make two entire sides of salmon, usually between 1.75-2 lbs total. DSs 10, 7, & 5 will eat an entire side of salmon by themselves! DS and I will each have a larger portion than you have, plus there will be a leftover serving for lunch for DH the next day. We will usually have salmon with salad, green/mixed vegetables, and homemade bread. ETA: We do not snack between meals here.
  4. How does the Fluent Forever pronunciation trainer work? Do I need to have the app? It looks like the app has a monthly fee. Sadly, their word list is only in Brazilian Portuguese, but the pronunciation trainer has European.
  5. We are staying away from Duolingo for the moment, as it has Brazilian, not European, Portuguese. I might buy a starter set of physical vocab cards to keep in the car or in my bag, so we can practice outside the house.
  6. DS10 is going to start studying Portuguese this fall. I am going to try and learn along with him, though I have started already in order to get ahead of him a bit before he starts. FWIW, I had French in high school and Spanish in college, but I have never been anywhere near fluent in anything other than English. DS10 and I have been studying Latin for two years, and will continue along while we add Portuguese. WHAT WE HAVE: textbook: Bom Dia! This includes a workbook with written exercises and a pronunciation CD. podcast/YouTube channel: I have been listening to the Portuguese Lab podcast, starting with the beginner lessons; lessons are between 7 and 15 minutes, so far. I found that they have the same lessons available on YouTube that include the words on the screen as they are being spoken. I am not sure which would be better for DS; the YouTube portal may be too distracting for him, so I could download the transcripts and print them for him instead. audiobooks: Pimsleur (European) Portuguese lessons are available through both Audible and my library. books: We have a Portuguese phrase book and The Usbourne First Thousand Words in Portuguese picture book. I will borrow picture books, picture dictionaries, and English-Portuguese dictionaries from the library as needed, and will buy a Eng-Port dictionary if we find one that we really like. misc.: My SIL' s mother gets weekly/monthly local news in a Portuguese-language newspaper, and she has been putting them aside for us. I have set up a sub-account on Netflix that will show us children's programs in Portuguese, and am sure that I can borrow Portuguese movies, either dubbed or from Portugal, from the library. My SIL is going to be our conversation tutor. THE PLAN: We will study Portuguese 6 days a week, alternating 45 minute and 15 minute lessons. On the three days with a longer period, we will work in the textbook/workbook, listening to the pronunciation CD as needed. If there is time left after finishing a section, he can move to one of audio options (podcast, Pimsleur, Netflix). On the days with a short lesson, we will start with a picture book or a quick vocabulary review, and then he can listen to a short audio option. I will make plans to see my SIL twice a week to have conversations in Portuguese and to ask questions that may come up. I am currently reading the book Becoming Fluent, and am also studying for my sheltered English instruction exam, so I can hopefully use what I learn to help along the process. Any input from those who have successfully learned and/or taught a foreign language is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  7. Your levels 3-5 must be first edition. My entire set, with the exception of 3A, is white dominant, like your level 2s. I bought 3A alone to check it out, and it looks like your copy - when I ordered the rest of the books they had been reprinted with white spines.
  8. Just a quick FYI - In SpiderMan: Far From Home, there are a few quick mentions of what happened when people were 'snapped' back five years later. Aunt May is pretty funny about it. Also, STAY FOR THE TWO POST-CREDIT SCENES.
  9. DS10 finished BA5 yesterday. (YAY!) We are definitely doing AoPS pre-algebra. I found this thread helpful (it's from 2017):
  10. Because no one else has mentioned it, I'll recommend checking out Dr. Jason Fung's website and books, about intermittent fasting. I am 5'6", and was just about 220lbs this winter; my goal weight is 160. I had a serious issue with sugar/bread/baked goods and eating late at night, after everyone else went to bed. I started eating 16:8, which is eating in a defined 8hr window (10am-6pm for me), which meant not eating after dinner and waiting a bit before breakfast. I started losing weight gradually, maybe 0.5lb per week. I've slowly added in 5:2 fasting, and have started losing a pound/week. My diet has naturaly improved; I'm eating less sugar/junk and choosing more whole foods. (I'm not going keto, I like to bake way too much!) It's been fairly gentle. I've lost 14lbs in the last 11 weeks. I haven't changed my activity levels much, if at all. Dr. Fung has many recommendations for different types of intermittent fasting, and it is possible to lose much more weight more quickly. He's definitely worth a read. Good luck, and be gentle with yourself.
  11. I didn't know that this was a thing. I'm going to check out out, thanks.
  12. Can anyone recommend a voice recorder (digital or cassette) that I can use to summarize & narrate readings and then play back to help me learn/retain the information? Preferably not an app, as I have trouble self-regulating my own cellphone usage. Digital would be great if I could label the files to be able to search for specific information at a later date. Any input is helpful - thanks!
  13. Narrating back to myself, in my own words, sounds like something that might help, thanks. I wonder if narrating into a tape recorder and playing it back to myself later in the day might help, too? I have index cards to take notes, and I purchased my own copies of the texts I am using (instead of borrowing from the library) so that I can annotate them. I am getting to the library at 9am, when they open, and have headphones to listen to listen to (very quiet) classical music, in order to keep out the sounds of the library. I wish I could get up at 5 and work at home, but DS2 still sneaks into bed with me each night and is up the second my eyes open. Even if he did stay asleep, there is so much stuff to do in my house that I would be too distracted to work at home. I will make sure to keep my cellphone in my bag to limit distractions. I am exercising before I go but probably not enough to make that much of a difference.
  14. I left work when DS7 was born and my teaching license has since become 'inactive', and there are several hurdles to getting it renewed. I have a plan to jump the first hurdle this fall, and it starts with me studying at the library a few mornings a week. I spent 90 minutes reading this morning in glorious peace and quiet. However, as I was walking to my car, I realized that I had absolutely NO MEMORY of what I had just read. My academic brain has gone to mush, and I really have no idea how to get it back! Has anyone else gone through a season like this? Can you offer tips on teaching yourself a new topic that is only tangential to your own (supposed) area of expertise? What if you've *also* gone rusty in your area of expertise?
  15. I am trying to figure out to combine a few subjects into a morning time-type of practice, to streamline the day. I'll have a 5th, 2nd, k, and 3yr old and am suddenly really worried about my ability to give them all adequate attention!
  16. DS10 is on the last section of BA5D, and it definitely went much, much slower in 5 then 3 & 4. Like your son, I think a lot of it is that he thinks he can still do it all in his head, yet there are so many more moving parts that it slows him way down. If he would just write everything down, he would go so much faster! I spend the majority of my time saying, "Write it down!" over and over.
  17. I have a referral for pelvic floor physical therapy and I haven't called yet. Maybe tomorrow...
  18. This is what my husband uses in his senior honors physics classes! I just helped him re-shelve all his textbooks when he closed his classroom for the summer.
  19. You can check out the Car Seat Lady's website:
  20. I would like a good old fashioned Irish wake- put my coffin in the corner of the room, have lots of finger food, and plenty of alcohol and music! No sad faces, only happy memories!
  21. I'll have to buy corn instead of wheat tortillas next time. Thanks!
  22. If you shred the zucchini finely, it melts right into the batter and you can't see it at all. It's delicious! (Also, I use Hershey powdered cocoa, it's always been fine.) I'm going to have to buy zucchini this weekend!
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