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  1. Something similar happened with DS23 at about that age, many years ago. He had a hatchet (machete?) and was asked to help cut up some branches (maybe it was an old Christmas tree?) and, when all was said and done, there was some serious damage done to a *living* tree nearby. DH was upset. We figured that it was fun/exciting to be wielding that tool and he got carried away. I have seen that happen, to a lesser extent, with DS9. My guess is that it has something to do with self-regulation that just hasn't developed yet. I know you have lots of other things going on with your DS, and I can empathize with the feelings of helplessness when trying to help your child and it doesn't seem like anything you do is working. My only advice would be to make it explicitly clear to him that, while you were surprised/angry about the damage to the plants, he is always more important to you than damaged plants. Then, I would take him out into the garden and give him the same tools again for another job, to show him that you still trust him, and try again. Just be aware that you will have to watch him a little closer.
  2. How about fake grass turf?
  3. Beast Academy has probability in book 4D. You could sign her up for a month of BA Online to play around with the problems there (it includes access to the student guide online as well).
  4. I also have a six-year-old who is engineering-minded. These are his favorite books: Any of the Lego Technic Idea Books (Isogawa). The Lego Neighborhood books (Lyles). Any of the Cool Creations books (Kenney). He also knows exactly where the arts & crafts books are in the children's room at the library, and he routinely checks out books on making puppets, origami, pop-up-books, etc.
  5. DS9 read both books (the Classic Starts versions) this year. He didn't hate them.
  6. DS6, my lefty, does all his school work properly but oftentimes will write his creative writing-type stuff completely reversed, mirror image, starting at the left and going to the right. It's happening less and less as the school year progresses. I'm not concerned. When I was bored in school, I taught myself to write my name backwards in cursive. I still do it sometimes, because it's fun!
  7. I found iris blooms today, and the tips of what I believe are lilies. In New England! Woo hoo!
  8. FWIW, I've used TaxAct online for the past 6 (?) years, doing the taxes for my brother and my oldest son. It's very easy.
  9. It's 6:48am here by the clock but, with the time change, it is really 5:48am. I usually don't wake until 7:30. But, I'm up. The toddler didn't climb into my bed during the night, which never happens!
  10. I want the Chromebooks for typing lessons, Google office/drive applications, web surfing, games, online classes, and coding classes. I know there are tons of online learn-to-code websites that my kids could use. I have no idea what my kids could use the raspberry pi for, especially since they are 6 and 9 and barely beginners. I need them to be able to work at the same time, or it can't come into my house. (I can only imagine the fighting!) Also, it's a no-go if the tablets can't still be used as tablets. I'll keep researching...
  11. DS6 is interested in coding. He's outgrown Scratch Jr and LightBot, and I've let him start playing around with on my Chromebook. My father, who taught himself about computers way back in the 80s and has worked with/around computers until he retired last year, has decided that he's going to take over teaching DS6 to code. I was planning on purchasing two more Chromebooks, so DS9 and DS6 could code, do school work, learn to type, whatever. My father, however, has informed me that he's going to buy them a raspberry pi, connect it to something (I have no idea), and turn their Kindle Fires into touchscreen monitors to use with the pi. Is this feasible? Will they be able to work at the same time with only one raspberry pi? Will they still be able to use their Kindles as tablets (we use Amazon Freetime, as well as for audiobooks)? What will they even *do* on a raspberry pi? I still think Chromebooks are the way to go, but my father INSISTS he's doing this, and it's better his way. Can anyone talk to me about this? I'm out of my depth here.
  12. Because no one else has mentioned it, I'll ask if you've considered Killgallon? My 4th grader just finished WWE3 (we started late) and is now doing Sentence Composing for Elementary. We do each exercise orally, and he copies one sentence out when we finish, his choice. We will do Sentence Composing and Paragraphs for Middle School next year (5th), and then he will move into WWS for 6th. SWB recommends Killgallon here. You should be able to jump right in to FLL3 with no issues. We've done FLL1-4, and each starts with the assumption that you might not have done the previous books. FWIW, we started Latin using Little Latin Readers in 2nd grade. I've found that they are actually gently reinforcing the grammar we've learned in FLL. We spend maybe 15 minutes per day on Latin, 4 days/week. ETA: I just saw that ChrisB did already mention Killgallon. Sorry, was reading on my phone and missed that.
  13. This is a very useful thread. Thanks to PeterPan for asking the question! I would love to hear from people who have a 10-ish year old boy *and* younger siblings. DS9 will be 10 soon, and he's got three little brothers I'm also teaching/reading/playing/chasing/yelling at while he's trying to work. Does that change how/where your older child works?
  14. My son works for 45-60 minutes a day in BA. He did it this way when he worked in the books (3A through 4B) and now that he works online (starting with 4C, he's now finishing up 5B). He does every problem, in order. He is supposed to work for time (45 min) but he always finishes a problem set before stopping. He prefers doing it online (he's a bit of a perfectionist with math, and *needs* to know that he's getting them correct), but he reads the physical guidebooks. I have occasionally sent him to look up a solution in the workbook to help him solve a trophy problem. Working in the workbook and also the textbook seems like a bit of overkill, as they are usually very similar problem sets, and one set is enough, unless they could use some more practice. Even then, your can go back and redo the problem set online with different numbers.
  15. DS6 insists on learning Spanish. He doesn't want me to teach him, but he wants to learn. He just started using DuoLingo, but he's still learning to read so it's not ideal. Can anyone recommend any other apps, videos, books, audiobooks, or websites that he could use to learn Spanish, with very little parental involvement?
  16. So, I had him start writing his spelling work/words in cursive and, within a week, he was writing all of his work in cursive of his own free will. I did not expect that! His cursive has become much, much neater and more automatic almost overnight. Thanks again for your comments!
  17. I bought myself a TRX before Christmas, and I love it. Sadly, I don't use it as much as I should, but I always feel like a badass when I'm finished a workout!
  18. We will do The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading, Zaner-Bloser K, and Singapore Essential Math. He may listen in to SOTW1 with DS6, and he'll definitely listen to all our read-alouds. Other than that, he'll just do his own thing.
  19. Where do you store your curriculum/books/supplies that you aren't currently using? The items that you are holding on to for next year/next child? I just bought almost all of our books/workbooks for next year and between that stuff, the stuff we are currently using, and the stuff that is waiting for the next kid to use, I have completely run out of shelf space in my 'homeschool' bookshelf. What's your storage solution?
  20. I found the textbook & workbook here: , though you can also find it on Amazon. I challed and they gave me the educators discount, which was very nice! I'm waiting for it to come in the mail.
  21. Can we get this stickyed? This is awesome! Thanks!
  22. Math: AoPS pre-algebra Logic: Blast Off w/Logic series plus some Mind Benders books. Science: CPO Life Science History: WTM ancients, using Kingfisher History Encyclopedia as our spine , reading lists from LIving Math U1; {I'm still looking for a good wall map/almanac and a globe - any recommendations?} Latin: continue with Little Latin Readers, levels 2-4 Portuguese: We will start this at half-speed, using Bom Dia! text and workbook, with my Portuguese SIL as our tutor Spelling: Spelling Workout E Grammar: Grammar for the Well Trained Mind, purple book Cursive: still needs more practice, so Zaner-Bloser 5, unless he makes great strides over the rest of this year. Writing: Killgallon Sentence Composing & Paragraph Composing w/the obligatory narrations/summaries/outlines across the curriculum Reading: assigned books from the WTM reading list plus whatever else he wants to read, he usually has several non-school books going at once Art/music/tech: He wants piano lessons, plus DS23 has promised to teach him saxophone. I would like to find an online art course that DS9 & DS6 can do together. He would like a formal coding class, and needs a typing course. Anyone have a any good recommendations? Sports: He plays fall soccer, winter basketball, and spring baseball. I would like to do a more structured "gym class" with the boys, but don't know how or what that would look like just yet. That is a lot of stuff. Oh, my. Do I have to schedule and teach all that? Yikes!
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