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  1. We went to the small local-ish zoo for several years before I realized that they had placed the roadrunner exhibit right next to the coyote exhibit.... Well played, zoo!
  2. It's a girl. I have five boys - my mother is delighted to finally be getting a granddaughter!
  3. BABY!!! I'm an auntie! Woot! (I have two nieces and a nephew on my husband's side, but this is the first child of my only sibling. I'm excited!!!)
  4. They are prepping her for surgery. Fingers crossed and all the prayers!
  5. If she doesn't have her baby in the next 45 minutes, she's going to have a C-section. C'mon, baby!
  6. My younger four boys are tall and have huge heads. They stay in harnessed car seats until they completely outgrow them, usually around 8. Then, they stay in boosters until they are over the legal height requirement. I vote for a harnessed seat that you can pass down.
  7. I have always had a few sensory issues (certain fabrics and noises), but they do seem to be getting worse as I get older. Also, I have developed an issue with noise (I used to go to lots of concerts and work in a warehouse with huge refrigeration fans - I would go mad there now!) and touch. It is definitely age-related, but also probably because I have VERY LOUD CHILDREN WHO TOUCH ME ALL THE TIME. My anxiety levels have increased as well. I should look into the retained reflexes info. I also keep telling myself that I'll start meditation/mindfulness, but it never happens. *sigh*
  8. I was able to borrow Jacobs MHE through my library, if that's any help. What about having her use Alcumus for reinforcement? We haven't used it yet (still finishing BA5), but I hear great things.
  9. I found Farrar's book here:
  10. This I did not know! I may ask Santa for a blu-ray player for Christmas this year...
  11. The doctor said that the abnormal activity shown on the EEG had changed to be more typicsl of someone who had grand mal seizures. The timing worked out that he has his first grand mal two weeks later. It was terrifying.
  12. Oldest DS's EEGs always showed brainwave activity confirming his partial complex seizures. They also showed the change in activity that told us he would soon have his first grand mal seizure, which he had two weeks later. FWIW, DS would not lose consciousness during partial complex seizures, but he would never have any memory of them happening after-the-fact.
  13. This is it; he's lacking the mental model. Everything else mathematical comes so easily to him, so this one's weird. We will just make sure to do a few problems every week, in between regular math work, to see if we can't imprint these models into his brain.
  14. Awesome recommendations, thanks! ETA: I found a $25off coupon online! Woot!
  15. I'm going to post these on the board for him to look at as he needs. Thanks.
  16. We've done this, but it's not sticking - yet. Will keep circling back to it in between our regular math and hope it eventually sticks.
  17. I ONLY own Birkenstock sandals, Keen walking shoes, and New Balance sneakers. They all fit great. (I also have some random, no-name heels that I rarely wear and are very uncomfortable because of arch placement.)
  18. They were specifically recommend by my podiatrist. I am developing a bunion (thanks, mom) and she recommended Birkenstocks, Keens, and New Balance sneakers.
  19. We've read a few of these books. I'll request then again from the library. Thanks!
  20. Alternately, he *just* turned 10. Maybe I should just give it time, until we come to it in algebra in 6th grade?
  21. He specifically mixes up concepts of perimeter, area, and volume. If I ask him for the area of a rectangle, he asks if that's adding the sides or multiplying. If I ask, what's the perimeter of a square with area of 25, he doesn't see how they are related. It's like his brain just doesn't register or remember these few, specific topics. It's something I've seen in classes of public school 10th graders with weak math backgrounds, but this kid has excellent algebra skills, so I'm struggling to find the disconnect. I'm wondering if he needs hands-on materials to work with?
  22. DS10 is finishing up BA5, and is having trouble with remembering/understanding the definitions of, and relationships between, perimeter, area, surface area, and volume, which has come up again in chapter on exponents. He gets stuck with questions such as, "Given a cube with volume of 27 cubic cm, what is the surface area?" He has absolutely no trouble with the algebra, it is only the geometric concepts that he is struggling with. I looked back to the section on shapes in an earlier book and he went through it quickly and without much trouble (that I remember, and from the info saved in BA online). We were planning on starting AoPS Pre-Algebra in the fall, after spending the summer working through the first two chapters of Jacobs Mathematics a Human Endeavor, which I think he will enjoy. However, I think we should add in some geometry practice/review over the summer related to perimeter, area, volume. Now that BA online has videos, I will have him go back and watch the videos from the earlier sections that relate. Can you recommend any other textbook, workbook, novel, video series, website, manipulative, whatever that will help him get a better grasp on these *specific* topics? Thanks very much.
  23. For the same reason that it is recommended that children use computers in family spaces, not closed off in their room, is why children should not take cellphones into their rooms. The temptation to read/watch/click/snap something when no one is looking is real, and until they are able to make better decisions, screens should be used in common spaces only.
  24. Many years ago, when we were in the thick of trying to keep our oldest out of an extremely unhealthy teen relationship, we had taken DS's cell phone and computer access away. "The Girl" gave him her own phone and then used her mother's to communicate with him. It was a very difficult few years, from which I don't think we (or he) has fully recovered from yet. (((Hugs and strength)))
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