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  1. I would want a quality machine and not opposed to a used machine. What should I look for? Don’t want to spend $1k
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I will try a dermatologist. Thank you.
  3. I swear my face just collapsed into old lady leather skin in a month. I use natural products and I don’t use soap. Help!! Can I reverse it? My whole face is a wrinkle!! And I drink tons of water.
  4. Thank you! That’s the one I was thinking of. I don’t need a book for him - he’s already accepted into college for fall, just trying to spot improve for some scholarships. Thanks!
  5. A number of years ago my eldest was taking the act for the second time and struggling with the science portion. Someone recommended a video that showed tips on how to take it. Are any old timers here who would have used and saved that video? I’d be thrilled for the help locating it. Thanks.
  6. I have two. My lift is great for breads and holidays. If I want to make a cake mix, it’s too big. That size of thing I use my tilt for.
  7. I think it is a stretch to get a celebrity to mention eye care in a googly way. It is really stupid.
  8. What the heck does that even mean? That is all
  9. I also think this could be part poodle personality. My poodle won’t leave my side. Absolutely only will stay happily outside long enough to go to the bathroom. I’m okay with it.
  10. Wonder. It’s out - we watched off of prime. It was fantastic and demonstrates awesome moral behavior.
  11. Elf makes a dark circle pencil (maybe pencil is wrong word - crayon ??? You use it under concealer) that is orange-ish. It works for me. I’m 51. Also tarte Shape tape concealer is awesome when applied with a concealer brush- doesn’t settle into fine lines.
  12. I watched a video about a month ago from a gal at IT cosmetics. I, too, have the settling issue because I’m 51. Anyway, after you pack on eye cream, she recommended going over your whole eye with foundation, then using concealer on just the lower eyebone up into the corner of your eyes. It’s amazing. My mascara doesn’t rub onto my lower eyelids anymore and it covers completely. I use Tarte Shape tape. It’s a very large bottle for the price.
  13. I laid down to take a nap. While napping I vividly saw a small plane crash in our back pasture (country folk :)). The next day a small plane actually went down just across the street from our home. That was crazy.
  14. Honey guy natural beeswax waterblocker skin cream. It’s amazing.
  15. I’m signed in, so I’m wondering why there’s not a “Start new Topic†button. Thanks.
  16. Do NOT pull teeth. The jaw needs to be grown via palate expander. Unfortunately they didn’t do that much when I was young and had my teeth pulled. It is causing me problems aesthetically and my orthodontist for my kids says pulling permanent teeth is lost always a nono
  17. I have a garmin vivofit. I’ve had it for a few years so I’m sure it’s technologically out of date. But I love it. Don’t have to charge - battery lasts for a year. Can wear it j to the shower and swimming. Has the time, date, steps, mileage And calories burned. I especially like the no charge and time date and steps.
  18. Well I got my ears pinned as my high school graduation present. I don’t regret the decision. However, most of the commentary about my ears came from within my family. Thanks family. But I’m very happy with my surgical results.
  19. Sinus problems are oven fungal. Have them check that route.
  20. I have fine hair. I wash it every other day. But, on the days I don’t wash, I still completely wet it and restyle as isual
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