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  1. Nope definitely kp. Very frustrating. Little bumpies all over under my skin. It's not horrible looking but I'd love a smooth eyelid!
  2. I have this in my upper eyelids and lower lids as well! Anyone know something miraculous for it?
  3. LOVE my cuisinart. Makes life so much simpler!
  4. In my experience, the small one that works like a comb works much better than the automated ones. If you're super careful, a hair clipper works the best, but super easy to cut whatever you're working on.
  5. I may have turned my tv up loudly and knocked on the wall.
  6. It's not that bad. Worst part is keeping your mouth open that long. You're number up and shouldn't feel much of anything - maybe some pressure. You'll have a temporary crown until the real one is finished and it'll be permanently attached. Easy!
  7. FYI - granite is an amazing thawing surface. Things thaw so much faster if they sit on the granite. Don't know why - I'm sure there's some chemical or physical reasoning that I lack, but it's an awesome side benefit!
  8. We have had an Airedale as well. Awesome dog. They are a bit more independent - I like a dog who wants to cuddle and she would rather sit near you and watch for bad guys! We lived on 6 acres and had animals at the time - worked out wonderfully. She was loyal to the end. On the last day of her life, she followed the boys as far as she could to the barn and sat and watched for them to return. It was terribly sad. Awesome dog! Never worried about safety with her on the job. Excellent with kids! Non shedding. Smarter than smart.
  9. A neighbor came to babysit my 1 year old while I had a doctors appt. we had a larger home and I was also a little compulsive about his clothes. In an extra bedroom down the hall, I hung all the clothes that didn't fit him yet (avid garage saler who bought ahead). It would have been extremely unlikely that there would have been a need for her to even step in that bedroom, yet she mentioned seeing the clothes and would I mind if her son borrowed them while I waited for my son to grow into them!!!! So she snooped the whole house while we were gone and didn't even mind telling me that she did!
  10. I have a whisper mill in excellent condition I'd like to sell. 2 m a m a c h e w @ gmail.com. $125
  11. Joan of arctic boots by Sorel. Wedge tie up booties. Adorable!
  12. Check Life360. We use it all the time and it shows specific locations as well as en route driving.
  13. I've been there. I drove first a Yukon and then a Yukon xl. I didn't need the space I had two kids. I loved those cars. My kids grew up - youngest is 17 and rarely in my car - we bought a Honda Pilot. It's a great car. It fits our needs so much better and the gas mileage is much better. That being said, I loved those big cars. If I were rich and could drive whatever I wanted regardless of price and gas mileage I would go right back to those big cars. My current drool is the Infiniti suvs, but would drive another xl in a heartbeat!
  14. Cuisinart. Got mine new off Craigslist for $50
  15. I have collected fiestaware and I now have about 20 place settings - all different colors. It makes me smile to unload the dishwasher and every time I open the cupboard.
  16. I hate eggs. My eggs are delicious! Butter in cast iron pan, chopped green onion, spinach, and some diced tomatoes till slightly soft/wilted, eggs whipped in cup and dumped in to cook, salt/pepper/garlic salt/basil, when almost done add some feta cheese. It is amazing. Tastes some like caprese. Super fast, super easy
  17. My chiropractor put me on the Chinese herb Geng Nian An Wan. You can get it on Amazon. Literally changed my life. I was waking up at least 4 times a night with such sweats! So I was getting sleep deprived as well as suffering from some hot flashes during the day. Within a week, I was sleeping through the night and not having anymore flashes. Wonderful product. Get the burgundy pack that says 192 pills - gold blister packs. A single dose is 4 little black pills that look like bbs. Take it morning and night. (It also restored natural mucus to tea areas which I suffered from lacking)
  18. Used to be gal, here. Anyone in nw Ohio need any purebred Nubians? 2 m a m a c h e w @ g m ail. Co m
  19. I'm researching and looking for a used one on Craigslist. Pros/cons. Loves/hates? Thanks
  20. I covet the simple human. It's soooo expensive.
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