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  1. Ask for another similar "companion" piece. Then only have room for one.
  2. Honestly, being around people energizes me. I feel that that person died with homeschooling. Like I've been living a shut in life only for my kids. Now that I only one kid home who basically is self-sufficient, I don't feel like I have anything going on personally. I love home improvement, but there's only so much of that I can do at once for $$ reasons. I also love automobiles. I would be best suited to something in sales, but at 50 I don't want tied down to a full time job. I need to pursue something that gives a social person something to talk about. I'm currently a frustrated social person who sits back and lets everyone else talk, because I lack subject matter and confidence.
  3. I'm 50. I don't think I've ever had a love of learning and now I feel like a dull person. Is there hope for me?
  4. Good luck. I could only wish for that prob. Both of my boys are clothes horses!
  5. I agree with OKBud. I see liability as a concern as well. Possibly land contract the 12 acres now? If they are open to selling in 5 years, perhaps they would do a land contract?
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the auto ship! I contacted her and I was on it! She took me off. How can they auto ship such expensive things?
  7. Well I ordered it and I'm going to follow through, as a benefit to the girl who is doing it - a fellow homeschool girl going through college. However, I don't plan to reorder. I could use some skin brightening, so hopefully it works. Thanks for your responses.
  8. I vote "mouth shut." I would imagine she doesn't want to hear it no matter how needed. If she's already hanging her shingle as a pro photographer, she has a certain level of confidence in her work - prob not interested in constructive criticism. I think economics will win in this situation. If no one books, she won't make $, and won't be professional for long.
  9. Worth it or no? Just ordered the package that brightens the complexion. Thought it would be approx. $170 and it's much more. I'm struggling here.
  10. Just wanted to say check Groupon. I've been seeing ads for skinny tuxes there. Bought both of my boys skinny suits and they were wonderful. I think the tux was like $79
  11. My mom was 35, but she was always "old." She had shampoo and sets for as long as I've known her - that kind of old. Although never diagnosed, I'm sure she had some mental health issues. I was youngest by 14 years. It was not a great childhood. Very isolated and my parents were not very interactive. That being said, I think that could be somewhat just "them." If you are interactive and loving to your children and can enjoy them, I don't think age matters that much.
  12. We used ours then sold it for $800. I vote keep then sell later!
  13. Our 10 year old Cavalier is free from health problems. Might be an oddity, but she was an impulse buy and we didn't research her breeder, although it was a local backyard breeder rather than a kennel breeder if that makes a difference. Most mellow dog in the world.
  14. My Yukon XL was the car love of my life. That being said, for an arrow garage, what about a Toyota Sequoia? I'd measure though or get specs online and see if you could get a Yukon in there. You won't be disappointed.
  15. There is a company or two that say this process is ok, but I'm a member of a couple Facebook eo pages who say it is absolutely not safe to do. I tried it once before I knew better and it set off my acid reflux so badly. Do your research.
  16. Old navy has capris right now that are more tailored. Don't look tight
  17. Longmire. It is awesome. And a full 5 seasons. Stranger things.
  18. We sold our farmhouse, barn and acreage after impulsively buying a home with far less work. We got that farmhouse and barn cleaned out and in the market in one month. ThAt included craigslisting lots of stuff and giving the house a spitshine!!! Also it had tons of landscaping. We did it all ourselves with no hired help. So yes, you can do it.
  19. I swear, our family has been sick since November. I think we've each been on antibiotics 3x's over the last few months. I have yet (after those months) been able to clear my sinuses. Currently, my ear is plugged and has been for a week. Anyone have any amazing suggestions? Thanks
  20. Would those that use Korean skin care please elaborate as to what reasonable site you use? Thank you
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