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  1. We just visited! Their avg. temps in the summer are in the 80's and dry. If you want to drive, 1 hour north and you're at the Grand Canyon. 45 min. south and you're at Sedona with neat rock slides for swimming and sliding! All over Flag there are wonderful hiking trails, museums, university for university fun, all kinds of outside fun. Can you tell that I want to move there!
  2. Their classes for Mindstorms are $114 for one night a week. Hope this helps.;)
  3. when he was 18 months, not only did he know the alphabet song, but he could point to each letter and name it. Also, at 3 years old, he had all the presidents memorized in order. He has since lost this ability, it seems, as he is almost 12 and doesn't seem to know anything anymore! Just kidding, but pre-adolescence is interesting!
  4. We bought a 46" Samsung LCD 1080dpi. Anyway, what sold us on the LCD versus plasma, is that our room is inundated with natural light - read major glare on most normal screens. The LCD is non-reflective - we have no glare even in the middle of the day - it is awesome! In the past with our regular tv, we had to shut out as much light as we could just to see the tv.
  5. Maybe you would want a backhoe? You could probably get one of those used (really used) and it would have more stability maybe - even one like the tiny Kubota skid steers make one with a bucket.
  6. We bought a John Deer 425 all wheel steer. It is amazing. It is very close to zero turn, but has all the benefits of a tractor. The snow blower is VERY easy to install and once mounted, pops off fairly easy at the end of season. Same with the mower deck. We have a 60" deck, but we mow approx. 5 acres. It does have options like a bucket as you said you wanted. But, we have had no need for anything other than our snow blower (driveway is 500 ft. long). Husband would like a blade for when the snow is very heavy (wet snow doesn't work great with the blower) It was expensive - maybe $10K, but we have had it for almost 7 years now, and have had no mechanical problems whatsoever. Good luck=maybe you could find one used?
  7. I am thinking of signing my sons (12 & 8) Up for the class this spring. Is this something your kids have Loved?
  8. We just went to this exhibit last week in Chicago. Ours was the original. I didn't notice the smell she mentioned, but it was incredible. I found it so educational, personally. It was amazing to see what a stroke/heart attack/enlarged prostate, etc. looked like. Yes, there were naked organs, but it really wasn't portrayed in any way that would make you think "naked." It was really done in such an artistic fashion. It was absolutely worth the money. We went to the museum on a "free" day to save on cost. The museum was packed, but they had time slots for the exhibit, which was not at all overrun. It was amazing!
  9. My first went 2 weeks and 2 days over-due. After painful membrane stripping and seaweed pegs inserted into my cervix - I finally went into labor! I never dialated past a 4! I guess that is why we only have 2 kids - childbirth is not my friend! You'll do great! Labor will come!
  10. We got our for about $350. The internal parts are made of metal not plastic, so it is supposed to last. This company bought out Panasonic sweepers and basically improved the Panasonic. We have had our old Panasonic for 18 years. It is still a workhorse, we bought the Simplicity for our main sweeper, and the Pan. is for upstairs now. We love it so far, and it has tools onboard with a nice extra hose/tools package that you can get for about $30.
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions, I think it will be too cold to be wet : bummer! Any ideas are appreciated!:D:
  12. We are going to Flagstaff for vacation. We know to see the Grand Canyon, of course, but what else is nearby (up to 3 hours) that we would not want to miss? We have 2 boys: 11 and 8. We do like to hike, my husband plans to take the boys skiing one day. Thanks for response!
  13. I pay about $30 for a cut/style. $80 for 2 color foil highlights (and that includes cut and style). I color my hair every couple of months. She owns the salon, so I don't tip.
  14. I am a SAHM with Dh as a commercial pilot. We have 2 wonderful boys, 11 and 8; 2 dogs - an Airedale and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; 1 deaf cat; and 50 chickens (the boys have an egg business). We use an Eclectic approach to our homeschooling, picking and choosing from great stuff that we are exposed to largely from this board. Favorites are: Apologia science, Abeka Math through 5th grade, Veritas Press History, Lial's Basic college Math, and Latin Prep Latin. We have always homeschooled. God has put us near some wonderful homeschool families as our children have grown up, so we were exposed to the benefits of it while our children we very young. This allowed us to become used to the idea and decide that it was our path relatively easily! My husband was a Marine Corps F-18 pilot, we moved a TON. It has shaped us into a very flexible family. We are hoping that when we put our children in high school that we won't freak at the rigidity of their schedules! Now, if you have read this far, would someone please e-mail me privately and tell me how to get a hive mind stamp on my name, and also how to do other various things on this board? Thanks so much!
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