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  1. I put mine on do not disturb by my bed. It allows you to enter in numbers you allow to disturb you. I have my kids and family. Otherwise it doesn't make a peep or light up! Also, you shouldn't put it under your pillow. Have you seen those fires that start by keeping the phones on soft surfaces?
  2. I have a Honda Pilot and love it. Acura MDX and Pilot are the same chassis. Acura is a lot more elegant inside, but you pay for that. The Honda is a fantastic vehicle. Also consider the Toyota Hilander. We ultimately chose Honda, but the hilander is a great car too.
  3. My mom was a shampoo and set lady. She put on lipstick (natural color) and sometimes mascara. She still has an eyeliner cake that dates back to the 50's (yuck-but at least at 87 she doesn't use it) I am a full face everyday makeup person and my hair is always washed and styled after exercise. Everyday. Personally, I have fine hair that looks greasy if I don't wash/style (it's also always cut and colored). Also, my contacts tend to just not feel right if I don't have mascara on - prob psychosomatic! One sister is like me, just not as much of everything, the other sister will wear makeup just not everyday.
  4. You might want to joint the Magnesium Advocacy Group on fb. There are some amazing people there who have great answers.
  5. Instead of two long benches with no back, how about 4 short benches with backs to match the ends?
  6. Well, I am speaking of experience as well. My husband went through the military for college - qualified to be a fighter pilot. He was first generation college, broken home, no Money. Through his hard work, and yes, risk, he now makes a very nice salary as an airline pilot. I understand physical disqualifications, and I'm sorry, really sorry that it isn't an option for those who have them. I would think that getting ahead and dramatically changing your income and lifestyle would demand a risk and a significant commitment and if there's an opportunity - even if it is dangerous- they'd take it.
  7. It a person is capable, they could join the military. The GI bill from my husband will be funding two years of my sons's school. My other son won an ROTC full ride Air Force scholarship, and will be entering as an officer at graduation. There are some opportunities to change your stars.
  8. I always think the floor plan would be more useabl if it were a travel trailer.
  9. Time. I have a very difficult mother - I'm sure on the NPR spectrum. I've struggled with her forever (51 years). Now she is 86 and we've just put her in a nursing home due to strokes, etc. her personality has changed and I have empathy for her.
  10. Foot fetish? I listed some shoes on Craigslist and got the grossest foot fetish emails!
  11. Oh the flip side - our friends got quite a settlement and got pretty great stuff and cars out of the deal. But pics and heirlooms lost.
  12. Friends of ours in the military were moving stateside after a tour in Germany. All their worldly goods (cars included) sunk with the cargo ship that it was packed on.
  13. Would it be cheaper to just bump down the a/c in the house a couple more degrees and throw a blanket on the cold ones?
  14. How much is it worth to you to have it sold? A bird in the hand is a good thing. Don't want to scare him off.
  15. Yes I'm dry. I'm also getting a bit crepey with some wrinkles. It seems like my makeup is just settling in those lines - even with daily primer!! Gotta love 50!
  16. Please post what you use and how it's worked. Paula's choice was not emollient enough for me. Thanks
  17. Food for thought...we've always lived far away from family. My parents were minimally 10'years older than my husbands. We always erred on spending more time with my food because of age - dh's parents were young and would drive. Fast forward - dh's mom has very early onset fairly aggressive dimentia. I always thought there would be time....
  18. I have a handled serving plate - which looks like a larger plate with ears. Nice for serving cakes, cheeses I use my butter dish daily I have countless bigger bowls and platters. And I love the oval bakers. Have a couple covered casseroles. Really all fiesta is awesome!!
  19. Went through exactly the same thing last August. Guess what - she still hasn't reached out. I'm better off and so are you.
  20. It has really eroding his confidence. Older brother got a 29 without prep. He has a 20 with prep. I think he's feeling dumb. Looking into some help
  21. My youngest -17- struggles with test taking. He's a very bright kid, and knows the material, but freezes during testing. As you can imagine, his act score is not as high as it should be and doesn't reflect his abilities. Also, his community college test scores make him get b's not a's and he's an a student. Where should I go for help? Also what's the best act prep you Can recommend that is outside of doing test prep booklets? Thanks.
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