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  1. Not sure what you Mean by processor for salads, but I have a cuisinart large food processor with nesting bowls for different size chopping. It is a wonderful tool. If this is what you mean- I highly recommend this one!
  2. Check plant therapy. Much less expensive and very quality.
  3. This year I threw away our carcass. It’s just my husband and I and our 18 year old who is t find of turkey. So ladies - I pitched the carcass of a 24 pound turkey. First time ever.
  4. Quality boots, heavy coat (long), heavy mittens, scarf, sweaters, flannel lined pants or leggings for under jeans. It’s very windy in Toledo which drops the temp even colder than it says.
  5. Dream- Med cruise - it’s on my bucket list. So is Bora Bora.
  6. What you described sounded perfectly Subaru to me!
  7. I love my leather mittens that have fingers on the inside. Super warm
  8. Just want to piggy back on this post - my husbands company paid for us to join Naturally Slim. It’s expensive, but so is every other program like nutrasystem, medifast. Anyway, It’s changed my life. No weird eating, nothing purchased, just eating regular foods. Based on eating when you’re hungry. Iï¸ have been struggling with my weight for years. This has enabled m not lose. Just another suggestion.
  9. My eldest is a senior and is graduating high school this year. I am not going to be involved with anything education related. I am so thrilled to be done and am enjoying being my own person.
  10. Jigsaw Magnesium. Don’t use magnesium citrate - which is in Natural Calm. I belong to a magnesium group on fb and jigsaw is the recommended brand. I recommend joining the group - Magnesium Advocacy Group. They have all kinds of recommendations there.
  11. Ooh! On the downton abbey theme - Paradise. It's fantastic. About the making of a department store in the late 1800's. It's got a great story line. I was hooked
  12. Hell on Wheels - personal favorite! Westward expansion of railroad. Incredible actors! Longmire - takes a few to get into but a seriously great series Blacklist - fantastic!
  13. Our homeschooling community had the same 3 - only homecoming is called the Fall Ball or something like that. Our group has prob 150 families
  14. Does anyone use these products? Has anyone ordered from Amazon? Curious for reviews. I have fine, thin hair
  15. I'm over them, too. I thought it was just me.
  16. Hi. I need bedding suggestions. Going to Kohls and TJMaxx - the bedding all looks so cheap and screen printed. Any suggestions on where to find nicer comforters, duvets, etc?
  17. Look at outfit suggestions on Pinterest. Maybe that would help you decide.
  18. All over Craigslist. That's how I got mine.
  19. We did in our utility room. It turned out great and was easy
  20. Nope nothing. I can recall few specific things. I currently don't remember much of my recent past as well. Just a general sense of where I lived, etc, bits and pieces of my kids small, etc. I feel like I just live in the present.
  21. Have you looked into her magnesium and b12 levels? We are about to do that for my mother in law.
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