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    Learning! Trips with husband and children. I enjoy homeschooling with all of my heart. We're very involved serving in the church. Also reading, drawing, and painting, and completely amateur piano and singing.

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    Married 14 years with a teen, a tween, and K'er.
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    Our home is a happy cabin in the woods overlooking the creek just outside a small town.
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  1. Oh sorry! I just realized you gave answers already!
  2. Questions! 🤗 Can you overlap these? Do they each follow and give credit for all purchases, or do they accept certain categories? Do you report particular purchases through particular apps? Thank you!
  3. I think it would be like that for me too. Thank you!
  4. Thank you, everyone! I knew you would know all about it. I didn't even realize they worked on a desktop, which will be much better for me than using my phone.
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation or not. I've seen ads for ibotta and Rakuten, but are they worth the effort? Thanks!
  6. We had reserved rooms in a timeshare. The code we were given didn't open the door to our unit. The office was closed. Three phone numbers were listed on the door as after-hours contacts. No one answered or returned our calls. We spent the first night of that vacation in the parking lot in our car.
  7. I have to stay near a bathroom on day 1 and/or 2. My legs get weak and shaky. I get cramps, dizzy spells, and headaches. I develop some kind of sensory issue so I use earplugs when I'm dealing with noisy kids. The cramps and bleeding have gotten much worse as I've had children, but the other problems have developed in recent years. I definitely reduce my speed, shorten my chore list, and take a nap if possible. So no...You're not the only one who struggles.
  8. I expected to read... raining. I abandon shopping plans if it's raining, or if the place is too crowded, so I wouldn't have blamed you for either.
  9. Bad morning here too. ? People won't get out of bed, then there's no time to get them all through one bathroom. I yelled because they were all physically fighting over the bathroom door.
  10. Thank you! I'm cutting sugar and salt, and I've started a plant based diet. I appreciate your other ideas.
  11. Wondering if you have successfully lowered high blood pressure without medicine, and if you're willing to share what worked for you. Thank you!
  12. This is why people like us get mocked. "Where they knocked down that big yellow house, right past where the blinking light used to be."
  13. Would you please tell us how you did that? Thank you!
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