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  1. Gross. If that's true, I've now changed my opinion.
  2. Both our dentist and ortho were closed for a few months, so we rescheduled our checkups. When they opened, we went.
  3. At 10, we allowed lip gloss, ones that closely matched her skin tone and looked natural. Then neutral eye shadow. I definitely make the final decision on purchases. We believe in modesty, and don't think it excludes using makeup. She doesn't wear it every day, usually just if we're going out to breakfast or girls' shopping day. We didn't object to occasional playing with makeup, such as your sleepover example, but it was rare. I tell her she is young and her skin is naturally healthy, so she doesn't need the type or amount of makeup that I use.
  4. I'm setting up a Zoom bedtime story with my nieces and nephews.
  5. If it helps, we wouldn't do that either. Welcome to the bad guy parents club. 💙
  6. I treat covid as every other virus. I breathe fresh air. I go to work, church, and school. I invite people over for dinner and games. I only support businesses that don't infringe on their customers' medical freedom. When I get home, I wash my hands.
  7. I think you have a great idea. If it was me, I would plan minimal activities, and just enjoy whatever got done that week. Maybe think of simple meals and only do basic chores like laundry and light cleaning. I hope you and your family have a wonderful time!
  8. This reminded me that a few years ago we went out after our Thanksgiving meal and built a bonfire, then used up some fireworks we had leftover from the Fourth. That was fun. And cold. 😊
  9. About the grapes- I let them soak in a glass container of water in the fridge. I do the same with celery stalks. They last several days.
  10. So sorry to read this. Prayers for all of you.
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