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  1. Scroll down a bit and they'll give you the parameters for the vulnerability levels. I'm not sure if I buy them totally? But I don't think they have a ton to do with the case numbers and positivity rates.
  2. As a teacher working in a school with a fairly large covid case count right now, please don't send him until the test comes back. We are all exhausted and running on fumes right now. Even if it's probably Asthma, it's safer and much less added stress on school personnel to keep him home for a couple of days. Our school nurse was in tears the other day from the stress of it all and she is an amazing, tough, woman.
  3. Sounds like an amazing house - keeping my fingers crossed! And yes, I think the letters do help. When we bought last year, we wrote a letter and we received numerous letters when we had our house on the market.
  4. I also work in a middle school and spend all day with middle school boys (then I come home and parent one). DS loves Minecraft and Mario sports games too. The difference I see with the kids in ps, starting as young as 5th grade - I assume 4th as well, but they start in 5th at our school - is they're playing Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and other games for 18+. Also, their activity on Tic Tok, Snapchat, P*rnHub, and other lovely sites has to be addressed on a regular basis between inappropriate searches, cyber bullying and kids following Tic Tok challenges like the current "wreck the student bathrooms and steal stuff from school for fun" challenge.
  5. We use this company - upstate elevator: https://www.upstateelevator.com/ They have the lab information for their products on their website and are very reputable. DH's Dr. recommended for arthritis pain and their tinctures have helped him a lot.
  6. This website is neat - it's from the second link that Kareni posted: https://www.literature-map.com/kate+atkinson
  7. We have a student who is (understandably) anxious about lunch time as well. He has permission to eat in a different room of the building with a peer if he chooses. Would the school be willing to offer something like that? He chooses a vaccinated peer and they eat together with the windows open.
  8. I've been listening to this podcast - it's fascinating and so sad.
  9. This was my kiddo - sore arm w/ first, tired and a bit headachey w/ second.
  10. One of our local churches went from an average attendance of more than 200 to less than 30 because they required masking and distancing during service and the pastor refused to endorse a presidential candidate from the pulpit. They all flocked to more conservative churches who held maskless services even when everyone was required to mask indoors.
  11. I call people here my friends, so I say go for it! I am your friend.
  12. Ooh - we need one of those! Where did you get it, if you don't mind sharing?
  13. @Janeway - here are the latest stats form VT with 86.2% of the eligible population vaccinated. Cases are rising in both vaccinated and unvaccinated people, but rising much more quickly in unvaccinated and are much more prevalent even though we have a significant majority of the population vaccinated. Also, the hospitalization data is pretty stark.
  14. Our school said the pledge growing up. I thought it was a thing of the past, but when I started at my current school a few years ago, I was surprised to see that we say it every day. It's easier to not say it while wearing a mask - one bonus - I don't stand out with not pledging to a flag.
  15. Yay!! Congratulations - she is gorgeous!
  16. Maybe because it wasn't the question asked? 🤷‍♀️
  17. It has one of the cone shaped gold mesh type filters. It rinses quickly, but you could wash it quick with a soapy sponge too. I'm pretty lazy and it takes less than 10 sec to clean it. And yes - the carafe works really well. Once (or a few times) after a power outage, we forgot to reset the time on the coffee maker, making the morning brew start at like 11pm instead of 530 am. It was still quite hot in the morning. I would say definitely a few hours of very hot, cooling off to warm over the course of the day. No - thank goodness! We did with our old cuisinart on occasion. It was Awesome-o's only flaw. Every once in awhile, we'd come downstairs to find a coffee covered counter, which is the saddest thing to see first thing in the morning. Ninja has held strong though - more than a year and no issues. Only occasional user error - like if you think you set it to one cup and accidentally set it to a full carafe and then wonder why there is coffee on the counter. Not that I'd ever do that....
  18. Our good friend was diagnosed earlier this year - he's not even 50 yet. No family history, healthy, active guy. It's horrifying. They're doing what they can to treat him, but it doesn't look good right now. I'm so sorry for your losses @Farrar and @Corraleno.
  19. You really do. We had a coffee maker that we loved, and named Awesom-o for years, and when it died, we went hunting for a replacement. I was going to get the updated version of Awesome-o, but my friend had a Ninja and started sending me videos of her making coffee and tea and lattes with it. Oh, it also has two different filter baskets - tea and coffee and it knows which one you are currently using and automatically gives you options for only tea or coffee, depending. I usually make a cup of iced tea mid afternoon, but it was a bit chilly today (finally) and I wanted coffee. Made 1 cup of decaf. No waste, didn't have to drink full caff at 5pm- it was perfect.
  20. We have this Ninja and it's the happiest purchase I've made. Brews hot and cold, tea and coffee, tea has green, herbal, and black options. There's a frother! You can make 1 small cup, 1 large cup, travel mug, xl travel mug, half carafe, or full carafe. It is amazing. So much love for the Ninja. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FX73Y7H/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. Would Well Trained Mind Academy be an option? https://www.wtmacademy.com/ DS took 2 classes last year and is enrolled for a full load of classes this year and we've been quite happy so far. Accredited, students from different parts of the world, and pretty rigorous.
  22. Congrats!! Me too - less mid-life crisis and more about DS getting older and more independent and me wanting to make sure I had a fulfilling career. My bachelors was in elementary ed way back when and I was ready to get back into teaching. My original plan was to get my masters and then when DS hit high school to start looking for a job, but my job fell into my lap so I started earlier than planned.
  23. I started a new career at 42 - I got a job as a special educator and started 2 master's programs simultaneously. I was able to get fully licensed and I will graduate from program 1 in the spring. Program 2 was a certificate program that I am going to turn into a degree in Curriculum and Instruction. It's hard, but my district is amazingly supportive and I love my school.
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