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  1. $6,000 for traditional, both top and bottom.
  2. I'm sorry to hear this - I hope he has a mild case. The Pfizer CEO has shared that the efficacy is lower after 6 months. Which makes me nervous - DH and I are right about at the 6 month mark.
  3. I am a "get up at the last possible minute" person on work days too. If I shower the night before, I can be out the door w/ coffee in hand in 20 min. I've also learned that using the remote starter to start my car from bed is a godsend. I need to start getting ready for the morning sprint again soon! My mom is the opposite - she get up at like 5:45 to start work (from home) at 8am so she has time to wake up. I'd prefer the extra 2 hrs of sleep!
  4. I was surprised when I saw the headline! And the article speculates that it's probably an undercount too.
  5. "1.1 million Americans are believed to have obtained unauthorized COVID-19 vaccine booster shots" https://www.businessinsider.com/a-million-americans-got-unauthorized-covid-19-booster-shots-report-2021-8 "What it's like to get an underground booster shot" https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/08/what-its-like-to-get-an-underground-covid-booster-shot.html
  6. That's true - I'm just getting a little twitchy thinking about going back to in-person teaching soon. We were slightly horrified when we went to RI at how blase people were, and they are also doing really well, so I can't wrap my head around what other states must be like. We've been a bit, um, sheltered, up here to say the least.
  7. No mandates in VT - our governor has not yet seemed inclined to mandate anything. His preferred route is to appeal to everyone's sense of caring for the community and all that good stuff.
  8. That is gorgeous!! I am so impressed by people who can sew! I hope she has fun at the Faire!!
  9. My county is 84.6% vaccinated (of eligible people). I'm really curious about tomorrow's covid briefing - last week, the modeling said that cases in VT, and the country, were expected to rise for the next 4-5 weeks before falling and that cases were largely in unvaccinated people. Still hard to think about heading back to in-person school later this month.
  10. Vermont has multiple counties in the substantial to high risk levels now. Stores are starting to require masks again regardless of vaccination status. And, school starts back in a couple of weeks and most of the kids I work with aren't old enough to be vaccinated. This doesn't feel good.
  11. I just saw that Amazon has Rear Window - love that movie! Also, Life in Pieces is a fun, easy to watch show.
  12. I'm usually more of an applesauce person myself, but my friend loves to can things so I let her direct me! I must have asked about botulism 5 times while we worked. 😂 😵
  13. My great-grandfather died of TB in 1920. I hadn't thought about it until now, but I wonder if it was connected to the pandemic. Stuff You Should Know did a neat podcast about the Spanish Flu - I really enjoyed it.
  14. We left our coop because they were the "covid is just a cold" type and didn't take any precautions even after it was mandated by the state. He's enrolled full time in WTMA for the upcoming school year - we may dip a toe into extracurriculars or a class or two at the local high school for 9th, but this year will be online. He plays tennis, which was social distanced before it was "cool", and has been able to keep taking lessons except for 2 months in the spring of 2020. He's very comfortable with his own company and doesn't need a ton of social interaction. I am a bit concerned - his closest friend is unvaccinated. I felt more ok about it earlier in the summer, but for now, I'll make sure they stick to video chat and video game hang outs instead of in person.
  15. Will masking be required and enforced? I know Delta is a new beast, but masking was very effective in my district last year.
  16. I spent yesterday afternoon turning a 5 gallon bucket of crabapples into jelly with a friend! Feels like we started with a lot of apples and ended up with a modest amount of jelly.
  17. We have Mental Health services for each county in VT. I'm in Washington county and we have Washington County Mental Health Services - each organization has a crisis line, which is staffed locally and a good first step for someone in crisis. I did a quick peek on Google and it looks like your state has something similar: https://www.mhamd.org/coronavirus/get-help-now/crisis-resources/ hope that helps!
  18. The In the Bubble podcast had an interview with the Pfizer CEO. It's a two part interview and it was really interesting. And yes, he did say that the 3rd dose increased protection by a lot. Pfizer has been testing other formulations to try to match some of the variants, but so far the original is the most effective. They're still working on some "just in case" options if the original formulation stops being effective. In the Bubble has a bunch of annoying "this podcast is sponsored by..." but they're pretty easy to skip past. (4 - 30 sec jumps forward usually is good) https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/exclusive-pfizer-ceo-albert-bourla-on-delta-variant/id1504128553?i=1000530256052
  19. Since DS hit teen acne phase, we started getting neutrogena grapefruit acne wash that I use too. I use either Cerave daily moisturizing lotion or Olay Regenerist, depending on how lazy I'm being. I like the Australian Gold sunscreen + tint.
  20. When I made my testing appt for next week, one of the questions I was asked was about my vaccination status.
  21. I'm pretty sure my math ed. program didn't plan them to occur perfectly during covid, but it was helpful! As an aside, I have thought of you once or twice during this program - it would be right up your alley, and you would probably love being an instructor! https://www.vmimathematics.com/
  22. I don't think there is a way to avoid it. I'm comfortable driving to and around Boston, but not NYC. It's a little intimidating for me, to be honest. I love the idea of having food delivered to her in the hospital - thank you!!
  23. I learned that we picked a good state to live in 20 years ago. One of our reasons for moving up here from southern New England was a result of feeling unsafe after 9/11. VT turned out to be a pretty good state to ride out a pandemic. I learned that making weekly bundt cake, while delicious, is not good for the waistline. Shout out to King Arthur Flour for some great recipes though. I learned that meetings are better virtually and parents are very grateful to be able to meet online and not have to lose money and miss work time. I learned that middle school students are better than grown ups at following health recommendations. I learned that having two grad classes in Stats was handy during a pandemic.
  24. I got into the habit of washing my hands after each student I worked with last year. Great reminder to use my "how can they expect me to go to full time in person teaching during a pandemic" hand-washing routine in this scenario. I think I'm going to be hanging out in the hotel room 95% of the time - I'm bringing work, schoolwork and books. My plan is to be there for my friend for whatever she needs from me, even if it's just knowing that she won't be coming back to an empty room when she leaves the hospital after visiting hours.
  25. Not in this case - I am going to support my friend (and sharing a hotel room) while and after her husband has major surgery for a life threatening condition. I won't be going into the hospital, but will be there as a support for my friend while she waits and while he's in the ICU. They have been quite cautious all through covid and she is working from home still, but they are both of the "we're all vaccinated - and we aren't worried" mindset. I just want to make sure I'm doing my due diligence. Will definitely bring hand sanitizer. I have Happy Masks and KF94s - I can double up in the train if needed. If we were local, I'd be slightly less cautious, but we'll be in a neighboring state in a large city.
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