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  1. I am a chronic over-tipper. I worked in restaurants in high school and college and know how crappy waitstaff are treated. There has been one time that the service was so horrible that I didn't tip. We went to a restaurant for lunch. It was almost empty, the waitress ignored us, we had to walk up to the host station to get our menus, after about 20 min, we went to the bar to order drinks and brought them back to the tabel ourselves. After many attempts to order, our waitress never came to take our order. We left, paying for our iced teas and I left a note as to why there was no tip. We have not returned to that restaurant since.
  2. I've been thinking about my first reply while procrastinating on writing a paper. We moved in October, to a house with more room for storage and have been able to get ahead on most of our Amazon subscribe and save items (laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, sponges, garbage bags, etc) and we have a second fridge and storage for food in the basement, which got us in the habit of buying ahead. So when I open a bag of flour, I purchase a second bag to have in the basement storage. So we have more of a rotating stock of things than we have in the past, which made it tricky last spring with so many shortages and so little space. I'd have to be creative and use a bunch of frozen veg, but if there were shortages again, we'd be fine for a month I think.
  3. I ordered 5 new Happy Masks for the start of the school year. I have 3 that I bought at the end of the last school year and a handful that need to be retired. I wear one a day and wash them all once a week so I need to have enough in rotation. We haven't been told yet, but I am assuming schools with kids under 12 will need to mask this year and regardless, I plan on masking during cold/flu season at work because I enjoyed not coughing all last winter like I typically do. (middle schoolers are germy) I needed to buy them regardless and ordered a couple weeks early to ensure I got them - also there are cute new prints out!
  4. We switched to YouTube TV this year and have been very happy with it. The only thing i can't get that I miss is Hallmark Channel. I need to find a way to stream that one - so far all I can find is the Hallmark Now app which doesn't have everything available.
  5. 83.5% people 12+ in my county have been vaccinated with at least one dose: https://www.healthvermont.gov/covid-19/vaccine/covid-19-vaccine-dashboard
  6. We have a "dry" setting on our AC units and run that on days like today. We're having similar weather - 70 and humid right now. Even if you don't have a dry setting, I'd just run the AC for a bit - it pulls the moisture out of the air.
  7. Beyond Burgers are gluten free and pretty widely available. I think gardein burgers are as well. Green salad, corn on the cob? Put the burgers on the salad or in a gluten free bun/wrap?
  8. I don't see our governor issuing stay at home orders again. My school district was in person all year and we were able to keep our case numbers low. As a state, we were only "closed" for 3 weeks before starting to slowly ease restrictions last year. My kiddo is vaccinated, but if he weren't, I'd feel comfortable with him not wearing a mask at outdoor events. We all still mask indoors at stores (lots of places still request/require masks even though the state order is lifted). We aren't really eating in restaurants yet (most of our restaurants are still focusing on takeout and outdoor dining). Thankfully, most activities are outdoors this time of year.
  9. I am in a similar high vaccination/low covid rate state and I would feel comfortable, especially since there will be masking. I was really surprised at how well masks worked in schools this past year. Also, I wish I could find big kid camps for DS! Everything here seems to stop in 6th grade, ugh.
  10. Reading: Overcoming Dyslexia, by Sally Shaywitz Prairie Lotus, by Linda Sue Park Counting by 7s, by Holly Goldberg Sloan The Art of Possibility, by Zander and Zander Just finished Murder at Kingscote, by Alyssa Maxwell Watching: Just finished The Good Place with DH Finishing my pandemic re-watch of Star Trek Voyager Just started The Good Witch, during my Saturday workday Listening (podcasts): Stuff You Should Know Great American History Tellers Gymcastic (gymnastics podcast)
  11. How is your state doing with vaccinations? I think that would be part of my decision making process.
  12. Yes, but typically not sweaters. Not entirely sure why I make that exception though.
  13. Very anecdotally, but we had 3 covid cases, where the infected person had been in our school in the week leading up to the positive test. There was no spread to any other person in the school. 1 teacher and 2 students, all different grades and different times of the year. We masked all year. I had been so nervous to go back to school at the beginning of the year, but each time I heard about a case that infected no one else, it helped me relax a little bit more. I'm sure they're not perfect, but I was very grateful for masks this year.
  14. TalkSpace therapists do a lot through email (through their platform) therapy. You can sign up for video chat, but you don't have to. National Deaf Therapy is a group that is aimed at making therapy accessible to the deaf community. https://themighty.com/2019/10/national-deaf-therapy-mental-health-services/ Hope that helps!
  15. I was going to suggest this - call the police non-emergency line and get ahead of any possible situation. I'm so sorry this happened - the woman sounds like a piece of work!
  16. First day back at in person church since last March! Then math homework.
  17. I think you worded it better than me - I'm from RI (almost the same neighborhood as CT) and just spent way too long trying to figure out how much schwa I am using on the i. It's definitely not a short i when I say it. In between a short e and short u.
  18. @WTM - here are the PIs for Narrative and Informational that we use. There are also PIs on editing/planning/revising, and caps/punctuation/spelling. Hope that helps!
  19. Neither? the e in per, sounds like edge or echo to me. Closer to ex-pare-e(short again)-ment
  20. If she's going to a school that uses common core, she'll be expected to write narrative, informational, and argumentative essays. This is an example of how the district I work grades argumentative essays in high school.
  21. Thank you!! Oof - I am rusty. Been too long of a break between my class that ended in March to the one that's starting on the 12th!
  22. I'm working on my end of class homework for the math program I'm in. I think I have most of this problem correct, but I know the final answer is wrong. Anyone (or your kids?) want to help me find my error(s) in question 3? 😁 I tried to go to office hours for homework group, but our teacher didn't show up. Scanned Document 17.pdf
  23. Yes, for PTSD, EMDR is the way to go. I don't have a ton of sleep advice, but when I went through a terrible not-sleeping period, I took a benedryl at night to help me sleep. My aunt went through years of sleep struggles and some of the dr's advice was to walk a lot during the day, if she woke up and didn't think she was going to be able to fall back asleep, to just not try. Turn on a light and read until she felt like she could, or not and just stay up. She also does a benedryl or tylenol PM every night.
  24. I am almost finished with this book - and I agree, this thread was ON it right from the start! I've had multiple people ask me how I knew so much in the beginning of the pandemic and they gave me confused looks when I said I learned if from my homeschool forums. 😂
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