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  1. We keep bees and several days is not unusual for the swelling to subside. Benadryl will be his friend. DH hates taking medication of any kind and Benadryl knocks him out, but he gives in and takes it when he gets stung because it helps a lot and he was so miserable.
  2. Depends on what era you're studying. MOH 1 is super duper easy and primarily Bible stories, which is great for a 3rd grader but not so much for a 9th and 6th grader. The other volumes of MOH are more appropriate for older kids - each one more sophisticated as you go on.
  3. I read SWB's Ancient History and while it was fascinating and is a great option, it was definitely a higher reading ability than my middle schoolers would have been capable of.
  4. I wish I could, there are friends in different worlds that I think would really like each other and I would love to hang out with them both together, but it never works and there are all kinds of awkward things to take into consideration when I contemplate it like which ones from which circles to include. So instead I have my church friends, my drama friends, my speech and debate friends, my old college friends, my book club friends, and 2 circles of random friends that somehow don't intersect with each other very well even though we live in a very small community. There is some overlap between the drama and the speech and debate friends since they are both homeschool related so some of the same people rotate in and out of those circles. The only time people from different circles were all in the same place was for DS's graduation party last year.
  5. DS took it. He thought it was easier than he expected and felt he did well. We'll see ...
  6. My DS is registered to go to IN Boys State here in a couple weeks. It's definitely right up his alley - public speaking, politics, and lots of social interaction LOL If I remember, I'll try to post when he gets back about what he thought about it. The American Legion had a booth at our state homeschool convention and so I assumed they were actively recruiting homeschool students, which I thought was pretty cool.
  7. My 2nd DS was a horrible speller. He literally once spelled the same simple word wrong in 3 different ways in the same paragraph ... in middle school (insert head banging emoji here). Now he's a senior and while he doesn't have perfect spelling, he does fine in his essays and written work. My DD who is going into 6th still doesn't have great crossover into her writing. My DD who is a sophomore almost always spells everything correctly. Both DDs used AAS. All that to say, sometimes it takes a while for all the skills (handwriting, thinking, spelling, grammar, organization) to all come together.
  8. We love AG and while I wouldn't call it particularly fun, it isn't drudgery either. And you can't get much more independent. I spend about 10 min on Monday teaching the lesson and going over the first few sentences, then almost no time the rest of the week.
  9. This is huge. My MIL has been the same way, and I so so so SO appreciate it. I know it will be hard, but I hope to give the same gift to my future DILs and SILs.
  10. Yup. I'm real with my kids about the annoyances that kids in general visit upon their parents, and they all know how much I'm looking forward to seeing them grow up and follow their own path in life, but that's a whole different attitude than telling a kid over and over again how much of a pain in the rear they are and how much you can't wait to have your life back again. I also hate hate hate hate HATE those awful pictures on Facebook of the mom celebrating when her kids go back to school each fall. Even when my kids were in public school I hated those things. Because nothing says "I love you" better than your mother shouting to the World how much she prefers her life with you gone for most of it 😝
  11. We won a trip through DH's employer 2 years ago and went to Costa Rica. Belize was 2nd on our list. Costa Rica had more land based adventures (although the beaches were beautiful too!) and Belize seemed more like a beach vacation. Otherwise, costs were about the same. We loved it and it was sooooo worth it, although yes leaving the kids for a whole week was hard. Go for it!!!! You won't regret it.
  12. I don't know the answer to your question, but my DS used Video Text for Algebra and Geometry, did AoPS Intro to C&P and NT, and then did the AoPS pre calc and calc books on his own with no problems. He could fill in any gaps just fine simply because he's a strong math student. He did struggle a bit with figuring out the discovery method of AoPS when he first began the C&P and NT books, so maybe that might be the biggest hurdle with a student who is unfamiliar with the method?
  13. This is what I'd do. If he's 10 and really advanced in some math areas, it may be that his brain just isn't there yet with geometry. My just turned 11 year old still gets perimeter and area mixed up. She's not particularly math oriented but does solidly well at grade level.
  14. Definitely saw the interior! We flew into Anchorage, then drove south to Seward, north to Talkeetna, north again to Fairbanks, south to Denali, south again to Palmer, then back to Anchorage and flew back out.
  15. Without a boat you wouldn't see them calving into the ocean, but we still saw plenty of glaciers. We hiked to Exit Glacier in Seward and got some pretty views. In Palmer at Knik River Lodge we took a helicopter ride out to a glacier and took a dogsled ride on top of it. And about an hour east from Palmer we drove out to Mantanuska Glacier and actually got to hike out to it and walk around on top of it, which just might have been the coolest thing we did the whole trip! Seeing the glaciers calve from the boat was cool, yes, but the wildlife on the cruise (otters, seals, puffins, orca whales, humpback whales) was more exciting than the glacier actually.
  16. My DS did WttW and then a 1.5 years of EiL (all here at home with me) and then self studied for the AP Eng Lang using IEW's book and syllabus and a Cliff Notes prep book. He got really good at writing timed essays and got a 4 on the exam. Doing well on the exam is mostly just a matter of being well read and learning how to write an essay in the specific form that they are looking for on the exam. Just in case you want to save some money 🙂
  17. We are using Chalkdust and it combines Trig and other pre calc topics. DS likes it so far. He is pretty slow when it comes to math (meaning he takes a lot of time to do the problems, not that he doesn't get it quickly) so it is taking him 1.5 years at 1 hour/day to get it all done. I think the instructor does a good job of explaining, and I have no complaints so far 3 chapters in.
  18. We did a little smudge gently that could mostly be cleaned up by licking our lips and we are still happily married almost 22 years later 🙂 My guess is that wedding caterers and photographers are picking up on the phenomenon of people who see their wedding day as the culmination of something, a big entertainment event - one to be photoshopped and instagrammed and hopefully to go viral - instead of as just 1 beautiful day at the beginning of a lifelong partnership -and the divorce rate has more to do with that attitude than the actual cake smashing.
  19. My DH went through this 16 years ago when we were looking for our current house. I kept telling him the perfect house doesn't exist, there are only nice houses that will work that are in our price range 🙂 And now he loves our house. Don't worry, soon it won't be a house with a list of pros and cons, it will just be "home" ❤
  20. Before these boards, I didn't know that intellectual disdain for the Comic Sans font was a thing. But last night I had a weird dream where I got a sleeve tattoo of these barbed wire/spider web looking things and some sort of cool mystical spiritual quote and the tattoo artist used the Comic Sans font and in the dream I was looking at my arm thinking, "What will the WTM boardies think?!?" 🤣🤣🤣
  21. I'd buy Poetry for Young People - the whole series 🙂 My now 2nd grader loves to memorize poetry! Or Artistic Pursuits and art supplies
  22. For 5th - 8th I require summary paragraphs of some aspect of each history chapter they read - whatever they find interesting 7th-8th written lab reports for science - earlier than that I think it kills their enjoyment of the content I would find it difficult myself to write about geography so I don't require any writing assignments for that I don't use a resource, I just tell them to write about what they've studied. I do formal composition instruction separately and I do require that they apply the writing process I have taught to their science and history assignments.
  23. I'm giving all staff at our school a sabbatical for 3 months and ordering them not to think about school the entire time 😉 But I would like to read Rethinking School
  24. Just chiming in on the sea sickness issue ... we did 6 hr day cruise on Resurrection Bay out of Seward to Kenai Fjords Naruonal Park. It was amazing and we saw all kinds of ocean life and glaciers calving into the water ... but 4 of the 12 of us were puking off the back of the boat and 1 of us (me) kind of wanted to die. DH said the waves were about 6 ft that day and the boat was shaped so it smacked up and down on top of them instead of slicing through them so that made it worse. It was disappointing because I was soooooo looking forward to that cruise! But I'm not sure I'd do it again.
  25. Yes, Elegant Essay. I've heard other people say before that they had problems with it too as others on this thread said but we never did til this year for some reason. Yes also to Critical Thinking in US History (the older 4 CD set not the newer books from Critical Thinking Company) and K12's American Odyssey. We used all of the K12 book but only selected lessons from the cd's. Using all of those would be waaaaaay too much! 🙂
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