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  1. I like Above and Below, possibly for the art more than anything else (Ryan Laukat, sigh). It's a fairly straightforward game where you're exploring, building, recruiting. It has a simple story-telling aspect (when you're exploring a variety of things can happen...you pick out a story in a book and choose how you react). It isn't my first choice for play, but it nice when we play it and it can be played casually (not super competitively). Carc expansion: Traders & Builders Games here: I got dh Seikatsu for his birthday. It's a tile-laying game where you're building up sets of birds (which score immediately) while keeping an eye open to create sets of flowers (which are scored at the end). Very puzzley and the tiles have a nice solidity. I'd like to get Welcome to Your Perfect Home which is an architectural roll and write, but I think I may have missed the window on that one.
  2. CBD oil for epilepsy is different than medical marijuana, even though they both come from a marijuana plant. Medical marijuana usually has THC to help relax and therefore help decrease pain. CBD oil sold in natural food stores is different from prescribed CBD oil for epilepsy. They have different expectations by the FDA and different sets of controls. The stuff sold in natural food stores is generally without THC but it doesn't have controls on its other components. Right now it's being sold as kind of a natural cure-all and there aren't scientific studies for most of the things claimed for it. CBD oil for epilepsy does not have or has very, very little THC. THC is the component of marijuana which gives you a high. The marijuana grown for CBD has been genetically modified to not have THC. It is other components within the oil which act for epilepsy. Remember, just because CBD oil helps epilepsy does not mean it works for anything else and it is not a substitute for medical marijuana for those who use medical marijuana. There are several studies now which prove CBD works for some people with refractory (hard to control) epilepsy. I've seen at least 2 of those studies and know many people online who moved to Colorado early on to be a part of the early studies. It's worked very well for a lot of people. My son has progressive epilepsy and we're in a state which has moved slowly through the 'theoretical' approval to the 'how in the heck are we going to regulate this?!' stage, so our son hasn't been on it yet. Our neurologist has said not to use un-prescribed CBD for epilepsy. There are no controls on it right now. It's regulated like an herbal supplement.
  3. We live in the far northern US and we have yearly reminders in the newspaper to 'stop sending your children into the culvert to see the black bear sleeping.' One or another comes through every summer and people get obsessed. Last year they had to redirect traffic because so many people were rubbernecking a bear minding its own business out by the airport. Poor thing escaped into a tree and an officer was dispatched to protect the bear. ?
  4. You've agonized and agonized over this daughter and how to best meet her needs/help her to become a better, happier person over the years. We've all seen it. She can't. She's not in a place where she can. I'm fortunate/unfortunate that I can talk circles around my complicated child, so I hear very little of this. I will say that real-world smackdown has done way more to teach him about himself than me talking ever has. Not that he remembers any of our talks. Sigh. Sometimes we only pave the way so they know what healthy choices look like. Later they can teach themselves because they have a map of the territory. I hold onto that.
  5. Angelina Ballerina (mouse). Daniel Striped Tiger. Skippyjon Jones (Siamese cat). Curious George. Peep and the Big World. Clifford the big red dog. Pingu.
  6. Yep. And if needed to I would again. It would be hard for anyone to say what a factory job would be like. There are many types of factories. In general, there are repetitive actions which will have physical consequences over time, but most factory jobs I've done are not heavily physical. They do take concentration (at least at first) and there can be boredom. Go for it! The worst that can happen is it isn't for you and you quit.
  7. I like Escape better with the Mario music track available on BBG. We found the 'scary' music track a bit distracting. (It's only a 10 minute game so that can matter.) Either way it is crazy! I think Dixit is borderline for a 9 year old. Some people here have done it successfully but I find it easier when kids cross into the age of abstraction (10+ for most kids). We had one son struggle with it a lot at age 8-9. He was fine by 12. Fauxcabulary can be played with a few or many and it can get really silly.
  8. Incan Gold~press your luck exploration/treasure card game For Sale~quick buy-for-the-lowest, sell-for-the-highest card game. Kids like the silly houses. Tsuro~a tile-laying game where you try to make your character go the farthest Snow Tails~racing sled dog teams along a tricky track. Must be able to add and subtract cards from the sides (the dogs) and back (the sled) to counteract turns and move swiftly. Space Cadets~teams of players run a ship and try to out-maneuver each other. Lots of communication needed. Dixit~beautiful and strange art. A bit like Apples to Apples. Player chooses a card from their hand and gives a clue. Players play cards which fit that clue. People try to guess which card is the original players. You want some, but not all, people to guess rightly. Escape: Curse of the Temple~Real-time dice-rolling game where players cooperatively explore through a pyramid and try to escape before the music runs out. Sushi Go!~pick and pass set collection game. Cute cartoon sushi. Zooloretto~players try to collect animals for a zoo (and even have babies!)
  9. Never. Neither has my husband. And we've lived in the same house 18 years, we vote, we have driver's licenses, we pay taxes. I have no idea why.
  10. I tried to search and find the individuals who expressed an interest in purchasing the game Stone Age (indexing is rough). Right now it's out of print and expensive. At the moment Cardhaus has the game for 29.99. I can't say how long supplies will last but it's @$60 on Amazon so if this is something you've been looking for move fast.
  11. Just as an FYI, there is a group on here called Gamers Table. They had an ongoing thread titled 'I Just Played...' There are threads for 2014-2017 and a lot of reviews.
  12. Great game. My favorite. We played The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire over the weekend. DH did a trade for it, or a trial, or we're holding it for a friend of his or something. :thumbup1: Previously I've played the original game. It's an interesting worker placement set during the creation of the atom bomb. It has a lot of choices, a lot of ways to make points. Point salad. You recruit and train your little scientists and engineers and send them off to make you things. The only thing we didn't really do is the 'Take That' of the airstrikes (you can sabotage each other). Energy Empire is a similar worker placement point salad. Instead of your workers being on cards, you adopt a country (I was Canada, dh was Japan) and have little cardboard guys you send out to mine iron, create science, get money, collect cards to do various actions, dirty the environment, clean the environment, influence the UN. If you like doing card combos and having a lot of paths to victory, you would enjoy it. It can be a bit AP because of all the choices. DH loves it because he beat me. I thought it was an interesting challenge. I didn't lovelovelove it but I would play it again, as long as I wasn't being interrupted every 5 minutes. Before that we played Indian Summer, the new Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Patchwork). It's puzzle-y like Patchwork but without Patchwork's succinctness. It took me 2 plays to wrap my head around it because the play isn't a straight Tetris play. The pieces have holes in them which you can fit over a picture on the grid (acorn, mushroom, feather, berries which give you certain abilities if you have them) but you don't always want to fit the hole over the picture. There's another level where the holes can be covered by additional puzzle pieces with animals or birds on them. Plus you're stuck with the pieces you get, unless someone steals one. You have 5 pieces and you have to use them all, in order. Then you get the next 5 in line, no picking and choosing. All of this forces you go use the free single space tiles to finish your grids. A lot. You can't move to the second level or get tokens which help you move forward without finishing that level of the grid. After all of this, you lose unless you are the first player to cover your board. And if both of you manage to do that, then the only way you can win is to complete the board and have the most nut tokens. It feels like the second layer is pointless. It's very cute and attracts the die-hard puzzler in me (I want the badger! I want the badger!) but in the end it's meaningless. Gorgeous game. More intricate puzzle play. Unfortunately, it falls flat for me.
  13. This is why seizures are confirmed by EEGs. Some 'light' seizures resemble other behaviors. There are also sub-clinical seizures which are not physically obvious. One of the first seizure types my son presented with was a Myoclonic seizure. They're typified by hands/arms tightening and pulling up. It looks a bit like they were startled and they pull their hands up quickly and then drop them (and perhaps fall if they're walking along). The whole thing is very fast. If this was a Myoclonic seizure it was a very mild one and it would have been that hand pull near the end of the tape. When we brought my son in the neurologist talked about how sometimes we see things in babies (that startle reflex) which are not seizures but related to their immature neurologic system. This means something different in a child with a diagnosed seizure disorder. Sometimes things present in a similar way. The sucking/chewing mouth motion is very common at the end of a seizure. Sometimes a half eye open is too. Seizures often strike at the beginning and end of sleep cycles. Because we don't know this person or their child's diagnosis, we really shouldn't judge. It is possible their child was recently diagnosed and they're just trying to catch whatever the doctor is talking about. Unless you've seen a lot of seizures sometimes it's hard to pick things out.
  14. I got Photosynthesis (using light to convert little seeds to big trees). We enjoyed it. It was a lot to remember (which direction, who is shading who, planning with the sun). I'm looking forward to trying it again when I have more brain cells. The trees are beautiful and the rules are fairly short. We played a Timeline game dh gave me (trying to place countries in a line from least to most while racing the other players). It's a quiz on geography, population, gnp, eco footprint. Each round was a different aspect. Take away: Papua New Guinea is really big. So is Madagascar. It really exposed some of my Euro-centrisms, but I still won. I tend to be good at these games so we'll see how long it lasts. DH got Near and Far but it's a bigger rules upload so we haven't played yet. We also got Magic Maze today from friends.
  15. If they like words and silliness...Faux-cabulary. If they're interested in art and creative analogies...Dixit If they like battling...King of Tokyo If they like a quick game collecting cute cards...Sushi Go! If they like polite trading and negotiation...Bohnanza If they like bluffing and lying to each other...Sheriff of Nottingham If they like cooperative treasure hunting...Forbidden Desert (or Forbidden Island)
  16. 18 year old: noodle pot (plug in pot for making ramen); record of a band he likes, gas cards, food cards, funny t-shirt, food 17 year old: record of a band he likes, funny t-shirt, bluetooth headphones, RPG books, mp3 card, food
  17. I got dh Near and Far for Christmas. It's a game with a lot of storytelling and building. A friend recommended it and we have the related game Above and Below. He got Raptor for his birthday last month (2 player, 1 player is the raptor mom and babies trying to escape and the other is the scientists trying to corner and capture the babies). He got me a game (at least one) but I'm not supposed to know about that. ;)
  18. My oldest was into him at that age (which shows you how long he's been around). The artist also used to wear a big mouse head while playing his music. In general, we didn't have any problems with him at that age. I'm not sure ds got into the community very deeply though. He just had the mp3s and a hat and he watched a few live performances. I didn't see anything inappropriate in the live performances. The artist has some influences that appealed to my son (cats, video games, science fiction). I think he was also into Swedish House Mafia and Daft Punk at the time. Again, this was 2010 or '12, probably several albums ago. YMMV. Of course, ds is into totally different music now and finds it mildly embarrassing. ;)
  19. A preschooler with idiopathic (not physically explainable) seizures who has breakthrough seizures on a medication is not too uncommon. If your niece has a neurologist, I would encourage her to start a list of questions. Some possibilities: *has the child had an EEG *has that EEG caught any unusual activity *does he have a diagnosis *if not, would an overnight or 3 day EEG help them get a diagnosis *at what point do they suggest an MRI or genetic testing *at what point is it a good idea to change medications *what seizures types are there and what do they look like I'd suggest your niece watch her son fall asleep or wake up (sleeping in the same room helps with this) for a week or two. The brain is really susceptible to seizures at that time so she may see seizure behaviors. Any unusual tightening/loosening of muscles, staring eyes, smacking lips, raised arms, enlarged pupils. If he has other seizures types she should either take a video or write out a description for the neurologist and call their office the next day. All that said, a breakthrough seizure of a single type every 3 or 4 months which lasts only a few minutes isn't considered too serious, usually. The medication is doing its job fairly well and perhaps something outside is affecting him (food, sleep, sickness, heat/cold). I like to add them to the calender with notes to help me guess at influences over time. She should definitely report if they start happening more often, stay longer and harder, come in other types, or start to affect his behavior or development. She can also request a copy of any labs, tests, and notes. They can help with more questions next time.
  20. Forbidden Island or Forbidden Desert For Sale Bohnanza King of Tokyo Sushi Go! Mamma Mia Dominion Incan Gold Fauxcabulary Survive: Escape from Atlantis Dixit
  21. Freiberg Waffles from The Cuisines of Germany 6-8 waffles 1 Tbl butter 1 3/4 c flour 8 eggs 1 c sour cream 1 Tbl sugar 1/2 tsp salt grated 1/2 lemon (if you want, I don't) bacon fat for cooking (if you want, I don't) confectioner's sugar (for sprinkling, if you want, I don't) *Not in the original recipe, but I prefer to add 1 tsp baking powder. I tend to space and if you don't mix the eggs enough the lift won't be the same every time. Cream butter. Stir in eggs until frothy (this is where I space, often I just start dumping stuff in one after another). Add flour. Add sour cream a spoonful at a time. Mix vigorously. Add sugar, salt, lemon peel (if using), and baking powder (if using). Thin with sour cream if necessary. Use immediately in a hot waffle iron (although it never hurt me to let it sit 10m or so).
  22. I use a recipe from a German cookbook called Freiberg Waffles. It uses 8 eggs for 8-10 waffles and doubles well (16 eggs). I often make vanilla pudding/pastry cream to go with it (2 more eggs). Waffles can be frozen and reheated in the toaster. I don't have the recipe right now but I'll try to check back and post it tomorrow if anyone's interested.
  23. Story-telling: Once Upon a Time Skyfall Games with individual player characters with their own powers or goals: Bang! King of Tokyo or King of New York The Adventurers Pandemic (or Flashpoint) Space Cadets Away Missions Flick 'em Up Colt Express
  24. Raising mushrooms carving painting or modeling miniatures bookbinding finding latitude and longitude the old-fashioned way sextant/compass/whatever paper airplane design pickled vegetables or make your own hot sauce dry-stacking rock walls kite making harmonica knife sharpening foraging
  25. Graphic Novels aren't my usual genre, but a few years ago I read several from the "Best" lists and now I'm a fan of Gene Luen Yang. Generally less sex, gore, violence, nudity, and short attention span theater and more story. I read Girl Genius (Phil Foglio) lately and enjoyed that. Steampunk adventure world. Female inventor.
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