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  1. The wound care specialist I work with recommends no sting barrier wipes. It creates a sort of second skin- keeping it sealed from the air which greatly decreases pain & allows the skin to heal. I’ve seen it work wonders on some nasty skin breakdown. It usually lasts a day or 2 and then re- apply. I still use on my kids for turf bur from soccer and cuts and scrapes.
  2. If you do end up getting a spacer- it is usually covered 100% under medical equipment, but maybe quite expensive from the pharmacy since they don’t bill through medical equipment coverage. Try to find out from your insurance.
  3. I’m in! Daily: laundry (put away each night), kitchen clean before bed, one bathroom cleaned, 15 minutes of declutter This week: sort outgrown clothes, Goodwill/consignment drop off, master bathroom, master bedroom clean up, start on kids closet
  4. Yep!! Every time I am around my brother, I call my kids me niece and nephew’s name!
  5. I really like the app, but I am one of those crazy people who loves to cross things off list - so it brings me great joy!!! :laugh: :coolgleamA:
  6. Another mom of b/g twins, totally fine to only bring gift for the boy.
  7. I'm still plugging away - my DH decided to "help" clean - well he moved about 47 objects out the storage area of basement into the den - argh!! :banghead: I am focusing on the main level and upstairs since the basement is a disaster right now. The routines are coming along pretty well. I am hoping cleaning won't feel like such a constant in a few weeks.
  8. I'm still with you! I'm pretty good with baby steps- though need to do night time routine regularly. Do you swish & swipe all bathrooms every morning? I need to wash windows in sunroom off if the finish room and organize more of the homeschool bookshelves in the dining room.
  9. I had shoes on - very soggy shoes as I was standing in the rain all day at a soccer tournament:) My beloved rain boots fell apart that month & I can't find any I like.
  10. I really liked the book and learned a ton. I use Omni Focus app to keep all my projects and lists.
  11. This is the first time I've completed the detailed zone cleaning - yahoo!
  12. I'm here. I downloaded the app to my phone today so I have easier access to the daily tasks. I am feeling better about keeping up with the daily flow of life but would like to really knock out the daily tasks and get to the detailed cleaning. I am also trying to help get the kids more independent in cleaning up after themselves (it is always faster if I just do it, but I am determined they start routinely put away whatever they get out). Completed 2 loads of laundry finished and put away Sink shiny and kitchen tidy Bathroom cleaned Pile of papers on table cleaned up and dealt with See ya tomorrow
  13. I would also wait and talk with your primary doctor. I have 2 who have always been small but healthy, no GI issues, and thriving with development. At 10 they are still thin but fine (they wear clothes in size 5-6). My doctor would talk about it but decided to wait and watch. I'm a pediatric PT so work with kids with all sorts of medical issues. It seems many doctors get worked up about kiddos on the small end, but somebody has to be on bottom of the curve :)
  14. Thanks for keeping these treads going. I am doing well with morning routines. I am trying to focus on the zones more.
  15. I've been loosely following Fly Lady for a few years. Sink clean, dishwasher emptied, laundry done and put away, 2 of 3 bathrooms cleaned I haven't been attacking the zones lately so will try to start doing that.
  16. I'm a pediatric PT, my favorite gift was a picture of my patient holding wooden letters "PT" - from Michaels type craft store & painted- still has a place of honor on my desk years later.
  17. Omnifocus app I really like it, helped me with the "brain dump " from GTD- much less mental energy expended once I started using it.
  18. Kids this age are consistently inconsistent! I wouldn't worry - sounds like a growth in height is coming up soon. Hopefully with a little time and the training intensity taper towards the championship meets the results will improve,
  19. It would cross my mind if the bruising was in unusual places. I'm another one who was always a little worried for pediatrician visits due to my kiddos being covered with bruises - they have parcoured their way through life since they could move - pretty surprised only 2 episodes requiring stitches - same kid - on his face - he was asked at least 5 times what happened while in the ER.
  20. I think 5-6 grade is when you will see enormous variations in size for girls. I was the shortest kid in school though 9th grade but was a very scrappy basketball player - I went on to be 5'8 and played in college on a scholarship. Encourage her to stick with it - help her to understand how valuable she can be to her team (passing, organizing the offense, aggressive defense, etc) even is she is rarely able to get off a shot due to being surrounded by the tall trees! My DD is tiny - shortest kid by far on her team - made a 5th grade travel team as a 4th grader - she is still trying to embrace the being valuable part without being able to score much. She is feisty and fun to watch.
  21. Done: Vacuum, mop, laundry, soccer finances for 3 teams, clean bathroom, clean bedroom, organize hats and gloves, To do: Find a recipe that sounds yummy and make it for dinner, inventory soccer uniforms, plan basketball practice
  22. Bought them for my twins. They got the most use at home when big brother would pretend to be Santa and the twins were his reindeer and they ran all over the house having a blast! That game lasted for years :) I use a leash for my dog because I love him and want him to be safe- same for the kiddos!!
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